Ecourt services: how to check court case status? in 2020

court case status

Have you wondered to check court case status online? in India there are more than 1 crore cases are successfully completed and win and many cases are dismissed.

The high court, supreme court, and district level courts many cases are going and closed every day.

so the party needs to visit every time to the respective courts to know the case status,

either they can get case status from there advocates but advocate also visits to the courts to check their case status.

recently government of india with the supreme and high court they have provided online portal to check case status.

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by visiting you can check your case status. this facility available for advocates, the party(petitioner, respondent) and for general people.

how to check court case status step by step

you need to visit this website is ofiicial govermnet of india website underMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India.

court case status
court case status ecourt services

if you are frequent visitor of this portal you can use android/IOS app to check case status.

you can download eCourts Services app by visiting respective android/apple smartphone category.

after vising above website select option case status. you need to select your state and district. select court complex on which court your case is going on.

court case status
select state

now there are several options are given to check case status by:

  • party name
  • case number
  • filing number
  • advocate name
  • FIR number
  • Act
  • case type
court case status
court case status

suppose if we take example to check case status by case number. you need to enter case number select case type and case commencement year.

fill the capcha and click on go.

you will see below window will open. case type/number/year you will also see petitioner or respondent name .

you need to click on the view. you will get case status whether next hearing date case disposed or pending.

if you want to see case on your smartphone you can watch below youtube video:


this is the way where you can easily check your online case status. let me know in the comment section below which mode you have used for checking case status.

let me know in the comment section do you like this blog? thank you for reading my blog.

2 easy steps for pan card aadhar card link process!!

pan card aadhar card link

this blog about pan card aadhar card link process. From last many years Government of India introduced Aadhar card which is useful for many government services, id address proof.

government of India is made mandatory to link your Aadhaar Card and PAN. to make sure that you have only one PAN and only one Aadhar and lots of other government services should have taken initiative.

To make sure that everything is working fine, the Government of India has announced an online process for linking your pan card and Aadhar card.

as you already know that you can fill ITR related services as well as panel related many services online so the Government of India has made an online.

there is a portal from which you cant directly linked your pan and Aadhar without going to any government office or any other agent services.

pan card aadhar card link
pan card aadhar card link

Government of India already extended a many times date for linking your pan card and Aadhar.

so in this post, I am going to show you how you can link your pan and Aadhaar online in the government of India official website.

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pan card aadhar card link step by step process

First, you need to visit the income tax India efilling website:

after visiting the Government of India income tax India e-filing website on the left-hand side there is option link Aadhar.

pan card aadhar card link
income tax India website

Before you continue with the following procedure make sure that you have your Aadhaar number with you as well as your PAN number with you also your verified mobile number.

After visiting the link you need to enter your pan your Aadhaar number as well as your name as per your Aadhaar.

If there only date of birth has on your Aadhaar you can take on the tick which is I have only Aadhar after that you can check with the verify your other with UIDAI if it is already verified from the UIDAI website.

pan card aadhar card link
PAN aadhar card link form

Enter the captcha given on your page and you are not able to fill the captcha or if your physically challenged are the disabled person you can request for OTP.

the OTP number comes at your linked mobile number with Aadhaar number after that click on the link Aadhar.

If everything is fine you will get with a reference number that reference number is the tracking number you need to note down.

that tracking number should be useful for your tracking of your Aadhar Card and PAN card linking status. this pan card aadhar card link process.

how to check pan card aadhar card link status

After filling all the given detail and the form you need to wait for certain working days about 7 to 8 days.

you will get on confirmation on the same page rather than your mobile or your email for same.

For checking your Aadhar linking status enter your PAN number and Aadhar number/your reference ID.

if it is a successful link then the successful message will be displayed an error you need to rectify own.


This is the only authentic way by which you can link your Aadhaar and PAN card from the Government of India official website.

if you get any message or any fraud call don’t respond to the link your Aadhaar Pan with a separate and something other SMS because this is the only way by which you can link your Aadhaar and PAN.

if you are not able to complete your online registration then you need to contact your nearest office. thank you for reading this blog.

let me know in the comment section below do you love this blog? if you have any query let me know in the comment section below.

How to make voter ID and apply online in India 2019-20

voter id apply online

India is the largest democracy in the World. India is constituted with lots of states and the people who are eligible in the democracy India is constituted with to vote for the election. many people don’t know about voter id apply online process.

a resident of India can vote for State Legislative Assembly and Council of States. electoral can be applied from the NVSP (national voter portal authority of India) website governed by India government. at the digital world is getting more and more internet uses towards a technology you can apply for voter id card in the internet world within some minutes of time.

to make voter id apply online in India you need to you consider following the options and some of the question before you apply for the voter id card in India.

as you can see if you are eligible for the election then your name is enrolled in the electoral list. if your name is in the electoral list you are eligible for voting.

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The voter ID card is necessary if you want to vote in the election of the constitution. this voter ID card is also known as Elector’s Photo Identity Card. which is to identify that you are a citizen of India and you are eligible if you are eligible with the following questions:

what is the age requirement to voter id apply online in India?

if you are an above 18 years old and if you are a citizen of India then you are eligible for the voter ID card and you are eligible for making a vote in the election.

what are the different types of voter ID cards available in India?

general voter ID card: if you are an ordinary citizen of India and if you are living in India and if you are eligible for or apply in the election and if your age is 18+ then you are eligible for a general voter ID card.

NRI/overseas voter ID card: if you are NRI and if you are living in outside India but if you are a citizen of India and if you are 18 years old then you are eligible for NRI voter ID card.

Service Electors: Citizen of India and the Electrolls who work for the service under the government of India and they posted anywhere in are Service Electors. Like:

  1. Members of the Central Armed Forces.
  2. Members of a force that falls under the provisions of the Army Act, 1950.
  3. Members of State Armed Police Forces serving outside the respective state.
  4. Individuals posted and employed outside of India under the Government of India.

which type of form do you require to voter id apply online?

As per NVSP guideline given by you can take a form number 6 for applying for a new voter ID card if you are a general citizen. if you are NRI citizen you need to select form 6A. if you want to make a correction in your voter ID card then you can select form number 8.

what are the documents required to apply for voter id card in India?

  • proof of residence/ proof of ID
  • two recent passport size photograph
  • proof of age

New name inclusion in the Electroll list/ form number 6 inclusion Online process:

first, you need to visit the

when you get to land on the page on the first under left inside there is option register for new collector click on that.

voter id apply online website
NVSP landing page

other security concern is that NVSP has made a mandatory to create an account if you are availing any facility for the national voter’s electron portal website.

first of all, if you are a new user then you need to register for a new NVSP account or if you have an account then you can log in to your account then avail this facility.

in this post, I have already had an account so I will log in into the NSP portal and after that, there is an option-click to register for new to vote voter ID card.

voter id apply online name check
Name inclusion

after that, it will ask you whether you are a citizen of India or not. select the proper option. which state you belong to which state you are currently living in or what is your home state.

nvsp online voter id process
select nationality

after selecting proper options it will ask you to the actual postal address where you actually belong. you need to enter your postal address. next, select or upload any of the given document as a proof of address from the given list.

if any of your family members have a voter ID card you can enter your family NPIC number.

personal details
enter personal details

after that, it will ask you your actual date of birth/age proof, in which state you have born/District in this case you need to upload your any of the given document from the given list for age proof.

if your age is more than 21 years then you need to give age declaration form. you can download it from the same page.

personal details
enter personal details.

next, you need to select your constituency or which area you belong to your constituency. to make voter id apply online.

select Constituency
select Constituency

after selecting a proper constituency it will ask your first name, personal details your phone number email id and all the rest of the things you should enter. while entering a personal data remember that it should be correct.

enter details
enter details

you need to enter your all the details you should verify that your whatever information you have entered it is current.

after that review the all the data which is correct it is whatever is your original language that is mentioned it should be correct after that click on ok and select the submit form.

declaration nvsp

submitting your form is goes to the local BLO after that is appointed. it will you form details entered correctly, checks your background verification. it will be accepted or rejected.

it will take around 3 to 6 months to get a new EPIC number. once done your new voter card will sent to your address given by you or it will available at your local BLO.

How to check voter application status?

after submitting your phone you will have given a reference number by which you can track your voter application status whether it is rejected/Accepted.

BLO is appointed, your field is verified. and a lot more.

voter application status

voter application status

you can track your application status by entering reference number or acknowledgement number after that click on track status it will show you recently updated information.

voter application status

voter application status.

how to check election name search in NVSP voter list /Electrol list?

so to check your name whether it is available in the electoral. you need to login to the NVSP website after login there is an option check your electoral name in the voter list.

election name search
election name search

after clicking on search in Electoral Roll entered your name your date of birth your EPF number, Assembly Constituency.

you need to feel the captcha and click on the search option after that you can check whether your name is available in the Electoral list.

election name search
election name search

update or correction of data in the voter ID card?

if you have to update your voter ID card personal information like name, the address is there is a change in address.

if you change your Constituency has changed if there is a photo mismatch or if you change your signature then you can apply change request. it takes for you can apply for the form 8 for the correction the name or any information.

after login to the NVSP website, there is an option correction in the data on that website will ask you what information you have to update taken that provide the updated document for the validation after validation it will take up to 180 days or more to update your data if all the information is correct. to make voter id apply online.

different forms available for different purpose look for an image.

 correction of data in the voter ID card
correction of data in the voter ID card


this is a post about detail information of the to make voter id apply online. if you like this pose let me know in the comment section below and share it with your friends if you if they want to apply for voter ID card and they don’t know how to prove that thank you for reading my blog.

How to install ubuntu on windows 10? Ultimate guide!! in 4 easy steps!

install ubuntu on windows 10

Ubuntu operating system is one of the most famous OS among the developers and testers. so many developers required to install Ubuntu on Windows 10. It is an open-source operating system and support is fully functional and it’s very secure also.

in the world, more than 50% of the computer users are using windows. but sometimes for many users, there is a need that Ubuntu should be installed alongside windows 10 in the dual boot form.

so in this article, I am going to share the fully functional and latest procedure for how to install in dual boot mode Ubuntu 18.4/19.02 LTS with windows 10.

before you continue with the following article you must consider the following things:

backup your Windows 10 OS. it might be problematic in between if your system gets stuck it will be difficult to recover.

make a free space for Ubuntu

let’s say that you have 200GB total space available in the system and I have created 80GB space for the windows 10 and the rest of the space I want to create for the Ubuntu operating system for installation purposes.

for making free space Ubuntu only supports UEFI file system separate drive. and windows only support the NTFS drive system and in the windows, there is a fat and NTFS file system available.

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since the windows operating system doesn’t support UEFI partition so for that you need to create separate unallocated space, windows usually don’t support it.

for this process click on the start button and search for the disk management option.

install Ubuntu on windows 10 disk management
Disk management

in the disk management option, you will see there are lots of space that has been taken by the windows 10. for Ubuntu select drive you want to make partition just click right click on that and select shrink volume.

you can put the rest of the setting as it is and at the time of installation, Ubuntu will select it. this step for install Ubuntu on Windows 10.

install Ubuntu on windows 10 shrink
shrink volume

disable fast startup in the windows 10 to make install Ubuntu on Windows 10

For installing any Linux version like Kali Linux, Ubuntu or Fedora it is optional that windows 10 for a fast startup/secure boot should be disabled.

there is a not a major reason for disabling windows startup because Microsoft recently announced in the windows 8 and windows 10 fast startup option.

windows operating system previously takes a lot of time to boot. So at the time of shutdown windows operating systems saves some of the information in the catching memory.

so it will resume or when it will start the next time it will take the information from the registry and it will take less boot time.

dual boot fast startup disable
disable fast startup

this option will create a problem for booting in Ubuntu. because working on the Linux kernel and Windows kernel is different from Linux so it will create a problem for installing Ubuntu and it will create some of the following problems like the disk is in the unsafe state and something else.

for disabling fast startup on windows 10/windows 8 you need to follow the below procedure:

  • go to the control panel and select hardware and sound.
  • select power options next select system settings.
  • Choose what the power buttons do and uncheck the turn on a fast startup box.

creating a live USB disk/bootable pen drive for you Ubuntu

for installing Ubuntu OS on the windows 10 you need to create bootable/live USB disk that have downloaded latest Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS/Ubuntu 19.10 and you need to follow below procedure:

  1. download the latest Ubuntu version which is available black clicking on the given link.
  2. it’s always recommended that you should choose the latest version of Ubuntu. and make sure to make a checksum of the Ubuntu version on the internet.
  3. for making a bootable USB drive you should choose Rufus. it is one of the famous software for making live USB.

to create live USB disk select Device as USB name.

Boot section as downloaded ubuntu file. partition scheme as MBR. make the rest of the options as default.

[rufus screenshot]

click on start. it will take some minutes and a success message will be shown after the operation is done.

process for install Linux with Windows 10

now you need to restart your system and it depends on your system boot menu select F2 or F10 or F12 options to go to into your installation menu.

once you started your PC then it’s time to install the Ubuntu operating system to boot from the USB you need to select at the time of the starting boot from USB.

after selecting the boot from the USB change you will be presented with options like try, install, connect your PC with power and many more.

usb dual boot
dual boot selection

just select the install and after that, you will be presented with the main option like on which disk you want to install the Ubuntu operating system.


just click on something else. next, as we have already created some free space at the time of the starting disk management you need to select free space as you see in the image below just select others free space and click on the plus icon.

after that, it will ask you to give how many spaces you want for the Linux operating system as per my opinion 20gb is more enough for your work.

then just fill the 20GB because we are installing root, swap, and home in the 20 GB free space and that the Mount point just enter the “/” (forward slash) because we are entering root system and click on the ok.

install ubuntu mount point
install ubuntu mount point

after that, it will throw you to the new area like create partition used as a swap area enter the size and click on the ok.

now click on the option install now. now just before that, you must check whether the swap, home,”/” partition has been created successfully you can proceed with next step.

install ubuntu mount point swap
install ubuntu space selection

it will take around 10 to 40 minutes maximum for installation. after the next time starting it will welcome you with options like windows 10/Ubuntu from grub menu.

That’s it you have done with dual boot.

Note: even after install Linux with Windows 10 you are not able to see the Ubuntu grub option or you are not able to login to your Ubuntu system then you need to change the UEFI setting in the windows 10.

you need to change the group option or you need to send clear instruction to the boot in grub file that you need to make dual boot change the file by using the following command

  • Click on the start menu and type “cmd”
  • right-click on cmd tab and select run as administrator
  • type the following command

bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

it will switch your grab into a default mode and you are able to see both Windows 10 and Ubuntu operating system.


install Linux with Windows 10 is the not tougher choice but it will make difference from system to system. if you face any errors or any kind of problem then you should let me know in the comment section below. I will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

I have used Asus PC 2016 version which is installed on windows 10. if you want to use the latest version of the Ubuntu then you can try with you want to 19.0 to used 18.04 version of the LTS operating system in the Ubuntu.

please let me know in the comment section below have you got any error or have you successfully installed Ubuntu on the windows 10.

3 Best photo editing app for android 2019

best photo editing app for android

Photography and photo editing are the most amazing trains nowadays which will make your career more Amazeful. here is the list of best photo editing app for android. There are many professional photo editing software apps are available for Windows Mac and Android mobile devices.

but many of the peoples are can’t afford as well as can’t even learn the basic things of the very hard photo editing applications as well as video editing applications.

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so in this video, I am going to tell you very much easy as well as free android apps which can be easily available on Play Store and IOS store you can download and edit your photos videos.

as well as a very easy way you can change your look of the photos. There are such a few amazing features you can’t even think. Integrated into the apps.

so make time to read this post and look out the some of the best amazing and very unique professional Android apps which makes your photo more everlasting.

Toolwiz Photos – Pro Editor ( best photo editing app for android )

many of the peoples are know about the photoshop then Google and many of the very high-quality photo editing apps but as per my opinion this is one of the most amazing and very much useful Android app which is named as Toolwiz.

best photo editing app for android toolwiz

there are tons of feature are integrated into the apps there are multiple tools available like tools toning filters portrait effects decorate.

If you go any of the tabs in this app you will find there are more than 10 to 12 features are integrated and I have used this app more than 2 months and at the last time, I have known that this app looks your image more naturally editing clear crisp edge detection.

Top Features provided:

  • crop
  • rotate
  • mosaic
  • blender mixer
  • anchor point
  • magic mixer
  • deskew
  • layer
  • refit
  • daylighting
  • highlighting shadow
  • natural saturation
  • poster in the gradient map

some of the amazing features and which makes your photo natural and not more edited.

Toolwiz rating(play store)
Toolwiz rating(play store)

there ages removing and then editing of the photo giving motions more clear as well as the shooting of the photos are looks more beautiful than any other photo editing apps.

if you look out the any of the features this feature is free of cost and you can download this app by given in the link below.

Snap speed

Snap speed is one of the most famous photo editing apps which is provided by Google.

Snap speed offer tons of the features which is same as used in the tools with the application.

First I would like to tell you that optimisation of this application and output of the application looks more natural than any other application.

best photo editing app for android snapspeed

there is crop, rotate, perspective, on selective brush building, HD escape, glamour, grow tonal contrast, drama vintage is one of the tons of the feature available in the snap speed.

multiple styles like morning bright fine art poster picture are making your photo more look brighter and even clear than any other application.

Snap speed offers export of your photo in the different format like JPG PNG and many of the other formats.

output given by the snap speed looks more natural and the even processing of the application is very faster than any other application.

best photo editing app for android snapspeed
Snapspeed rating android

I have posted this application at the second because I like tools which features are there age cutting and many of the options are more grateful than snap speed.

If you want to download the Snapdeal application have given the link of the play store in the given below

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe photo express is one of the most famous photo editing apps which is given by the ad of which is the most famous photo editing company.

Specially I want to tell you that Adobe photo express editing app is more easy for professional photo editors.

Adobe Photoshop Express best photo editing app for android
Adobe Photoshop Express

if you are a professional photo editor and phone to edit the photo in a more faster way than PC then this is one of the best application for you.

there are also lots of features like rotated edit masking then image motion effect are lots of features are freely available on Adobe photo express but their usage and their use it more difficult than snap speed and tools with the application.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express google play store rating

if you are used to with any of the Adobe photo editing applications like Adobe photo Ramayan then add a photo is greater than this is one of the best application for you

So if you like this application you can download this application by the given link below.


photo editing is to be done by the more natural way which looks more useful and more natural if the photo is done by the natural way and professional way that you can use to with us applications and let me know in the comment below which application you like.

New PAN card Application detailed procedure 2019

pan card form 49a

PAN Card application is a necessary government document for Indians to pay tax if their income is eligible for paying the income tax department. so for every Indian resident, it is necessary to have PAN if you are paying tax in the income tax.

So in this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can apply for PAN card in 2019 without going to the PAN card office and how you can apply online by submitting documents as well as repayment if you have Aadhar card with you it is a golden chance to get PAN card very easily.

Currently, in India, there are two organizations one is national security Depository Limited(NSDL) and the second is UTIITSL is providing the PAN card application. online tutorial I am going to show you how you can apply PAN online on the NSDL National securities depository limited portal.


On the homepage, there is an option to apply PAN. but before applying pan here are some guidelines as well as some instructions given on the website homepage. so, I recommend you to look at the given instructions as well as guidelines before applying your PAN.

new pan application website

also I recommend you keep your documents ready which required for applying for the PAN application.

if you have Aadhar card with you then it is very easy to apply for the PAN card application. because it is taking your name address as well as any personal information from the Aadhar portal.

If you don’t have your Aadhaar number with you you can proceed with the next section.

if you are an Indian resident then you should go with form number 49A and if you are a foreign resident and you are belonging to India then you should go with form number 49AA.

select application type and category as a new Pan 49A.

Must read:

if your Indian and if you are foreign president and select appropriate category are following category list given which describes what is your category.

new pan application  category
category PAN
new pan application  form
personal details form

Enter your personal detail and click on submit.

after that, you will receive an email if you’re not registered with NSDL and if you are registered then you will get one token by that token you can re-login in your account and fill the form.

new pan application

If you have Aadhaar card then you can select submit digitally through e KYC and define paperless or if you have assigned e-sign.

then you can select submit scanned through e sign or if you don’t have Aadhar card with you then you can apply for a paperless physical scanned copy of Aadhar application by visiting TIN-FC center.

In the e-KYC case there you need to only provide your AAdhar number which should exactly match your PAN number personal details.

and it should have an exact address also and make sure that when you submit your Aadhaar number then a registered mobile number should be also available with you.

new pan application payment pan
payment PAN

If you want physical PAN with you then you should need to pay the above fees for physical PAN.

please remember that this field might change in next coming year this feature is currently available in 2019.

Or if you want it only is scan copy of Aadhar then you should pay below payment fees

new pan application payment
payment PAN
new pan application form
PAN form

After that proceed with save and click on next please select the proper income source which is the available and proper address that is availably forgiven.

if you one another address then you should mention the below form.

new pan application form
PAN form

after that click on the next select the proper area code(A.O. code), this area code is required for the PAN card area officer which gives you area code for making a proper selection of area code.

you need to enter your state name then your city name and then your area number for the area after that you should find your area number or pin code number after that you can select your area code and please proceed to next.

After selecting A.O. code then click on submit and please refer and read examine your details provided.

if it doesn’t match that there might be a chance that your application will be rejected. if you want to make a payment then there is an option given so you can make a payment it will be easier to make PAN application process faster and physical PAN should be allocated for you very easily.

you can wait for 7 to 15 days for new Pan allocation.

Before applying Pan there are few guidelines for you:

  • If you have already a PAN number with you then you should not apply for a new PAN card.
  • Your pan card is lost then you should reapply or reprint your PAN number.
  • If you are not an Indian resident or if you settle in another country then you should fill form 49AA.
  • Before selecting any area code for proper address or any e payment option or e KYC type of documentation we consult with your senior or you have already Pan with them.


The detailed procedure for applying a new pan if you applying for a new Pan application. Please read all guidelines and instructions carefully before applying for PAN application. If you have any query then you should ask in the comment section below.

Top 4 types of affiliate marketing give you handsome money!!

types of affiliate marketing

Making money by types of affiliate marketing much better than making money to go back to work. there many options right now you can make money online by doing YouTube, blogging and there are multiple with like affiliate marketing which makes you feel difficult. but today I am going to tell you much simple way affiliate marketing.

Most of the people are aware of affiliate marketing through online selling website but there are many ways which I am going to explain to you today. which makes you a lot of money through affiliate marketing. But most of the people think that affiliate marketing is done by the social influences, YouTuber then who are having most of the followers.

Yes, that’s true! because making affiliate marketing requires you to have lots of traffic on your affiliate marketing website. so in this article, I am going to tell you what are the different ways which require less traffic on your blog and make you some handsome money in your bank account.

1. E-Commerce websites

E-Commerce websites are the best platform for making some easy money through affiliate marketing. in the e-commerce website, you have to require some associate account and affiliate account.

Through the affiliate, account customer needs to click on your website and they should purchase their product within the stipulated time period. if they purchase the product and if it is shipped by the e-commerce website then a certain percentage amount of the product is given to you. this is types of affiliate marketing.

want to learn about Blogging, SEO, make money online and how-to, visit WayToidea

This sum percent amount varies from 2 % to 10%. Some of the E-Commerce websites give few more commission in the apples and sandals and food products. and some of the E-Commerce websites giving some handsome percentages on electronic gadgets and some mobile products.

types of affiliate marketing ecommerce

Let’s take an example of an Amazon affiliate account. Amazon’s affiliate account requires some of the platforms to which you can sell their E-Commerce products. you can either create your own website or other you have a YouTube channel or Instagram for a social account. by which people can click on your Amazon Apple ID account website and they can purchase their products.

In this way, many peoples are making some thousands and multi-thousand dollars by only making through affiliate account marketing.

Here is the list of the affiliate account websites you can refer to it affiliate marketing request you to have created your own affiliate account with your platform ID after that you need to enter your payment and address details and you need to create your unique affiliate URL by which people can click and purchase a product. requires you need to create your own account and you can enter address detail and payment detail after that you can create a short URL make the same to your friends and purchase the product through your friends. gives you a commission percentage in the form of the 5 points you can make a purchase of the product in is used to make payment by sharing your product the friend’s anthem of the day they will give you some commission in the form of some rupees and some percentage amount. this is types of affiliate marketing.

2. Web hosting affiliate marketing

If you are hosting your website on the hosting platform then there are multiple hosting companies that give your certain commission if you purchase hosting by giving some reference through to your friends.

Let’s take an example if you want to host your website on some hosting platform and you don’t know about which best hosting company is perfect for you.

types of affiliate marketing web hosting
web hosting

your friend gives you an Idea which places hosting company is best for you then if that person is having affiliate account related to that hosting company and if that person is already hosted their website on that hosting platform and gives you something that you can click and purchase the hosting then hosting company will give youth certain commission amount to your friend.

That commission amount varies from a minimum of $50 to 150 dollars. yes you heard right. you can make some very much handsome money by website hosting and this amount. because you have makes a profit to the hosting company by which they are happy to give certain percentage of their profit to you.

list of popular hospital companies that make you great affiliate amounting and they are the popular hosting websites.

  4. Resellerclub

3. Coupon sites

Coupon sites are the third best way to make some handsome money with affiliate marketing. Coupon site requires you to have some partnership with the considered company and that company is required to have to tie up with you to give you product with a certain percentage discount applied to it.

The product you need to advertise on your website with some coupon code and you have to mention that we can give you certain % discount by giving this coupon. if people are used that coupon and making some purchase to your website then you will get some percentage amount of commission from that company.

types of affiliate marketing coupon site
coupon site

Coupon sites require you to have organic search from the search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo. People used to the news that coupon only through the organic search website.

There are multiple peoples when there is some sale or if they want certain products within the price range then they will certainly searching for the coupons which they will get on your website and taken happily by giving some less among their product.

This way you can earn money by giving some coupons there are the following list by which you can type with the companies and by using some coupon maximum handsome.

  1. online food selling companies
  2. E-Commerce companies
  3. review sites
  4. affiliated products
  5. Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another fourth best way to make some handsome money to affiliate email marketing, you need to have a list of the emails where you need to make sure that the people are ready to accept emails through your web emails and made the purchase from the emails.

for example, if you in your span email mailbox that there are multiple emails that are coming like you have won the lottery then you can purchase this product you will get some commission.

types of affiliate marketing email marketing
email marketing

and after that, there are multiple lists of the products by giving some emails with some good marketing company.

If you like the product people will surely make click on the edit link and they will purchase the product but the risk factor in email marketing is that there are multiple peoples which do not accept email marketing because email is the business platform for some of the peoples.

so if you are sending emails to the business email then you should make sure that the people are that person will surely be accepted and that does not unsubscribe from you.

if people unsubscribe from certain email marketing website then it will make some so sort lost in email marketing that’s the bad factor in the affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the best email marketing affiliate platform you can make some handsome manage

  1. Constant Contact
  2. SendInBlue


Making some easy money by types of affiliate marketing is not a big deal if you have to choose any one of the above affiliate marketing options. if you are a digital marketer or you if you are interested in influencing the program or you are a popular YouTuber then one of the best affiliate marketing options is right for you you can change and mixer mobile money.

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USB 4.0? how it achieves 40 Gbps speed?


USB 4 is the latest version of USB family. the universal serial bus is actually used for many connecting devices like charger, pen drive. connecting devices are mostly using USB as their first preference. by the day of improving the USB there was the first version of USB where it was named as USB A then USB B and C and now it is time for the USB 4. as you see in the history of the USB it is very a long-run story but today I am going to tell you about how USB 4.0 achieves 40 Gbps speed? March 2019 is the month where USB 4.0 announced and it has some tremendous features as well as this USB 4.0 is having very good configuration at the low cost.


As we know that USB announced USB A, B, C as their names. USB announced in this year USB 4. as we already know that has USB C has four versions of USB type C. USB type C is also very successful for transferring data with high speed but there were some issues with USB type c and USB type C can’t divide the speed among their given resources so USB 4 was announced and it was having some very good features.


How USB 4.0 works? How it achieves 40 Gbps speed?

As you already know that USB 3.0 can achieve up to 20 Gbps speed. but USB 4.0 can achieve up to 40 Gbps speed.

so in the USB 4.0 construction, there is a part of lane configuration. there are two lanes given in the USB 4.0 connector where A lane works with 20 Gbps speed and the second lane works with 20 Gbps speed.

if you are working with two monitors then USB 4.0 can easily handle a link for transferring data up to 20 GB base and second line for transferring data up to 20 Gbps. as it is not currently available that USB 4.0 is having this type of connector but as we know the process it is also very much comfortable if you want to transfer of data of 30 Gbps for the first lane then it can also mean adjustable with that and second lane.

it can adjust up to 10 Gbps speed with this configuration. it is so much comfortable that it can support up to 2 4K monitors simultaneously from source to destination. and there is no lag between them.

Benefits of USB 4.0

  1. USB 4.0 is backward compatible with USB type a to c
  2. We can connect multiple devices with the same USB 4.0 connector
  3. USB 4.0 support Intel Thunderbolt technology
  4. USB 4.0 will be much cheaper than USB 3.0 because thunderbolt technology is now open source.
  5. USB 4.0 can support up to 100 watts of power usage.
  6. USB 4.0 can consume less power than USB 3.0 connector

USB 4.0 devices

USB devices

Currently, USB 4.0 development is in the beta stage.but we can surely tell that USB 4.0 will support Pendrive many different types of connectors then USB cables and many more lot of things. we can connect up to two monitors of 40 Gbps speed and we can connect multiple devices with the same USB 4.0 connector.

Intel Thunderbolt technology

usb 4 intel thunderbolt
intel thunderbolt

Intel is the giant in the semiconductor technology devices. we already know that Intel is famous for its Intel core generation processors but Intel has some proprietary technology which is known as thunderbolt technology.

Previously this technology is actually provided with royalty fee means if you want to use Intel Thunderbird technology then you need to pay certain royalty to the intel for usage. but recently Intel has made open-source intel’s Thunderbird technology and us already happy to announce that intel Thunderbolt technology is compatible with USB 4.0 connector.

So what is Intel thunderbolt technology?

so this technology works with faster devices. if you want to transfer the data at a very high speed then Intel Thunderbird technology is going to work.

this technology has certain advantages that it consumes very little power and this technology hardware is so much comfortable so it can be easily connected with USB 4.0 devices and it is its Chip is also very much small so you can easily connect in USB pen drive.

USB 4 is also compatible with Intel Thunderbolt technology. But there is a certain glitch in intel Thunderbird technology devices that it is are not support USB 3.0 and USB A, B type connectors so, it is not much very helpful for backward compatible but if you are connected source and destination port with Intel Thunderball technologies then you can surely assume that it will achieve maximum speed with this technology.

Cost and release date of USB 4.0

USB 4.0 devices might come with a high cost because it is new technology but as time goes it will surely make some mass production and the cost of the USB 4.0 will surely get reduced.

usb 4 cost
cost USB 4

There is no search certain date has announced of USB 4.0 but there are strong chances that USB devices and USB monitor and USB cables are come at around 2020. where we can expect all the USB 4.0 compatible devices with this technology.


USB 4.0 is great technology with next-generation connectors and next-generation processors. the world is moving towards faster data transfers and as IoT devices coming ahead it will surely achieve some great advantage of faster speed.

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Top 5 best video editing software

best video editing software 2019

I am sharing the best video editing software tutorial. if you are very passionate about editing video through best video editing software and making some extraordinary videos then you must try these top 5 video editing software tools.

every time when we make any footage then it is required that your footage must come correctly and you find a gem from your videos.

so making video editing requires very professional and good quality editing software where you can easily do editing, splitting merging etc. things. so I have listed your most popular which will not cut pocket pricing editing software where you can easily edit your videos.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC (video editing software)

Excellent video editing software for windows

As a big industry name comes up Adobe is providing best editing software in the windows user category.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great automated functions
  • Simultaneous Projects
  • Motion Graphics Templates
  • VR Editing
  • Virtual Reality Audio Editing
  • VR Rotate Sphere
  • Transitions
  • Video Titling
  • Direct Publishing
  • Libraries
  • Multiple Video Types
  • Multiple Formats Support
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe premiere Pro cc

thousands of video editing professionals currently using Adobe Premiere Pro in the industry or for personal purpose. this editor provides thousands of layer selection, amazing after effects tool kit, easy to handle moving shots section and other 100’s of cool features.

Premiere Pro id so much mature that you can easily edit 3D videos, very easy to use user interface, thousands of pre-planned template are the very great features of Premiere Pro.

This software supports MAC and Windows operating system. but among these windows, OS is popular for Premiere Pro professionals.

if you are professional user and you want to make some awesome editing then Adobe Premiere Pro might be the right choice for you.

2. Apple Final cut pro X (video editing software)

as a name suggests final is one of popular video editing tool amongst top editing tool. final cut pro only supports MAC(Macintosh) operating system.

Image result for final cut pro

the best part of the final cut pro is that it works exceptional in the MAC ecosystem.

FInal cut pro supports many video formats including apple iTunes. Level professional video editing application for Mac computer is the well-known Apple finished cut, Pro X. They are extensively used in the professional film industry as well as among amateurs, the latest version comes with full support for full 4k ProRes analysis in multiple streams which is done for work very quickly in the new Mac Pro).

There are hundreds of worthy features on the stock market, however, some of the most important and interesting include a magnetic stripe designed to avoid synchronization problems or minor unwanted gaps in processing, easy keyword media setup, and metadata Multicam processing, multi-channel audio, editing.

Highlighting Features:

  • View clips as filmstrips in the event browser
  • The Range Tool
  • Flow Dissolve
  • Placeholder Generator Clip
  • Find and replace text in titles
  • expanding audio components

3. Wondershare Filmora 9 (video editing software)

Image result for filmora 9

Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is another high-quality video editing tool compatible with almost all genres including HD video file format. It has a wealth of professional video tools, transitions and effects that can be easily found for the user-friendly interface. When editing, you can choose how you would like your video to be saved. It can be in the form of special output based on the favourite or the type of device you want to play on. Or, upload directly to Facebook or YouTube for immediate exchange. Here is also a detailed guide on how to edit HD videos using this tool.

Highlighting Features:

  • Motion, Effects, and Color
  • Workflow
  • Geared specifically for beginners
  • very easy to handle all amazing functionalities

4. CyberLink PowerDirector (video editing software)

free hd video editing software

CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the popular video editing software packages on the market today. It provides a complete solution for creating, editing videos and sharing tools. You can easily use the built-in tinker effect around the chroma key, hand-painting animation and zoom caption to customize your HD video to make it more stunning.

Final Cut Pro is always a great video editor for Mac users. The program includes advanced video editing capabilities, such as multi-channel audio editing, pruning links, mixing clips, 3D plates, and magnetic timing 2. But there are some disadvantages and disadvantages to Final Cut Pro, when you need more Final Cut Pro alternatives, you can read the latest article to find the right program for you.

Highlighting Features:

  • Editing 360 videos are easy
  • intuitive user interface
  • built-in video template
  • perfect for handles school college projects
  • cool and faster for learning

5. Corel video studio ultimate (video editing software)

Image result for Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

This application will allow you to enter the world of video editing if you’re just starting. So, When you have a well-designed interface at hand, this allows you to go step by step to reach your new goal. Here you can do multi-camera editing, 4K video support, 360 degrees VR video support, a music library and a variety of effects.

First, the user interface is not as sophisticated or advanced as Adobe’s options (even Premiere Elements is a bit overwhelming), but it still contains some of the basic principles you need to understand if you want to go into more advanced edits, That being said, it’s perfect for basic timelines and effects if you just need a simple presentation or a YouTube video. Billed under $ 100 for the full version – with a free 30-day trial, if you’re not sure yet – the 2019 version of the software is a great choice for Byzantine videographers.

The more you use VideoStudio Ultimate, you will discover new features. This option is great for beginners, if you are more advanced you will find a way to work here, but you will probably prefer some other software.

Highlighting Features:

  • New Color Grading
  • Streamlined Timeline editing
  • Enhanced Mask Creator
  • Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects
  • Nice screen grab feature
  • Great value
  • Easy to use
  • can directly upload to social media


There are several program options for editing videos in the market and, to choose the one you will use, we advise you to try as much as possible. in conclusion, Only in this way will you be able to perceive which is the one that serves you best and you can decide which one you like to use the most since the great differences between the software are basically their usability, price, compatibility with operating systems and amount of available resources.

There are several free or paid options in the market, but the most important thing is that you understand that most publishers work very similarly and, understanding this logic, they can all serve you well.

For those who are starting to edit videos now, it may seem very difficult, but you can be sure that, with time and a lot of practice, you will be able to produce your videos in the best possible way.

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eSIM? what does it mean to you? How to activate?

eSIM_ how eSIM is our future_ (1)

If you could drive yourself some years ago it is impossible to make wireless calls the new era has changed with eSIM and from Nokia, Samsung and many mobile companies are doing SIM card supported handsets. so, if you imagine you were able to make calls without the use of physical SIM?

Yes, it is possible! Apple introduced e-SIM support for your mobile. let’s dig into this topic and explore the e-SIM concept, activation process in the USA(Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, At & T), U.K.(Vodafone), U.A.E. and India(Airtel and Jio).

In this post you will able to know:

  • what is e-SIM?
  • which devices support e-SIM?
  • How operators support e-SIM?
  • How e-SIM is our future?
  • the activation process for e-SIM through the globe with popular operators(Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, AT&T, Rogers wireless, Bell mobility, DU, Etisalat, Airtel, Jio, Orange)

What is eSIM?

The recent evolution in the SIM technology released some times ago is eSIM. eSIM is programmable chip it is soldered on the handset’s motherboard. the idea behind is converting iPhone to dual SIM phone without giving actual dual slot, increase in the size of the SIM slot. Apple invented this concept and deployed in the first apple watch and iPhone

you do not require physical SIM card, only one thing that active data plan and service. This e-SIM is based on embedded SIM standard released by the SIM authority. Plus point is that this chip is fully programmable, you can change your carrier without the requirement of physical SIM.

an eSIM is not removable very tiny chip can accumulate only some millimeter amount of space in the motherboard, it is easily possible to change operator from the e-SIM concept. this point makes e-SIM into spotlight although it is popular that this e-SIM might be our future of network operators.

this e-SIM is currently supporting in the iPhone XR, XS, XS-MAX and some pixel devices. for a device which supports e-SIM should also require carriers to have backbone support for it. this only requires permissions, device & SIM identity.

e-sim chip

which devices support eSIM?

e-SIM would be the best option for you. only selected carriers in the worldwide are USA (t-mobile, Verizon wireless, at&t), United Kingdom ( EE Group, Vodafone) India (Airtel an Jio).

more than smartphones there are many smart watches, fitness bands are supports e-SIM. Apple iPhone Xr, Xs, XS-MAX, some from pixel devices like Google pixel 2, Pixel 3 lineup are supported e-SIM. e-SIM is not so cheap technology, currently only available in the flagship devices.

mid range or entry-level smartphone is yet not on the list of e-SIM. e-SIM might be the future for all of us but currently this technology in the initial stage there are many iterations and updated required for it.

esim support iPhone
iPhone e-SIM support

Google already released e-SIM manager app for android 8.1(Oreo) devices. which includes activation, authentication, and status checking for devices. but android 9.0 has built-in support for e-SIM.

How operators support eSIM?

embedded SIM is truly a new concept which is going to take some time for operators to switch on it. some of the fast-moving operators are already started giving support for e-SIM.

there is not going to make any kind loss by switching to e-SIM for operators but customers can get more befit from it.

  • the activation process for e-SIM is much easier than traditional SIM.
  • can be easily switched to new operators
  • helps operators to reduce the use of plastic chips and making magnetic chips.

How eSIM is our future?

GSMA is the organization who announced e-SIM standard. besides that, the Apple, Samsung many other telecom operators like AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison, Airtel, Jio are ready to onboard for eSIM. this e-SIM how can make you useful in the future?

e-SIM makes you easily switch the current operator to a new operator without going to operator showroom and store.

esim chip
e-SIM chip credit: Infineon

with my personal experience, I learned that e-SIM gives you higher data speeds and makes your call quality bit superiority high. upon time goes traditional SIMS makes your call quality and data speeds bit slower. e-SIM can better option to overcome these problems.

if you are planning for a long duration of holidays in the abroad. if you imagine that how it is time-consuming to purchase a travel SIM card from abroad country and activation time and a lot of other processes can hell your enjoy the time. e-SIM can easily change the operator to currently activated number and rest of the things are very easy.

How eSIM work in a practical way?

if your handset is in the standby mode, you are traveling to abroad only you want to use second SIM as a data mode, you can easily switch to data mode.

alternatively, you can use this SIM to receive calls with keeping yourself in the only incoming or standby mode.

How to activate e-SIM on your iPhone XR/XS-MAX or on Pixel 2/Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL?

If you are belonging to the USA for activation of eSIM(Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular)

Verizon Wireless(eSIM)

esim verizon wireless

  1. First, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to get Verizon service for your e-SIM.
    • If you’re new to Verizon, you can sign-up for Verizon service by downloading the My Verizon app from the Apple® App Store®, then follow the instructions to confirm eligibility and set up your account
    • If you already have Verizon service using your iPhone’s physical SIM card, you’ll need to contact us to add service to your e-SIM
  2. Once you’ve signed up for Verizon service, you’ll need to set up your iPhone. For this step, you’ll need to display the QR code below with a computer or tablet, then follow these steps on your iPhone to scan it:
    1. Tap Settings
    2. Tap Cellular
    3. Tap Add Cellular Plan
    4. Scan the QR code below
Verizon wireless QR code
Verizon wireless QR code

3. If prompted to select a default line, choose your new Verizon line for voice, messaging and data.

4. Wait for installation process to complete.

5. Once you see Cellular Plan Added notification, begin using your new Verizon service.

T-Mobile (eSIM)

esim t-mobile

  1. Download and install T-Mobile eSIM app from the Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app, and review the welcome screen.
  3. Tap Get Started.
  4. Enter your email address, and tap Next. (If you already have T-Mobile, you’ll need to use a different email address that’s not used with a T-Mobile ID.)
  5. If prompted, tap Settings and enable Location Services for the app. Set it to While using the App.
  6. Enter the address for the primary place you’ll use T-Mobile service, usually your home, and tap Next.
  7. Make sure your address is correct on the pop-up, and tap Confirm.
  8. Choose your prepaid plan, and tap Next. (Tap See plan details for more information on the plans.)
  9. Review the Service terms, and tap Accept if you agree.
  10. Enter your credit card information (including the CVC/CCC and billing zip code), and tap Next.
  11. Review your order to make sure everything looks correct.
  12. Enter a new PIN, confirm it, and tap Submit.
  13. Wait while we set up your T-Mobile service.
  14. On the “Install Cellular Plan” screen, tap Continue to download and install your eSIM profile.
  15. Tap Add Cellular Plan.
  16. Label your cellular plans for easy identification, and tap Continue.
  17. Choose which line you want to use as your default line, and tap Continue.
  18. Once that’s complete, the screen shows your new phone number and lets you view your receipt.
  19. If you want to use a phone number from another provider or from another line, contact us to get this started.


esim at&t

For iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

1. Go to Settings, then Cellular.

2. Select Add cellular plan.

3. Open and point your camera at the QR code on your eSIM activation card until you see a message that says Installing cellular plan.

4. You’re all set! Your eSIM is now downloaded and installed.

For Samsung Galaxy Watch

1. Turn on your watch.

2. Open the Galaxy Wearable app to pair it with your phone.

3. Follow the app prompts to activate your watch on our network and complete the NumberSync sign-in process.

If you are belonging to Canada (eSIM)

Rogers Wireless

esim rogers wireless

Steps to follow for Business customers to activate an eSIM card on dual SIM iPhones.

eSIM activations are only available on Bring Your Own Device plans.

eSIM cards are only available to Business customers through Rogers Direct.


  • You need an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR with iOS 12.1 or later.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection (WiFi or LTE).

Follow these steps to activate an eSIM card:

 Go to Settings > Cellular.
Tap Add Cellular Plan.
Use your iPhone to scan the eSIM voucher (QR code). If the code does not scan, clean your lens and try again. If the eSIM card does not activate, restart your device and try again. You cannot activate the eSIM by using the Enter Details Manually link.

Bell Mobility

esim bell mobility
bell mobility

If you are belonging to the United Kingdom for activation of eSIM(EE limited, Vodafone)


esim vodafone
esim vodafone

If you’ve received a replacement Apple Watch, you can activate your service using My Vodafone

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Account settings
  3. Go to Swap your SIM
  4. Choose your watch from the drop-down list
  5. Click Go to eSIM swap
  6. Paste or type in your eSIM ID number (EID)

You’ll receive an email when it’s completed, at which point you can set up your new device

If you are belonging to UAE


esim du

After you receive the eSIM voucher from us, please refer to the user guide of your handset to see how you can download the eSIM.
•    Ensure that the device is connected to the internet through WiFi
•    Ensure that your device has the latest software version that supports eSIM
•    Go to the phone settings to activate eSIM and choose the cellular plan option
•    Once you select the plan, the phone will prompt for the camera to be activated (or open the camera automatically).
•    Once your camera is activated, scan the QR code and follow the instructions on your screen.
Note: The image below is for a specific brand. Each brand/model may have different activation options. Please refer to the user guide of your handset to see how you can activate the eSIM on your device.
Once the eSIM is activated, you will get a notification.
Important: When you are trying to activate the eSIM, please ensure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
If you are using two SIMs on your handset, you will need to configure one as a primary SIM and the other as a secondary SIM. This can be done once your eSIM is activated.


esim etisalat

Ensure that the device is connected to the internet through WiFi

• Ensure that your device has the latest software version that supports eSIM

• Go to phone settings to activate eSIM and choose the cellular plan option

• Once you select the plan, the phone will prompt for the camera to be activated (or open the camera automatically).

• Once your camera is activated, scan the QR code and follow the instructions on your screen.

• If you are using two SIMs on your handset, you will need to configure one as a primary SIM and the other as a secondary SIM. This can be done once your eSIM is activated.

The eSIM comes with a one-time charge, plus VAT:

Du charges

• Dh20 if you’re transferring from a normal SIM to an eSIM. During the launch, it will waive off this charge till December 31, 2018.

• Dh55 if you are subscribing to a new prepaid connection

• Dh125 if you are subscribing to a new postpaid connection

Etisalat charges

• Dh25 if you’re transferring from a normal SIM to an eSIM.

• Dh55 if you are subscribing to a new prepaid connection.

• Dh125 if you are subscribing to a new postpaid connection.

If you are belonging to India for activation of eSIM

currently, in India, only two operators are providing e-SIM services(Airtel and Jio)


esim airtel

  1. To start with, you need to send an SMS with your email ID to 121 in the format ‘eSIM<SPACE>email’.
  2. After this, you will receive a confirmation SMS and a call confirming that you sent a request to convert your physical SIM to an eSIM.
  3. This will be followed by an email that contains a QR code. This QR code needs to be scanned using the iPhone on which you want to set up the digital SIM.
  4. To scan the QR code, open the Settings app on your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR and head to the Mobile Data option.
  5. Here, tap on the Data Plan option and scan the QR code. remember, the code can be scanned only once.
  6. Now, you will be prompted to add the Airtel data plan on the eSIM. Just tap on Add Data Plan at the bottom on the screen to do the same. You will be able to set this profile as primary or secondary.
  7. Next you have to choose which number (the physical SIM or the eSIM) you want to use for calls and data.
  8. There will be a small period when your number will become inactive while it transfers from a physical SIM to a digital SIM. During this period, which lasts a few minutes, you will not be able to make calls, send SMSes, or access mobile data on the iPhone unit.
  9. Once this transfer is over, you will see the secondary eSIM profile in your Mobile Data settings.

Jio (eSIM)

esim jio
esim jio

To activate, simply take your new iPhone and visit any JioStore or Reliance Digital outlet.

You’ll be asked to fill up a CAF form with required details, including your Jio number and the IMEI of the iPhone.

Then, an executive will verify your details and generate a QR code with a point-of-sale machine.

This code, when scanned with the iPhone, will enable Jio’s eSIM.

If you are belonging to France(orange)


esim orange
esim orange

eSIM supporting devices:

  • Currently only iPhone XS, XS Max and XR
  • Samsung and Huawei devices at a later stage
  • In the near future, eSIM will be used in wearable, Smart Homes as well as in cars

Switching your current SIM to an eSIM

You can subscribe to a new line, or trade your current SIM to an eSIM, provided that your device supports SIM.

Activating the eSIM

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection and has the latest software version that supports eSIM.
  • To activate the eSIM, go to Network Settings on your device, scan the QR code using your camera, and follow the instructions.
  • Wait until your device connects to the network, and the eSIM will then be ready to use.


with this e-SIM concept and standard, this is surely going to make proud to be the best in class technology. though Apple will get a credit for inventing this innovation it will surely replace this useless plastic chip SIM and marks on the embedded SIM. this will also help in making less production of plastic and reduce more wastage.