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tiktok banned in India

Tiktok, UC browser, a total of 59 Apps banned in India.

Indian government bans Tiktok, UC browser, ShareIT and 59 other popular apps across India because it makes a threat to the country's...
Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone to launch in July!

Lenovo is planning to launch it's Gaming smartphone Lenovo Legion in the month of July in the china.
what to watch google

Google has added “what to watch” feature in search results !!

Google is one of the top search engines across the world. every time google is making some changes in there search...
Asus ROG 3

Asus ROG 3 is going to launch in July!

Asus will reveal it's mos awaited ROG phone 3 is going to set launch for in the month of July in China....
iPhone SE 2020 production india

Soon iPhone SE 2020 production going to start in India.

One of the most flagship popular smartphone brands Apple a few days back launched iPhone SE 2020 edition in India, it is...
how to hide WiFi SSID

Recommended guide on how to hide WiFi SSID? connect hidden WiFi?

many times you don't want to show your wifi coverage, WiFi SSID and WiFi signals to some strangers.
windows 10 safe mode

3 effective ways to enable Windows 10 Safe Mode in PC...

what if your pc problem can troubleshoot from windows 10 safe mode? when your PC is not in the normal mode...
install virtualbox ubuntu

2 Ways To Learn Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu 18.04 Effectively!!

actually VirtualBox is a free, open-source, cross-platform software provided by the Sun microsystem to install your free operating system virtually on the...
5g how does 5g work

what is 5G? with 20Gbps speed? 5G features and smartphone list!!

5G is the latest iteration in cellular technology. in this post, I am sharing how 5G work. as you already know that...
Types of Computer Virus 2019

Ultimate list types of viruses with explanation!!

here is the ultimate list of types of computer virus. Computer Virus is alike person in a computer program. The virus infects...