Best Power Bank under 1000 rupees in India 2019(updated)

Are you looking for the best power bank under 1000 rupees? this is the right place where you can get all the power bank details where you can find the best power banks for your daily usage.

Powerbank is presently the most required thing useful to run our gadgets in daily routine or in emergency situations but sometimes it is not possible to find electricity lock or electricity in emergency situations.

there is only one option where you can find electricity through the power bank is currently available through the various companies but there are some of the pros and cons of some problems. so this Best Power Bank under 1000 is right choice for you.

so I have listed some of the best power banks in the mobile industry, as well as there, are some of the parameters which you can charge more than two or three mobiles or you can charge your laptops with also with this power bank.

So without wasting time first of all I need to clarify that what is the difference between li-polymer and lion

Best Power Bank under 1000
Li-ion vs Li-polymer

List of best Power Bank under 1000 rupees on Amazon or Flipkart

1. Mi 2i power bank(Best Power Bank under 1000)

The MI 2i power bank is the first choice among all the Indian users. MI is a very good company for making the smartphone as well as some of the great accessories which are which comes at the very aggressive pricing.

Talking about MI 2 power bank this power bank is recently launched in India at 899 rupees where it can support 10000-20000 milliampere power bank support.

the best part of Mi 2i power bank is that it can support quick charge 3 which is 18 watt what power bank support and can charge you do a device fastly then normal 5 volts to ampere 10 watt charging support.

best power bank under 1000 mi 2i power bank
Mi 2i power bank

talking about design and performance this power bank is built with the metal and the device is very stylish and very flick so you can carry it anywhere in your pocket as well as in your backpack.

The main highlight of the Mi 2i power bank is that it can charge two way to your device as well as this power bank.

MI 2i Power Bank has 3 ports of USB 3 and 2 ports of USB 2.0 and US and self MI 2i Power Bank can charge himself within 4 we talk about average performance you can get up to 6699 backup support.

This device looks premium classy in the hand as well as you have two choices either black or red color for your choice of the power bank.

this power bank is also loaded with 9 safety features and when you disconnect your USB cable it is automatically going low power as well as in the off mode when you are not using this power bank.

there are four LED ports in the power bank so you can able to know whether the power bank is fully charged or not it can charge your device within 1 hour 30 minutes.

if you are charged with 10 watt output and it can charge within 60 or we’ll 45 minutes if you are charging with 18 watt output Power Bank

there is no heating issue while connecting or disconnect in oval-shaped charging after power bank this device comes with the lots of safety features as well as very higher reach feature you can find in the below list.

Great features of Mi 2i Power Bank

  • Dual USB Output with smart charging
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • 18W Fast Charging
  • 9 Layers of Protection
  • Two-way Quick Charge
  • Easy to carry
  • 10000mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Temperature resistance

2. Realme power bank(Best Power Bank under 1000)

Recently realme also announce their power bank realme power bank. I feel very special about this power bank is that this power bank comes with the letters premium design and this power bank 12 years of protection rather than 9 layers of protection as we feel in the Mi 2i Power Bank.

realme powerbank best power bank under 1000
realme power bank

talking about design the power and come with the very thing 12.5 millimeters as well as if we see the weight of the power bank it is less than Coke of the Coca-Cola.

there is very sleek and premium design and there is a one realme logon it absolutely looks stunning and first fantastic in your hand, as well as this power bank, is very sleepy so you can feel really premium in your hand as well as this power bank it comes with three different colors red yellow and grey or black.

So you have multiple choice for choosing the power bank. if we talk about the battery which is used in the power bank is as per realme confirms.

there telling that the high density 10,000 million battery is used to charge you any device the special and main point of the realme power bank is that it can support up to 18 watts of support by two-way protection.

Means if you are charging two mobiles at a time show the port which is USB type c port can charge one port at 18-watt output Max and second port at 10:00 what output Max.

Have you ever seen the power bank charge your laptop also? Yes, the realme power bank can support your laptop for charge your laptop with the charging socket in the power bank you can charge your gaming console also with the realme.

this power bank is priced at 21 299 rupees and it is available on Amazon and Flipkart you can buy this power bank from realme Store

Special thing about real MI 2i power bank is that this power bank is having a very handy design.

great features of realme powerbank

  • quick charge for various devices
  • two-way quick charge
  • dual output simultaneously
  • High-density lithium polymer batteries
  • 12 layer circuit protection
  • compatible with laptops and gaming consoles

3. Syska Power Core 100(Best Power Bank under 1000)

Syska power bank is also one of the most trusted power banks in the current power bank market.

Syska has introduced syska power core 100 Power Bank recently and this powerbank is very much popular within a short period of time is providing 10000 milliamperes high density and very long-lasting polymer battery with very very low budget.

best power bank under 1000 Syska Power Core 100
Syska power core 100

Syska power core 100 Power Bank supports one USB output as well as one normal port and it also supports 18-watt output as well as it has micro USB and USB type c input ports.

If we talk about the design and the bill performance we can see that the syska power bank core 100 is built with very high-quality plastic and it is very slick drawing which can be easily put in your pocket.

This powerbank is also so had overcharge protection then-current discharge and sent protection as well as this powerbank is having a very intelligent circuit.

when you are charging then it will not overheat intelligently provides Karan to the output port if you have connected to two mobiles at the same time.

Syska power core 100 great features

  • 10,000 milliampere lithium power polymer battery
  • Dual Input-Type C Input and Micro USB Input DC5V=2A
  • Dual USB Output Port1+Port2: DC 5V=2.4A
  • Prolonged Battery Life
  • Battery Indicator
  • Intelligent-Multi-protection Circuits
  • Advanced Current Shunt/Overcharging and Discharging Protection

4.  Ambrane PP-11 Lithium Polymer

Ambrane PP 11 lithium power powerbank is very lightweight as well as this powerbank is very popular among Amazon website.

this powerbank offers very smart integrated circuit which is having very slim designs and this powerbank support to an output port which is one is micro USB and the other one is USB type c.

This powerbank comes with slit designs as well as this powerbank has nine-layer protection you can easily carry this powerbank in your pocket as well as powerbank it’s never run out of juice if you carry this powerbank with you.

best power bank under 1000 Ambrane PP-11 Lithium Polymer
Ambrane PP-11 Lithium Polymer

Ambrane is a very trusted band and you can and easy recharge your 3000 milliampere device two to three times, as well as this powerbank, averagely supports up to 6500 milliamperes and this polymer battery can returns EP 275 to 85% of their Betelgeuse.

So if you’re looking for or smart intelligent power bank with 90 of circuit protection with neck design very very less weight than Ambrane PP 11 lithium polymer power bank is the best option for you.

great features of Ambrane PP-11 Lithium Polymer

  • Dual USB Output
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Compatibility – With high-speed charging
  • Dual Input 

5. Lenovo PA 10400

Lenovo 10400 is a popular powerbank on top powerbank in the Amazon. this powerbank has some specialty that this powerbank has life ion battery which has very long-lasting and very realistic battery life.

This powerbank returns EP 285 to 95% of the battery and their average power bank and support up to 7000 of Milliampere battery.

best power bank under 1000 Lenovo PA 10400
Lenovo PA 10400

this Lenovo power bank also comes with dual output with one is micro USB and another one is USB type c as well as you can charge this powerbank within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

this powerbank also comes with circuit layer protection but Lenovo power bank also having two color one is red and one is black so you can choose upon your choice which power bank is best suitable for you.

great features of Lenovo PA 10400

  • Dual output USB interfaces
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Support 2 devices charge at one time
  • Portable design and lightweight
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion


this is the list of top 5 powerbank among all the powerbank industry in 2019 so you can choose wisely read all the review and tell me which powerbank has chosen and let me know in the comments below thank you for reading this article.

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