Recommended guide on how to hide WiFi SSID? connect hidden WiFi?

many times you don’t want to show your wifi coverage, WiFi SSID and WiFi signals to some strangers.

some people try to make unauthorised activity from WiFi or doing non-sensible transactions.

open WiFi signals and not secured WiFi signals leads to malfunction your wifi router and leads to security flaws.

how to hide WiFi SSID
how to hide WiFi SSID

so it is always recommended to secure your WiFi password with WPA2 like strong security algorithms. to set the wifi password and keeping password strong.

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so in this post, I am going to share you how you can hide your WiFi SSID or WiFiname. also, you can get how to hide broadcasting signals of your WiFi SSID.

how to hide WiFi SSID

there are different routers available in the market so as per router company guideline you can find the procedure for hiding SSID:


you need to Open web address from a browser. Enter “admin” into the “User Name” and “Password” fields to log in to your router.

 linksys hide ssid
linksys hide ssid
  • Select “Wireless,”
  • then “Basic Wireless Settings” from the menus.
  • Set “SSID Broadcast” to “Disabled” (if your router operates on a dual-band, do this for both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz configurations).
  • Click “Save Settings” to hide your SSID.

Netgear( hide WiFi SSID )

 netgear hide ssid
netgear hide ssid
  • you need to open from a browser. Enter “admin” into the “User Name” field and “password” into the “Password” field to log in.
  • Select “Wireless Settings” from under Advanced in the left pane and then uncheck “Enable SSID Broadcast”.
  • Click “Apply” to save your changes.


dlink hide ssid
  • you need to open from a web browser.
  • Select “Admin” from the “User Name” drop-down menu, leave the Password field blank and then click “Log In.”
  • Select “Setup,”
  • then “Wireless Settings” from the menus. Click “Manual Wireless Network Setup.”
  • Change “Visibility Status” to “Invisible,” or check “Enable Hidden Wireless,”
  • and then click “Save Settings” to hide the SSID.


belkin hide ssid
belkin hide ssid
  • you need to open from a browser.
  • Click “Login,” leave the Password field blank and then click “Submit.”
  • Select “Channel and SSID” from under Wireless in the left pane
  • and then clear the “Broadcast SSID” checkbox.
  • Click “Apply Changes” to prevent the Belkin from displaying the SSID.

Iball routers

  • you need to open in any browser and enter the username as admin and password as admin by default if you have not changed.
  • Go To Network Setup>Wireless
  • Disable the WPS, Enter the SSID (Broadcast name of your WiFi), in Authentication Mode you can select WEP 64bit or WEP 128bit.
    And match the following settings shown in the picture.

these are the steps where you can find how to hide SSID/broadcasting of wifi signals.

iBall Router hide ssid
iBall Router hide ssid

MI router

  • visit
  • enter your admin password
  • go to settings wifi settings and click on hide network.
Mi hide ssid
Mi hide ssid

How to connect a hidden WiFi network?

connecting to the hidden wifi is not a difficult task. a fair steps will make you connect to your hidden WiFi.

make sure you have:

  • SSID (hidden SSID)
  • Security Type
  • Security Key
  • EAP Method (if using WPA2-Enterprise AES security type)
  1. Open ‘Settings
  2. Go to ‘Network and Internet’.
  3. Select ‘Wi-Fi’ from the left menu.
  4. Click on ‘Manage Known Networks
  5. Now click on ‘Add a new network
  6. Enter the SSID, choose the security type and enter your password.
  7. Select ‘Connect Automatically’ if you want to connect to this network whenever available.


these are the basic steps to connect to hidden wifi and hide SSID. let me know in the comment section below whats do you think about this blog. thank you for reading this blog.

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