how to make Aadhar card address change online? step by step process.

Aadhar is a necessary record for each Indian resident to benefit any taxpayer-driven organization. making any kind of public return and for identity and evidentiary reasons. Imagine a situation where you need to change the address of your Aadhar card online. Indeed, UIDAI has given you this office as of now. You can use the following methods to get Aadhar Address Change process online.

Above all, since the Aadhar on- change procedure, UIDAI has implemented a few changes. This update process is provided for the AAdhar Card Address change in 2019.

Aadhar card address change online process(Document uploading):

1: Visit and click on update your address online in the update Aadhar section. website home page aadhar address change aadhar card address change online
UIDAI home page Aadhar address change

2: If you have your phone number enrolled with UIDAI, you will be redirected to the other UIDAI page as you can see in the picture below, here is the twist.

Therefore, if you do not have a mobile number with you. you can submit a letter of validation of the Aadhar address update (i.e. the letter of validation of the Aadhar address is used for approval only).

If you have a mobile number, just press Proceed to update Address Button.

aadhar card address change online update
change of address home page

3: Enter your 12-digit UID, fill in the captcha, then click the OTP button to enter the OTP address you were sent to.

update address
update address

you will be redirected to above-given screen click on the Update address via address proof button.

4: After that, click on the Update address via address proof button and fill the correct address you want and as per given on your government document.

Note: Please enter only given address available on the government document.

insert record
insert record UIDAI address change

5: confirm the terms and conditions and then upload the scanned colour document given by UIDAI list.

However, Here is the list of documents you can upload for proof of address(POA):

document list
document list for proof of address
submit document alter address
submit a document

6: That’s it, you’ve updated your address by uploading the document file. There’s a different way to get it accomplished by applying for an address validation letter.

Aadhar card address change online process(Request for Aadhar address validation letter)

similarly, you don’t have any government document proof for the address then you can request for this letter and you can get it to verify.

  1. Visit and enter your Aadhar number, fill in the captcha and get it to verify by OTP(one time pin).
  2. After that, Enter your 12 digit UID and click on send the request.
  3. You will obtain SRN via post/courier with some verification code after you can follow the same method as above and update correct address information.
validation letter
validation letter homepage

Aadhar card address change online process(in the enrollment centre)

similarly, if the above two methods won’t work with you then you can visit the nearest enrollment centre. you need to fill this correction form and submit it along with valid documents.

enrollment centre aadhar card address change online
enrollment centre homepage

In other words, you can search nearest enrollment centre by state, PIN code or search box.


addition to this UIDAI is providing e-Aadhar softcopy can also be downloaded. You can get your virtual ID or eID if you lost it.

As a consequence, Aadhar correction is also made at registration offices.

 its correction process will certainly continue to save you time by avoiding going to registration facilities.

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