Google STADIA!! next-generation gaming!!

Google STADIA is a cloud gaming service provided by Google for hardcore gamers. Google has announced this cloud gaming service in 2019. Moto behind the launching of this game service is that everyone has does not have the ability to purchase and giving equipment like graphics cards and gaming console.


So everyone can easily play high-end gaming with only a minimal amount. For using Google stadia services you required high-speed internet connection. Google STADIA is providing services high-quality gaming with 4K full HD and 8k resolution video quality. There are about more than 10 to 15 games has already been listed in the Google STADIA services. You can play a Doom then GTA v like games with high-quality video streaming service.

Google also launched a gaming console which supports Wi-Fi connection directly to the cloud. means you can directly connect your gaming console with data centre servers.

But the question is how you can play high-end games with only an internet connection?

Google has tied up with AMD. Google has established data centres for storing games that support higher CPU and GPU performance. Google is using AMD Radeon graphics for next-level gaming and faster processing of the games they are using very high-end processes like Intel and AMD processor. So you just need to sit back and relax and you can enjoy playing your game.

Google STADIA hardware configuration, controller specifications

Google STADIA cloud gaming service can support from 720p, full HD 1080p, 4K and 8k resolutions. for 720p and 1080p full HD gaming service, you required 20 megabits per second internet connection for 4K you required 35 megabits per second internet connection.

Google stadia hardware configuration
Google stadia hardware configuration

they have set up several data centres for installation of games and smooth playback of games. where it has tied up with AMD for RADEON like graphics has a memory from 1GB to 8GB and the graphics reading is very faster than any other competitor. For processing purpose, Google has tied up with AMD processors and Intel processor with very high end faster gaming processor gaming will be much faster than any other slower processor.

Google study of controller specifications

 google stadia controller
Google STADIA Controller

Google STADIA controller is a unique console where you can find a connection with STADIA server and console via a Wi-Fi link. you can connect your console and your Google STADIA service with high-end hardware inside the console with built-in YouTube and built-in Assistant support. Google console has a very unique feature like low latency. your gameplay will be very much faster and action will be much faster than any other gaming consoles. if you have found any problem while playing giving you can pause that game and you can ask the Google assistant for any query or any problem how to go ahead in the game and how to handle the situation in the Google Assistant and YouTube will collaboratively work and you will provide the better result with the Google console.

 Google  video streaming feature
Google stadia video streaming feature

google STADIA release date

Google STADIA cloud gaming service currently is in the beta stage. In the United States Google has already announced these gaming services. there are more than 10 to 15 games currently supported in the Google STADIA streaming. Globally it is possible that by the end of 2019 Google STADIA will be releasing a stable version of the Google cloud gaming service. But currently, it is available in the beta stage. You can check out with this official URL.

launch date
Google STADIA launch

google STADIA controller price

this controller has several features as it can directly connect with your assistant. it has integrated YouTube support. the controller is manufactured with very high-end hardware quality whereas you can get very low latency for playing the game when you play the game you will feel that when you press any button it will within a fraction of second it will push the content of your video game to the next frame. So, as you can see it has several features show it has priced around 69 dollars.

google STADIA games

In this gaming list, there are more than 10 to 15 games are currently available. but these games are supported by beta versions only. You can see the below image for reference.

game list
STADIA game list

google STADIA competitors

Microsoft has already announced its Xbox for cloud gaming service and Sony has already done some changes in the PS4 for making their controller and their service in the cloud. So we can think that this service is already in the background of the racing and it has a very high competition to sustain in the market. but this service is doing something different from Xbox and PS4 by providing gaming at a very low price and it can play games very high quality and very smooth experience.

google STADIA careers

As you already know that it is in currently in the beta stage. so they required some developers and some tester for the job. you can go to the official website and you can apply for your job on this website. link is:

if you like the article you can watch the youtube video for more reference



Google STADIA is a very great gaming platform for playing the high-end game means with 4K and 8k resolution. it is having very competitive pricing and it can support multiple games like doom then GTA v and you can play this games home very a great video and audio quality. you just required Chrome browser in your smartphone or desktop and you should have a stable internet connection of 25 megabits or 20 megabits. if you are using full HD then you required 20 megabits internet connection or if you are playing games with 4K resolution then you have required 35 megabits per second internet connection. But in the future 8k resolution will also come in the support. Google console price in also very less where you can play your games with very professionally by using this controller. Google is providing very high-quality hardware and AMD Radeon like graphics so you can imagine how you are giving level experience would be.

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