EPFO? UAN activation process, PF claim status, PF balance check ultimate guide!!

EPFO stands for employees provident organisation of India. EPFO provides services like employees provident fund, pension scheme and then insurance companies provident fund in the all over India.

the person is employed in the organised person in India otherwise in the outside of the India which is signed by the agreement of Indian labour law are eligible for EPFO scheme.

at the time of salary credited in your account, a certain amount of 12% of your CTC(cost to company) it will convert it to the EPF. which is agreed to provide the full amount at or after your retirement of this age of 60

EPFO also provide some amount of percentage on which you can get the savings can easily increase your passbook amount which is very useful for your after retirement age.

here is the list of frequently asked questions and the procedure of common question like:

  • easily check your passbook online
  • how to create EPF passbook
  • How to check your passbook amount without UAN number
  • how to create EPF account
  • how to create your EPF UAN number
  • UAN registration

whenever you have employed in any of the organisation then you need too much filled EPF form that is known for a provident fund form if you have your income below Rs 15000/-

availing this facility you will have to decrease in the salary of the 12% of your CTC. it will be contributed as your pensioner’s amount/PF amount.

so it will also give you some percentage of the interest on your 12% amount by quarterly or yearly.

The procedure of UAN activation

so for activation of your EPF UAN(universal account number) number, you need to first fill the UAN registration form( avail this from your employer)

after filling the UAN registration form your employer or your company submit an application to EPFO office and proceeds next.

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successful submission EPFO will allocate you one UAN number that UAN number you need to activate by following ways:

you must first visit EPFO website.

next, you need to click on the For employees online link(see the image below).

UAN activation process epf
UAN activation process

you need to enter your personal as well as your whole information with your date of birth your name your current address your company’s name.

Enter Details
UAN activation process 2

after that, you will get one SMS which is sent to your registered mobile number it includes your password and OTP number that OTP number have to enter in your OTP section of the website.

after that, within 6 to 10 hour your UAN will get activated and you can able to see your passbook as well as your employers and employee contribution amount.

after next 6 to 10 hours you should log in your EPF account for login details. you can use your UAN number as your account login/email id and password.

pf balance check number

to check your PF balance employee can do it in three ways:

visiting the EPF official website

to check your PF balance online you need to visit this website.

after that open website redirects to the login page you can enter your UAN number and your given password after that you will log in to your portal.

epf balance check
epf balance check

you can select your employer’s member ID on your company’s name after the right-hand side you can see download EPF balance check your EPF balance and show your passbook.

this way you can download and you can view your EPF balance.


to check your EPF balance through SMS to must register your mobile number with your UAN in EPFO system.

to send SMS or to check your EPF balance used to send SMS by for language

epf balance check
sms epf balance check

By miss call

check your EPF balance by using given miscall you need to do miscall from your mobile number and you can check your pension your EPF balance

epf balance check
miss call epf balance check

By Umang(official government of India multiservice app)

in the 2018 Government of India have launched Umang app which is provided many of the Government of India public services in the one official app.

by downloading this app from your app Store Play Store you can check there is one option EPFO service.

just click on the EPF service after that click on the EPF balance check it will check your balance and give your result

Click on EPFO Option
Umag app

select “Employee Centric Services”

Select Employee Centric Services
Umang app

click on view passbook

View Passbook
Umag app EPF check

pf claim online

PF has been made by the government of India then it is stated that all the amount will be transferable only after your retirement or at the pensioner’s side.

before you know PF claim status online there are the some of the rules/guidelines you need to follow and you must know:

  • if you are unemployed for more than 2 months then only you can apply for 100% PF withdrawal.
  • Provident fund money cannot be withdrawn if you are an employee and if you want to take full money amount. only 10% is your only partial amount will be approved.
  • if your claim amount is more than 50000 and if you not given your pan then there will be tax applicable at the 10% of TDS and if you are not given your panda tax will be applicable at 30% off the TDS.
  • nowadays employee does not need to wait for an employee to upload approved your PF claim EPF can be directly withdrawn from the buyer request.

how to claim EPF online

you need to visit the EPFO portal online

and left inside there is an option for employees on the for employees and select the option.

Select Member UAN Service
epfo claim

this page redirects you to the login window of EPFO portal login with your UAN and password.

after that, there is an option KYC. make sure that you enter all the details correct after that click on the save button and there is option claim.

Select KYC Option
epfo claim

Click on the claim form 10c and answer that your other number your bank details are entered correctly if it is not correct it and click on save button.

Click on Claim Form
epfo claim
  • You will be redirected to a new webpage with an automatically generated “ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31, 19 & 10C)” form.
  • You need to enter the Last 4 digits of your registered bank account number and verify the same.
Enter Bank Account Number
epfo claim last step

by the next, it will take around 3 to 20 days by the giving request by submission choose the reason properly if you want to claim your EPF without any hesitation.

PF Advance Form 31
EPFO claim

EPFO claim status

check your EPFO claim status you need to login to your EPFO portal.

there is an option to check your EPFO claim status.

epfo claim status
epfo claim status

checks whether the status is a settlement or in in the progress.

if it is in the progress you need to wait for 3 to 20 days from the date of application.

Why EPFO status is showing under processing more than 30 days?

there are multiple reasons for keeping your PF status under process. it will take from 3 to 20 days from the application.

if it takes more than 30 days then you need to call your EPF officer for clarifications.

or you can mail to the EPFO customer care email ID.

possible reasons for EPF under process:

you have not to mention correct details.

fake reason for claiming amount.


EPF is actually employees pension portal. if you want to check your EPF online, refer this blog to your friend. if you want to activate your UAN and if you want to know the process then you can share this article with your friends and family. let me know do you like this article or not in the comments below.

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