google maps tips and tricks, useful features- live view, commute, real-time location sharing

Google launched Google maps in 2005. it has very basic features at the time of the launch. but in the current 2019, there are lots of amazing and hidden features introduced as well as google maps tips and tricks also introduced.

as well as some of the cool tips and tricks which are very helpful for your daily travel life which gives you Google map very easily.

Basically, when Google maps have launched it is only used for giving direction purpose. but its latest augmented reality features then directions features, real-time location sharing pictures and favourites feature nearby searching feature as well as offline map saving features.

which gives you some of the amazing software and one of the most famous and one of the most trustable software which is given by Google has named as Google maps.

So here are the top 8 list features which are currently used in 2019 those are below listed:

1. Google maps live view

Google has recently announced in the beta version in the August 2019 the concept called live view.

The logic behind the Live View is that if you have a smartphone camera then Google maps open your smartphone camera to show your real-time live location directly with the augmented reality support. with the maps with your current location. this is cool google maps tips and tricks.

google maps tips and tricks
Google maps live view

You see in the image below Google maps live view option is shown with the very big Arrow that you need to turn in this direction. this augmented reality cool features keep at the top of the augmented reality apps.

This feature works really cool that if you hold your camera at any position of after location then it will found out and it will show you current direction towards your destination.

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The live view at option is currently in beta stage and actually installed in the Google Pixel smartphone which is owned by Google itself.

if you have Google pixel smartphone you need to update your Google maps application it will show you live view option on the right side of your menu.

by bringing to the next updates it will be soon available in the meaning of the countries but currently, it is the only level in the sum of the given countries but it is available in the beta stage.

2. Live location sharing on Google maps

Sharing the live location of self in Google maps is another cool feature.

To share your location in the Google maps you need to open Google maps and select the hamburger menu option.

There you will find live location option first make sure that your Google maps application is updated.

by tapping the live location menu you will find you need to share your live location which your friend’s colleagues address with your family members.

google maps tips and tricks location sharing
live location sharing

there are many options like up to what time you want to share, your maximum sharing time (up to 72 hours).

you can share your live location with your friends and your colleagues there is also the availability of the ETA and public transport.

in public transport, if travelling from station A to station B by public transport and someone wants to know your public transport location.

as well as next top availability time then you can share your location by ETA so the other person can know your public transport location as well as you are also able to know that what will be the next stop.

but currently, this feature is available in the sum of the locations like metropolitan cities as well as developed and undeveloped countries.

3. Download maps for offline use

if you are travelling to the rural area where internet connection is not available then Google maps are having the facility to provide certain area maps for the download offline.

and sometimes you can use this map as a navigation to the destination.

For using maps offline feature you need to search for the particular area then you need to scroll down by the navigation menu and there you will find download offline map option but make sure that you have sufficient amount of internet data because it will take around 100MB to download certain maps data.

google maps tips and tricks download maps
download offline google maps

Previously Google maps offline feature is only an allowed to download area about 60 MB.

but later after update of the Google maps in 2019, it has increased the size up to 90 MB believe me that Google maps offline download feature it will take around 2 to 3 hours of street view data and it will show on your maps.

This is one of the coolest features I have seen in the Google maps so you can use it in the not availability of internet connection.

4. At which time your favourite place will be crowded

There are sometimes you need to visit some places but you even don’t know that at which time your place will be crowded and at which time your place will be e not so much crowded.

Google maps having some of the coolest features like if you want to visit some of the popular places in your city or in your area then Google maps will provide you efficient and correct details at what time the place will be having crowded.

It will be helpful if someone visiting at this place that you might be aware of first that this place will be crowded at this time and it will not be so much crowd at this time

Full looking at this feature you need to search for the particular place then scroll down to the reviews are at the top of the reboot you will find that by the day you will see at which time the place will be crowded and at which time it will be relief free.

google maps busy timings
busy timings

the actual data is collected from different users so it will be might some affected but at the efficient time it will also be useful for your daily routine

5. Using commute feature ( amazing google maps tips and tricks )

recently Google maps have released Google maps commute feature. which is very much useful if you’re travelling through the busy traffic roads or if your daily travelling at the time where the traffic is the most insane at the busy hours.

So the commute feature works like that it will tell you before you are going to work. it will check the traffic in your home to the work area and it will now what will be the best available route as we write at what time you need to start your bike or your car.

Google compute feature is so smart that if you are leaving your workplace by 5 o’clock then it will check your work to home traffic after 4:00 p.m. and it will know at what time and how much time it will take you to reach your home.

google maps tips and tricks commute maps
google maps commute

Before start using the Google compute feature, you need to set your home address as well as work address in your commute tab.

every new day will open it will check your traffic after the correct in the commute tab. so that first check the traffic and you’re easily go to your office by using only Google computer tab.

6. Exploring your neighbourhood by street view

Google map Street view is the another best option for if you want to take a picnic or take your spot where you need to spend your two to three days holidays.

but in between them you need to take some surprise and if you want to find some museums for the search for the wonders of nature then Google maps street view is the another best option.

Google map Street view provides you with the real-life outside area whether you are going by your car or by going your bike.

Google maps street view is only available in certain countries because Google map heaven cover all the world why Google Streetmap.

If you want to plan to use Google maps state feature. You are standing and. You need to go it will show it by the rope it is so interesting he will see it is very good features.

to use google maps street view feature you need to select the area where you want to go and in between them at the right side of the directions button will find there is one man standing and this man you need to drag and drop at the place so that after that Google map Street view feature will be enabled.

7. Plotting multiple stops

Suppose you want to go from Chicago to New York. in between the journey of the Chicago to New York you want to make a stop so for lunch or dinner or some other activities.

But you don’t want to disturb your Google maps direction on navigation feature it should be stopped or it should take a pause by taking Google maps to stop option.

multiple stop google maps
multiple stops maps

then in between them after taking direction feature you can select your starting point as a destination.

After that it after taking the destination your fuel feed there is 3 dots option in between them there you can find add stop option so take your time to select your favourite.

Where you can stop and enjoy your dinner or party after that you can take the route to your final destination

In the plotting of the multiple stops you can select up to 10 stops where you can find your destination point and in between them if you want to change the stop

if you want to change second stop to first or fifth stop to the third then you can change it by only for keeping up and down so that Google maps will calculate and finalize your total destination kilometre or unit.

8. Selecting the parking location

Google maps are showing you the direction from your source to the destination but in between didn’t if you want to stop your bike or car for some time then it will be very difficult in the new area or surroundings for finding where is your car or bike is parked.

So inter parking feature of the Google maps, you can save your parked bike or car destination by tapping your current location it will show your self-parking option so that you can save your parking and after that, you can go anywhere where you want to go.

Google maps will save your parking location up to 1 year for that whenever you are coming back to your bike it will not much possible that you will forget your past or current location Google maps will take your responsibility of that and after that, you can reach your destination.


Google maps are unbelievable and wonders of the different technologies software. there are lots of improvements has been happened after Google maps have been released so if you like any of the Google maps feature above all of the points then you can let me know in the comment below

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