recommended 7 steps for pan name change!!

pan name change

pan name change many times you have thought in mind, right? Many times it happens that by mistake when we enter a wrong address at the time of filling/correcting the PAN application by the agent/yourself it will get wrongly updated your name, address or date of birth in the pan application.

so to make correction in the pan application like to change your name, address, date of birth, photo mismatch or your signature there are online several options are available.

in this blog, I am going to tell you how you can change your name, address, date of birth, your signature from NSDL(authorised from Incometax department India) website.

How to make pan name change online?

first, you need to visit after that, you need to click on the services which you can see on the header option. after a click on services just click on PAN you will get the new page will be opened.

pan name change

you will be redirected to the form which is Tax Information Network TIN website.

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select application type like you need to select changes correction in existing PAN/reprint of the PAN card. if you want to reprint your pan card or you lost your pan card or something else you can select this option.

After that select your category if you are individual then you need to select individual or you can refer the below table for other category options.

new pan application  category
PAN category

you need to fill your first name, last name, your date of birth, email id mobile number and all the things are mandatory. after a click on the submit you will get a temporary token number which will be useful for further updates.

pan name change step 1

After taking that token number on your email you can enter your token number on the same form.

enter your name and whatever details it will ask and after that, you need you to need to click on submit.

Now here are the main options coming to that document submissions. if you have your Aadhaar card with you then there is options submit documents digitally through e-KYC.

and assign paperless means you don’t need to verify your other with the Tax Information Network on the basis of that you can process your change in the application without any physical paper we want to select an option you can select.

pan correction process step 2

If you don’t have your Aadhaar card with you or your mobile number not registered with Aadhaar card then you can click select scanned image through e-sign you need to pay some amount for this.

and you need to send a scan copy to the upload the scan copy or if you don’t want any kind of changes you need to physically forward your documents to the NSDL office.

after that, there are certain options which asked by the filling the form that whether you required physical PAN.

after that is used to enter your pan then your other number your personal information and there is after the catch that what kind of detail you want to change or any kind of photo mismatches signature mismatch all you want to change the details of parent you need to select the proper tick.

pan name change step 3

After that you need to click on next it will ask your personal information like your name your date of birth your address.

if you want to change then you can click on the click on the left tick option you need to enter your contact details on order details and after that, you need to verify your phone number, if you are selected the first option.

if you are selected the second option then you would you need to scan your copies and upload it and if you want to send physical copies then you need the address will be given at the fourth step.

you can select that and click on submit after that it will ask you to pay online PAN correction fee which is given at the end of the submit page.

pan name change step 4

After all the things are successful happen you will get one acknowledgement number within 5 to 7 days your application will be processed.

if all the things are details are correct all the information automatic your pan card will be sent to you if you are selected physically or if you don’t want it will be sent on your email like scan copy.

Let me know in the comment section below which option you have to choose for or submitting your documents. and let me know in the comment section below that whether this blog is helpful for you or not. thanks for reading my blog.

Ultimate guide for making online rent agreement 2020

online rent agreement

making online rent agreement in previous days is a very tedious task. if you want to make rent agreement then you need to visit many times for collecting stamps, and other stuff also to the office to take sign then take a stamp then a lawyer.

but from 2015 Government of Maharashtra a department of Dept. Of Registration & Stamps, Maharashtra made online this facility.

online rent agreement
online rent agreement

you can make rent agreement online and if you are living in any of the corners of the world. to make rent agreement online prerequisite that you need to have a windows PC with internet explorer 9+ version. you should have a webcam and Biometric Device (Thumb Scanner ‘Secugen’) device to collector thumbprint.

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Making online rent agreement procedure

to make rent agreement online you need to visit website. This website is the Government of Maharashtra, India official website.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure

you need to download Secugen driver. these drivers include Thumb Scanner driver. you can check the detailed instructions by going above website on the right-hand side there are option Downloads visit there and you will find installation and many other guides already given.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure

first, check whether the installed drivers thumbprint and you have webcam patches installed properly. to follow the secure driver procedure and to follow and other documentation you can connect on the given website and select the right side and click and select all the given options.

after you completed all the procedure you can again visit the homepage of the given website.

this website will make your leave and licence agreement online. select your district in which district you are living. now create a password and click on the next. make sure you connect your Secugen scanner and get it captured.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure dist. the selection

you need to enter your property details. if you have already created online rent agreement on this website with the same property you can click on yes if you want to make a property rent for the same.

if not then click on no and enter the property details in the English language it will automatically be translated into your regional language. This page asks you for Property details, District details total galleries, whether you are in corporation area or council and other stuff.

after there is one token will be generated note it. Click on save and click on next.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure

After clicking on the next page you need to add your party type whether you are an individual or owner then after that party.

the name should be added after clicking on the party you need to add your document present at us. as well as your personal PAN number details, enter the property after Document presenter and click on the added party. you will get message identifier added successfully.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure property details

after filling what the detail there is a requirement of to witness or identifier you need to enter their details after entering the details click on the ad identifier or add witness next.

next page will ask about the duration of property to be given on rent, deposit amount and other stuff. enter details you need to decide that whether you want to pay registration + stamp duty at one time or by segregated select from the dropdown.

whether you want to pay online or at nearest ban branch choose a wise option and click next. accept terms and condition check whether all entered details are correct.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure rent duration.

after that, your GRN number has been generated. note will be required for further work.


for rent agreement Leave licence you can follow the procedure of the details has been generated online. if you want to have any query let me know in the comment section below. thank you for reading online rent agreement blog.

2 ways to calculate government rates of property in India from Ready Reckoner.

property rate ready reckoner

whenever you want to sell your property every time you don’t know about what is the ready reckoner property rates of property.

or what is the current built-up area of right square millimetre rate or square foot rate is available in your area or in your locality in the government records.

to know the government record which is available in your property there is a ready reckoner for the in Marathi it is called as “Ready Mulyankan Takta” provided by the government of India. if you are living in the municipal corporation or any other rural area village in the covered area.

ready reckoner helps you to find your exact value of your property e available as per your government records or what is the perfect square foot or per square millimetre rate is giving going on.

ready reckoner property rates
property rates

in the ready, you can able to find commercial property non-movable like flat, plot than shop industrial area rate as per square millimetre.

property rate changes every financial year when I writing this post this time it is 2019 – 20 financial year is running. so the current rate is available as per current financial years.

ready reckoner also helps you to calculate your agreement taxes, government fees as per available your property in the area.

suppose if your property is 40sqm then it calculates with the current government officials rate after that on the basis of property certain percentage about government calculate and take as a taxes for you.

you have to also pay government taxes for home/plot, land and commercial office shop for residential as per the geographical area.

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the rates of the geographical area are provided as per landmarks of zones in the form of CS number CTS number which area covers the municipal corporation or rural area.

to know the property rates available in your area which is provided by the government you need to visit the government website if you are living in the Maharashtra state then you should visit the:

government of India website ready reckoner property rates website which is the department of registration and stamps of Government of India.

after visiting the website it will appear in the states of Maharashtra given as per the image below select any one of the states which you are living.

suppose I am living in the Pune district then click on the Pune district. after district then select Pune district after that it will redirect you to another page to select your taluka and village.

ready reckoner property rates
ready reckoner property rates

after selecting the taluka and the area where you are living it will appear the assessment type assessment range and the rate the rate is available per square metre.

you can calculate per square metre with the built-up area of your property after calculating the built-up area of your property what are the rates are coming that is the final rate is given by the government on the government rate you need to pay government fees and taxes.

Please note: per square meter rate can be calculated only on the built-up area not on carpet, super built area.

the second option is you you can visit which is a private website, not a government concern website. this website also provides property rates to calculate stamp duty.

you can scroll down on the below website you will find the financial year select financial year and in select, the district.

this website currently only gives Mumbai, Mumbai suburban, Palghar, Pune, Raigad, thane district rates.

after that select your taluka and it will give you survey number wise list property rate and full details available as per government records.


These are two websites where you can able to check your property rates or non-movable property stamp duty which give your current accurate government details. with required to calculate tax and for sharing or selling your old or new property.

let me know in the comment section below do you love me like this blogger not? thank you for reading the ready reckoner property rates blog.

how to create resume in MS word from Word Templates!!

how to create resume in ms word

is how to create resume in MS word? so difficult? making professional and simple looking is not an easy task. it will take around 2 hours to make any professional. every interview that your profile receives me should be professional and it should be matched with your profile and the requirements.

there the 50% 60% chances that if your resume is professional and simple looking and if it is matched with recruiter requirement of skills there are higher percentage chances of getting jobs in the interviews.

how to create resume in MS word
CV Template

so in this post, I am going to share you how can you save your time by making professional resume/CV from default Microsoft word resume templates.

from 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016 version there are thousands of resume templates are already available which are very good looking simple and very professional ones.

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these templates are very helpful so you need to only edit the sum of the contents and your professional resume will be ready in very few minutes.

it will save you time and it will make your resume very intuitive.

How to create resume in MS Word Templates

to create a resume in Microsoft word you need to open Microsoft word.

if you are using Microsoft word 2013 or 2016 then click on the new button available on the left side panel.

how to create resume in MS word
MS wor new window

there is a search box given in the search box type resume templates.

after typing, the result will be shown with templates and give the result to you.

how to create resume in MS word
Resume templates

select any one of the temples and which will match your skills and the requirements and which will look very simple one.

Click on any one template after that clicking on the tab that it will give you detail how much size. it is what is the name of the template after that click on the create.

resume template
resume template in Microsoft Word

the template will be download the template and give you the result.

Now you can edit your name your, experience, work skill, education etc and more details as shown below.

resume creation

type your name skills your hobbies and all other stuff. and save with your first name+ last name or lastname+ resume with .doc or .docx format.

if you are using Microsoft word 2003, 2007 follow the below procedure.

select file from main menu dances for templates option.

Microsoft word 2003, 2007 resume templates
Microsoft word 2003, 2007 resume templates

Click on my computer view to display option.

Microsoft word 2003, 2007 resume templates

select one of the categories from the below option and click on preview and click on ok.

tips to use Microsoft office word resume template

keep it simple

if you are using Microsoft office word resume template make sure that it is easier to read and edit for you.

as well when you send on the email on any DOC file because if you send or if use any fancy text then it will destroy your fancy formatted text and it will destroy your formatting.

so keep it very simple so to make sure that it will easy to read by the hiring manager.

keep it concisely

don’t include the very long history of your employment like 10 to 15 years experience.

no hiring manager will have time to read your long employment history to know everything about your work experience it only it should be 3 to 4 years of experience.

it should be very concisely formatted make sure that does not include everything you do in it keep it very concise.

choosing file format

make sure that whenever you send your resume or CV to your hiring manager or the recruiting party.

you must include in .doc or Docx file format because no one is having read pdf file format for Excel format or any other file format.

so make sure that you must keep your CV in the docx file format and while sending the mail for any your region file make sure that include your first name last name of the file name or your last name or your last name + resume as a filename. that is the full tutorial for how to create resume in MS word.


how to create resume in MS word will save tour time by creating default resume formats. you only need to edit it. and it looks professional one. let me know in the comment section which template you used. thank you for reading how to create resume in MS word blog.

2 effective ways to install Linux terminal on windows 10 !!

windows 10 linux terminal

windows and Ubuntu are the different operating system on the computer. many ways are there for on windows 10 Linux terminal to be install. there are different structures is used and there are different kernels is also used to run windows 10 and Ubuntu. as we already know that Ubuntu using its microkernel and windows 10 is using its hybrid kernel to run their operating systems.

Ubuntu Linux kernel is more secure than windows. windows 10 is using command prompt and Linux Ubuntu is using bash terminal.

Their commands and their functionality is also different. Ubuntu is open source under GNU new licence. but windows is a paid operating system. windows are more famous than Ubuntu. so there are many peoples in the world want to use Linux bash terminal on the window operating system.

previously it is not possible to use Linux Ubuntu on Windows. but some time ago Microsoft CEO and Ubuntu parent company Canonical have made an agreement to run bash terminal on the windows operating system. so there are two following ways to run Ubuntu Linux terminal on the windows operating system.

Ubuntu terminal bash is work like subsystem on the windows. so to run Linux terminal bash on the windows operating system there are two familiar methods we will see in this post.

To run Ubuntu operating system’s bash terminal, if you have done with the anniversary update of the windows 10 then you should use the second method and if you have not updated your Windows 10 with the anniversary update then you need to use the first method.

Method 1: Installing on windows 10 Linux terminal previous versions

if you have not downloaded fall creator’s update then you can install terminal enabling windows developer preview. but I still recommended you with update your windows 10 to faller creator.

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Press the Windows key on your keyboard and search for the settings.

after opening the window on the left-hand side there is an option for developers to click on the developer’s mode option.

windows 10 linux terminal
Windows settings

now go to the control panel and search for the Programs and Features option in the control panel.

in that click on the windows feature on-off. after clicking on the windows feature on-off you will see several windows features options are listed.

windows 10 linux terminal feature
Feature on/off

search for the windows subsystem for Linux (beta) just click on the windows subsystem for the beta you went to and click on ok after clicking on ok your system will ask you to restart your Windows 10 operating system.

Linux subsystem selection
Linux subsystem selection

after restarting your windows 10 operating system, search for the Ubuntu or bash as it is running for the first time first you need to download the Ubuntu operating system.

bash search
bash search

at the time of downloading it will ask you to create username and password as it is important for the security purpose, you need to mention it. just wait for some time because it is downloading wall units for Ubuntu operating system for some patients.

now head back to the start window and search for the Ubuntu or bash see in the blue image Unix terminal has been installed. let see in the below image the Unix terminal has been installed on the window you can use ‘apt’ command to install any software on the Linux terminal.


I hope you like this method. let me know in the comment section below.

if you are getting an error while installing Ubuntu on windows then you can troubleshoot with below solutions if it matches error code.

WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x8007019e

if you got above then there is a possibility that your subsystem for Linux is not enabled.

go to control panel >go to programs and features> then turn windows feature on or off. check whether ubuntu has installed or not.

Installation failed with error 0x80070003

this error occurs at a time to install your refund operating system or any event to software on disk then it’s not installed on C drive-by follow.

go to settings> storage settings> change whether contents are saved.

method 2 installing Linux terminal on Windows 10 from Windows PowerShell

in case you need to install Ubuntu Linux bash terminal from PowerShell, you need to enable windows subsystem for Linux from the PowerShell.

go to the start window and search for the PowerShell and the right click on the PowerShell tab and click on run as administrator.

Powershell selection windows 10 linux terminal
Powershell selection

now enter the following command to enable bash on the given operating system.

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

it will ask you for choice click on why and after that your sister will for choice click on Y and after that, your system will ask you to restart your windows operating system.

Enable Windows subsytem for Linux

once your system is restarted open windows store and search for the Ubuntu in the search Box after store opening.

there are three option given Ubuntu Linux, SUSE, Open SUSE you can choose Ubuntu. as I have already mentioned I have installed Ubuntu on my PC

Install Windows Subsyetm for Linux
Install the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

just click on the install after clicking on the Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Install
Ubuntu Install

now search for Ubuntu in the Windows 10 system. after clicking on it it will take some time as it is first time installing.

after that, you need to enter your username and password as you can see in the image it is running like a normal windows application.

the password enter Linux bash
the password enters Linux bash

you can enjoy you want to inside Linux.


if you face any problem during installation of the Linux in the Windows operating system please let me know in the comment section below. if you have faced any two problems during installation I have listed below and if you have successfully installed let me know in the comment section below. thank you for reading this article.

installing Ubuntu on windows operating system does not make your windows 10 slow or fast it just takes some run for installing Ubuntu and after acts like a normal to you. at least you can do very stuff if you don’t want to make a dual port for you don’t want to run a virtual machine that installing you want on windows 10 is the best option for you.

Recommended 7 ways to remove the disk is write protected error

the disk is write protected

actually many times when you plug a pen drive onto your computer or when you put your micro SD card on your pen drive there is an error will be shown like the disk is write protected.

this error might happens many times because it is affected virus or malware. this error doesn’t mean that your USB or micro SD card is corrupted or something else.

the disk is write protected
the disk is write-protected

an error has happened there might be a chance that your disk is in a healthy state but there is something called virus or hardware failure given like the write protected.

windows will only show there is an option like try again or cancel. when you click on the try again the error is shown again and many times this actual error comes in windows 7/ 8/10. this error might not familiar when it comes to iOS/Ubuntu operating system.

in this post, I am going to share with you recommended proven techniques that will remove the write protected error completely.

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when you try to click on the try again there is only two option is you can do you can the read the data available on your USB/micro SD card either you can cancel it. you cannot write any data on your Pendrive as it is write protected error so these are the sum of the technique by which you can resolve this error.

remove the disk is write protected error with diskpart

actually diskpart is the basic windows inbuilt functionality for clear or set positive or negative values to your USB drive.

you can change your 0 or 1 write or read values using diskpart as it is built-in in the Windows 7/8/10.

to use diskpart you need to follow the following commands:

  1. list disk (this command is used to list your available disc on your computer)
  2. selected disk this command is used to select the disk which is write protected
  3. attribute disk clear read only (this command is used to remove write protection error available on your write protected USB drive or micro SD card)
the disk is write protected diskpart

after executing all the commands try to copy your files on your USB drive or micro SD card and try to eject your USB drive and again insert into your computer and try to write the data.

remove disk write protected error from Windows registry

still, the error persists after using diskpart option? you should try to remove write protected error from the windows registry option.

to use windows registry options you need to click on the start button search for the run command and press enter.

the disk is write protected registry
Windows Registry

next type Regedit and search for the following path folder by folder


if this key exists then click write on it and click modify or change the value and make a change in the value from 1 to 0.

next click on ok after that try to copy the file from your hard disk to your USB drive or micro SD card. if there is still persist then try to format your drive and try to copy the file again.

check your SD card or memory card is not full

sometimes it happens that you try to copy the file which is more than the size of your USB drive or your memory card.

to check whether your memory card or USB drive supports file size,

Disk Properties

right-click on the USB drive and go to the storage options check whether the USB drive/micro SD card has some space left. if space left then you might be copying the file which is more than capable of your USB drive/micro SD card.

so, try to release from space from USB then copy file.

check USB is in read-only

to check what would be the reason for your disk or your micro SD card is write protected that you can check by whether your disk is in read-only mode.

read only property write protected
read-only status
  1. to check this just right-click on your write protected USB drive or MicroSD card then go to the properties.
  2. there is an option at the bottom of the ok button read-only check whether it is checked or not.
  3. if it is in checked mode then you should uncheck it and click on apply on ok.

after try to copy in your file into your drive.

check your USB/micro SD card is infected with a virus

so many times it happy that your USB is affected or corrupted when you plug your USB into the drive.

the virus can actually kill USB drive by stopping your data inserting or any other way. so to remove your virus from USB drive on micro SD card you need to download good quality antivirus software and scan it through your USB drive.

disk is write protected usb virus
virus check

once you find that virus is found and it is cleaned you recheck again to check whether the virus is completely removed or not .and try to copy or try this technique might remove your write protected error from your drive.

check your disk for bad sectors

many times it happens that your USB might be affected by the bad sectors of writing and reading it are many times to remove the earth to check whether the USB drive blocks and sectors has been corrupted or to whether it is affected by bad sector you can download this software for checking your USB is affected by the buyer bad sectors.


these are the listed steps are available to remove your write protected error from your USB drive or micro SD card these are the authentic methods that’s the only way where you can remove your bad sector or write-protected error.

let me know in the comment section below while preparing to remove your read-protected area which method you have used and have you got any error?

if you are successfully corrected you write-protected and let me know in the comment section below.

EPFO? UAN activation process, PF claim status, PF balance check ultimate guide!!


EPFO stands for employees provident organisation of India. EPFO provides services like employees provident fund, pension scheme and then insurance companies provident fund in the all over India.

the person is employed in the organised person in India otherwise in the outside of the India which is signed by the agreement of Indian labour law are eligible for EPFO scheme.

at the time of salary credited in your account, a certain amount of 12% of your CTC(cost to company) it will convert it to the EPF. which is agreed to provide the full amount at or after your retirement of this age of 60

EPFO also provide some amount of percentage on which you can get the savings can easily increase your passbook amount which is very useful for your after retirement age.

here is the list of frequently asked questions and the procedure of common question like:

  • easily check your passbook online
  • how to create EPF passbook
  • How to check your passbook amount without UAN number
  • how to create EPF account
  • how to create your EPF UAN number
  • UAN registration

whenever you have employed in any of the organisation then you need too much filled EPF form that is known for a provident fund form if you have your income below Rs 15000/-

availing this facility you will have to decrease in the salary of the 12% of your CTC. it will be contributed as your pensioner’s amount/PF amount.

so it will also give you some percentage of the interest on your 12% amount by quarterly or yearly.

The procedure of UAN activation

so for activation of your EPF UAN(universal account number) number, you need to first fill the UAN registration form( avail this from your employer)

after filling the UAN registration form your employer or your company submit an application to EPFO office and proceeds next.

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successful submission EPFO will allocate you one UAN number that UAN number you need to activate by following ways:

you must first visit EPFO website.

next, you need to click on the For employees online link(see the image below).

UAN activation process epf
UAN activation process

you need to enter your personal as well as your whole information with your date of birth your name your current address your company’s name.

Enter Details
UAN activation process 2

after that, you will get one SMS which is sent to your registered mobile number it includes your password and OTP number that OTP number have to enter in your OTP section of the website.

after that, within 6 to 10 hour your UAN will get activated and you can able to see your passbook as well as your employers and employee contribution amount.

after next 6 to 10 hours you should log in your EPF account for login details. you can use your UAN number as your account login/email id and password.

pf balance check number

to check your PF balance employee can do it in three ways:

visiting the EPF official website

to check your PF balance online you need to visit this website.

after that open website redirects to the login page you can enter your UAN number and your given password after that you will log in to your portal.

epf balance check
epf balance check

you can select your employer’s member ID on your company’s name after the right-hand side you can see download EPF balance check your EPF balance and show your passbook.

this way you can download and you can view your EPF balance.


to check your EPF balance through SMS to must register your mobile number with your UAN in EPFO system.

to send SMS or to check your EPF balance used to send SMS by for language

epf balance check
sms epf balance check

By miss call

check your EPF balance by using given miscall you need to do miscall from your mobile number and you can check your pension your EPF balance

epf balance check
miss call epf balance check

By Umang(official government of India multiservice app)

in the 2018 Government of India have launched Umang app which is provided many of the Government of India public services in the one official app.

by downloading this app from your app Store Play Store you can check there is one option EPFO service.

just click on the EPF service after that click on the EPF balance check it will check your balance and give your result

Click on EPFO Option
Umag app

select “Employee Centric Services”

Select Employee Centric Services
Umang app

click on view passbook

View Passbook
Umag app EPF check

pf claim online

PF has been made by the government of India then it is stated that all the amount will be transferable only after your retirement or at the pensioner’s side.

before you know PF claim status online there are the some of the rules/guidelines you need to follow and you must know:

  • if you are unemployed for more than 2 months then only you can apply for 100% PF withdrawal.
  • Provident fund money cannot be withdrawn if you are an employee and if you want to take full money amount. only 10% is your only partial amount will be approved.
  • if your claim amount is more than 50000 and if you not given your pan then there will be tax applicable at the 10% of TDS and if you are not given your panda tax will be applicable at 30% off the TDS.
  • nowadays employee does not need to wait for an employee to upload approved your PF claim EPF can be directly withdrawn from the buyer request.

how to claim EPF online

you need to visit the EPFO portal online

and left inside there is an option for employees on the for employees and select the option.

Select Member UAN Service
epfo claim

this page redirects you to the login window of EPFO portal login with your UAN and password.

after that, there is an option KYC. make sure that you enter all the details correct after that click on the save button and there is option claim.

Select KYC Option
epfo claim

Click on the claim form 10c and answer that your other number your bank details are entered correctly if it is not correct it and click on save button.

Click on Claim Form
epfo claim
  • You will be redirected to a new webpage with an automatically generated “ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31, 19 & 10C)” form.
  • You need to enter the Last 4 digits of your registered bank account number and verify the same.
Enter Bank Account Number
epfo claim last step

by the next, it will take around 3 to 20 days by the giving request by submission choose the reason properly if you want to claim your EPF without any hesitation.

PF Advance Form 31
EPFO claim

EPFO claim status

check your EPFO claim status you need to login to your EPFO portal.

there is an option to check your EPFO claim status.

epfo claim status
epfo claim status

checks whether the status is a settlement or in in the progress.

if it is in the progress you need to wait for 3 to 20 days from the date of application.

Why EPFO status is showing under processing more than 30 days?

there are multiple reasons for keeping your PF status under process. it will take from 3 to 20 days from the application.

if it takes more than 30 days then you need to call your EPF officer for clarifications.

or you can mail to the EPFO customer care email ID.

possible reasons for EPF under process:

you have not to mention correct details.

fake reason for claiming amount.


EPF is actually employees pension portal. if you want to check your EPF online, refer this blog to your friend. if you want to activate your UAN and if you want to know the process then you can share this article with your friends and family. let me know do you like this article or not in the comments below.

tally ERP 9 tutorial basic for beginners 2019

tally erp 9 tutorial

Tally ERP 9 tutorial is essential for making a career in accounting. Tally ERP 9 is the basic account management software which is used to manage your account on a daily basis. sometimes it is very hard to manage all your purchase entries, sale entries and tax entries and managing the balance sheet so, tally ERP 9 software will managers your all these things with a date by date function basis.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you basic tally ERP 9 tutorial operations which are daily use for your tally education. before you continue with your operations you need to know the basic function keys shortcuts which are provided below.

Types of accounts

1. Personal account

a person or a bank or a company or any organisation who is related to the bank that is come in under personal account this account can be of anything which can relate to the single or multiple entities.

For example personal account, ABC Bank account, private bank limited account.

2. Real account

The real account comes under certain assets which can be visible by the human eyes.

For example cash account furniture account purchase account

3. Nominal account

The nominal account is related to expenses losses and tax-related information which can be kept under normal account category.

Rules of account

1. Personal account


Debit the receiver Credit the giver


2. Real account


Debit what comes in Credit what goes out


3. Nominal account

Debit all expenses and losses Credit all income and gains


Terms used in accounting

  1. Debit if you sell any asset to some person or some entity from your business particulars then we can call this is a debit or we can enter this entry in the debit of the accounting type.

2. Credit if you have a sale or borrowed any asset to some person but if we have to receive that amount from a certain person then that amount should be entered in the credit accounting type category.

F2 if you want to enter the date directly then you can use f2 as a function key for entering date
F3/ALT F1 this key is used for the creation of a new company
F4 F4 used to show transfer amount from one bank to another bank only for cash and bank account
F5 F5 key is used to show whether your business account amount transfer to purchase an asset or assembling payment
F6 F6 key used to show whether the purchased item receipt has been received or not we can see by using f6 key
F7 if you want to make payment entry in your account can you F7
F8 borrowed sale item can be viewed by F8 key
F9 purchased item can be viewed by f9 purchase key


Tally ERP 9 tutorial

An opening account in tally ERP 9

if you want to open your own account in tally ERP 9 for managing your accounting details transfer amount, sales entries, purchase entries, TDS entries and balance sheet entries for that you can create a company by using alt F1 or F3 shortcut key.

company creation tally erp 9 tutorial
creating a company in tally ERP 9

if you want to create a new company then you use the shortcut key for creating a new company. Enter all the details and press enter to save your company details.

If you want to see the created company list then you can press alt + F1 together and you can see the company list in front of you.

2. Creating a ledger (Tally ERP 9 tutorial)

For creating ledger go to the account info then click on the ledger option. Then click on the create option.

For example, if I want to create an advertisement ledger then we can enter the name as add and then select the group as indirect expenses. After completion of the process, we need to accept the ledger and save it.

tally erp 9 tutorial ledger
ledger creation in tally ERP 9

if you want to make changes in any ledger then you can use ledger option and you can change the list of ledgers and all the details.

3. Creating voucher in tally ERP 9

Voucher is used for making purchase and sale entries in tally ERP 9.

For example, if we want to withdraw cash from the bank which is amounting of 20,000 then we need to select f4 as a key and then select cash account to bank account and enter the amount which you want to transfer.

tally tutorial pdf voucher creation
creating voucher in tally ERP 9

if you want to make a loan payment to ABC person which is amounting of 8000 then select cash account to a business loan account.

4. Creating stock item entry in accounting (Tally ERP 9 tutorial)

If you want to make entries with stock items available with our business then we need to make some entries in the tally accounting software which can contain a number of items available in which group under it contains and a number of unit measures.

stock entry tally tutorial
stock item entry in an account

Select inventory info then gents first need to make a unit of measure then enter the details and accept it.

If you want to make stock item stock item then create select the list of items from which you want to enter and then enter the detail of the stock item.

If you want to make any changes in the available entry in the stock item then you need to select alter and select the list of stock of items and you can make changes on it.

5. Payroll entry in the accounting(Tally ERP 9 tutorial)

Press f11 you need to go accounting feature the and more than one payroll or cost category then select an accept it.

you can see in the gateway of tally tab payroll info and payroll voucher section you need to select Payroll info and then you need to go to the employees you need to create employee enter the all the details of employee which you have with you and accept it.

payroll tally erp 9 tutorial
payroll creation in Tally ERP 9

if you want to generate the salary of the employee then you need to tell tally that under which head the pay is under coming.

For this we need to go to the pay heads in payroll sections then you need to create the salary info under which category of type it is under you need to select and then you need to accept it.

If you want to make any changes in the head then you can make changes in the payroll section.

If you want to generate salary of the employee then you need to select payroll under transaction section after selecting the payroll option you can enter the ATM and other contents of the salary of the employee and you can generate the salary.


tally ERP 9 is the best software to manage account details. with shortcut keys and within a few days you can completely learn basics of tally if you like this article you can also read this article.

mostly used and popular basic Linux commands for beginners with Linux commands list 2019

basic linux commands for beginners

Linux is the most powerful and most secure operating system in the world. If you are a computer user or if you are a program developer then you will surely know Linux word from anywhere. If yes and if you want to use Linux as your primary operating system then you must know Linux terminal CLI. The Linux terminal commands are a most important way to use Linux as your primary operating system and if you are a newbie or if you are a programmer then you must know this below commands in your Linux operating system.

These are the basic terminal commands which are very useful in your entire life.

ls(basic Linux commands)

This command is used to list files available in your Linux operating system. If you are in the root folder then you can type ls command in your terminal. you will see list of the files available in the root folder. For example: as you see in the image below I have entered ls command. it is showing currently available files in my root folder.

basic linux commands ls

cd(basic Linux commands)

If you want to change directory from the terminal then you can use cd(change directory) command in your terminal. For example, I have entered cd space change directory name as a command in the terminal the cursor route me to the new directory.

linux commands cd

ls -a(basic Linux commands)

If you want to show hidden files in the particular directory then you can use ls -a command to show hidden files in the particular directory. For example, I have typed ls -a command then it is showing me hidden files in the particular directory.

basic linux commands hide file
ls -a

man(basic Linux commands)

The man command is actually used for showing documentation of particular command for available application documentation. For example, I have typed man space man as a command it is showing man documentation in the terminal.

man documentation command basic


If you want to create a folder through terminal then you can use mkdir for creating directory or folder. This is a much faster way than creating a folder through the user interface.



If you want to move a certain file from one place to another place then you can use move command in your terminal.for example, as you can see I have put move space source directory space destination directory in the terminal then my file is moved to the new directory.

move basic linux commands


the rm command is used for removing files from a particular directory. For example, if you want to move this file from your degree then I have put rm space filename in the terminal that the file is got deleted.

basic commands remove


the rmdir command is used for removing the directory from a particular folder. for example, if you want to remove this folder from a specific folder then you can use rmdir space folder name in your terminal.

remove dir basic linux commands


The touch command is used for creating a particular text file DOC file or any text file using the terminal. For example I have entered touch space filename.txt then I entered then the text field is got created this is the fastest way from creating text file from the user interface.

touch linux


Clear command is used to clear the uncluttered data from the terminal. for example, as you can see in the below image there are multiple data on the terminal after putting clear command the terminal got cleared and as you can see terminal is showing a very clear way.



CP command is used to copy a file or directory folder from one from source to target. For example, as you can see in the image below I have typed CP space source space target name after entered the file is copied to the destination folder.

uname -srm

Uname -srm command is used to show the current Linux version.

check linux version
check Linux version


chown command transfers the ownership of a file to the user with the given user name.


chmod command is used for or transferring the permission of the specified file into as per read-write executive for set bit position.


locate command is used to search a particular file within a particular directory or particular whole system in the Linux operating system. for example in the terminal window, I have typed locate space filename after entering it will search the file and it will show the result where it is located.

Image result for locate linux command


the cat command is used for showing the contents of the particular file in the terminal it is the fastest procedure for showing the content in the terminal.



passwd the command is used for setting the new password to the current session or current user for example as I have typed passwd in the terminal window after that it will ask for current password and the new password you will see the result in the below image.



The su direction is utilized to turn into another client during a login session.



grep command is used for searching a particular text from a given file it will give you a result in the form of line number where you can find the selected text and it will give result in the terminal.

Image result for grep example

ifconfig eth0

this command is used for showing the current IP address of the system India Linux operating system.


The df (plate free) direction, when utilized with no alternatives, shows data about the absolute circle space, the plate space as of now being used, and the free space on all the mounted drives. In the event that a catalogue is determined, the data is restricted to the drive on which that index is found.


This exit command is used for exiting from the current window. for example, as you can see in the terminal window I have typed exit after that it will close the current window.

exit linux
exit linux


this command shows the history where which commands we have used previously in the terminal.


this command is used to kill the current process of the system.


Ping command is used for networking purpose. By using ping command you can see whether the particular host in reachable from your PC.

ping linux


the pwd command shows the current working directory.


the shutdown command is used to turn off your current system.



This command is used for remotely connecting to your destination host by using SSH space hostname.

Linux commands list

cat [filename]Display file’s contents to the standard output device
(usually your monitor).
cd /directorypathChange to directory.
chmod [options] mode filenameChange a file’s permissions.
chown [options] filenameChange who owns a file.
clearClear a command line screen/window for a fresh start.
cp [options] source destinationCopy files and directories.
date [options]Display or set the system date and time.
df [options]Display used and available disk space.
du [options]Show how much space each file takes up.
file [options] filenameDetermine what type of data is within a file.
find [pathname] [expression]Search for files matching a provided pattern.
grep [options] pattern [filesname]Search files or output for a particular pattern.
kill [options] pidStop a process. If the process refuses to stop, use kill -9 pid.
less [options] [filename]View the contents of a file one page at a time.
ln [options] source [destination]Create a shortcut.
locate filenameSearch a copy of your filesystem for the specified
lpr [options]Send a print job.
ls [options]List directory contents.
man [command]Display the help information for the specified command.
mkdir [options] directoryCreate a new directory.
mv [options] source destinationRename or move file(s) or directories.
passwd [name [password]]Change the password or allow (for the system administrator) to
change any password.
ps [options]Display a snapshot of the currently running processes.
pwdDisplay the pathname for the current directory.
rm [options] directoryRemove (delete) file(s) and/or directories.
rmdir [options] directoryDelete empty directories.
ssh [options] user@machineRemotely log in to another Linux machine, over the network.
Leave an ssh session by typing exit.
su [options] [user [arguments]]Switch to another user account.
tail [options] [filename]Display the last n lines of a file (the default is
tar [options] filenameStore and extract files from a tarfile (.tar) or tarball (.tar.gz or .tgz).
topDisplays the resources being used on your system. Press q to
touch filenameCreate an empty file with the specified name.
who [options]Display who is logged on.


this is basic Linux command list. you can use these commands to perform basic tasks through the terminal and make hands with Linux CLI. if you like this article you comment in the below section.

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how to make Aadhar card address change online? step by step process.

aadhar card address change online

Aadhar is a necessary record for each Indian resident to benefit any taxpayer-driven organization. making any kind of public return and for identity and evidentiary reasons. Imagine a situation where you need to change the address of your Aadhar card online. Indeed, UIDAI has given you this office as of now. You can use the following methods to get Aadhar Address Change process online.

Above all, since the Aadhar on- change procedure, UIDAI has implemented a few changes. This update process is provided for the AAdhar Card Address change in 2019.

Aadhar card address change online process(Document uploading):

1: Visit and click on update your address online in the update Aadhar section. website home page aadhar address change aadhar card address change online
UIDAI home page Aadhar address change

2: If you have your phone number enrolled with UIDAI, you will be redirected to the other UIDAI page as you can see in the picture below, here is the twist.

Therefore, if you do not have a mobile number with you. you can submit a letter of validation of the Aadhar address update (i.e. the letter of validation of the Aadhar address is used for approval only).

If you have a mobile number, just press Proceed to update Address Button.

aadhar card address change online update
change of address home page

3: Enter your 12-digit UID, fill in the captcha, then click the OTP button to enter the OTP address you were sent to.

update address
update address

you will be redirected to above-given screen click on the Update address via address proof button.

4: After that, click on the Update address via address proof button and fill the correct address you want and as per given on your government document.

Note: Please enter only given address available on the government document.

insert record
insert record UIDAI address change

5: confirm the terms and conditions and then upload the scanned colour document given by UIDAI list.

However, Here is the list of documents you can upload for proof of address(POA):

document list
document list for proof of address
submit document alter address
submit a document

6: That’s it, you’ve updated your address by uploading the document file. There’s a different way to get it accomplished by applying for an address validation letter.

Aadhar card address change online process(Request for Aadhar address validation letter)

similarly, you don’t have any government document proof for the address then you can request for this letter and you can get it to verify.

  1. Visit and enter your Aadhar number, fill in the captcha and get it to verify by OTP(one time pin).
  2. After that, Enter your 12 digit UID and click on send the request.
  3. You will obtain SRN via post/courier with some verification code after you can follow the same method as above and update correct address information.
validation letter
validation letter homepage

Aadhar card address change online process(in the enrollment centre)

similarly, if the above two methods won’t work with you then you can visit the nearest enrollment centre. you need to fill this correction form and submit it along with valid documents.

enrollment centre aadhar card address change online
enrollment centre homepage

In other words, you can search nearest enrollment centre by state, PIN code or search box.


addition to this UIDAI is providing e-Aadhar softcopy can also be downloaded. You can get your virtual ID or eID if you lost it.

As a consequence, Aadhar correction is also made at registration offices.

 its correction process will certainly continue to save you time by avoiding going to registration facilities.

in conclusion, how’s this article you like?

so, Let me understand below in the comment section. You can contact us if you have any question regarding this article. Thank you for having a good day to read!

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