Ecourt services: how to check court case status? in 2020

Have you wondered to check court case status online? in India there are more than 1 crore cases are successfully completed and win and many cases are dismissed.

The high court, supreme court, and district level courts many cases are going and closed every day.

so the party needs to visit every time to the respective courts to know the case status,

either they can get case status from there advocates but advocate also visits to the courts to check their case status.

recently government of india with the supreme and high court they have provided online portal to check case status.

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by visiting you can check your case status. this facility available for advocates, the party(petitioner, respondent) and for general people.

how to check court case status step by step

you need to visit this website is ofiicial govermnet of india website underMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India.

court case status
court case status ecourt services

if you are frequent visitor of this portal you can use android/IOS app to check case status.

you can download eCourts Services app by visiting respective android/apple smartphone category.

after vising above website select option case status. you need to select your state and district. select court complex on which court your case is going on.

court case status
select state

now there are several options are given to check case status by:

  • party name
  • case number
  • filing number
  • advocate name
  • FIR number
  • Act
  • case type
court case status
court case status

suppose if we take example to check case status by case number. you need to enter case number select case type and case commencement year.

fill the capcha and click on go.

you will see below window will open. case type/number/year you will also see petitioner or respondent name .

you need to click on the view. you will get case status whether next hearing date case disposed or pending.

if you want to see case on your smartphone you can watch below youtube video:


this is the way where you can easily check your online case status. let me know in the comment section below which mode you have used for checking case status.

let me know in the comment section do you like this blog? thank you for reading my blog.

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