How to hide photos, videos inside the calculator?

Hiding photos or videos from the gallery or file manager is very crucial task nowadays. App lock is available on the play store but their security can easily bypass with only one trick. so, have you ever think that you can hide your photos, videos and files inside the calculator?


Yes, it is possible with calculator vault app.this app is available on the play store. you can download this app by using this link.

If you have any personal photos, videos or file that you want to hide. you are thinking of that this photos or videos or any files should not be visible to friends and family members then this app is matches your requirements.

Before continue, I must tell you that why I choose this app to hide photos videos or any files. any human mind can’t think of that photos or videos or files cannot be hidden inside the calculator. Yes, this trick can be helpful for the long-term hiding of your photos.

Step by step process for hiding photos videos or any files inside the calculator

  • download calculator vault-app from play store or you can download this app by using this link.
Calculator Vault play store
Calculator Vault play store
  • at the first time of launch, the app will ask you to enter the password by which you can enter the UI where you can enter the app where you can hide your photos or videos or any file inside the calculator.
  • After entering the password it will ask you some recovery question. Carefully take recovery question if you forget your password for your gallery.
password setup hide images inside calculator
password setup
  • you can see the below screen. It is only showing pure calculator app. you can do one thing before using this calculator app you can hide or deactivate systems calculator app for your security purpose.
hide photos, videos inside the calculator add
calculator UI
  • try to make some calculations, to make sure calculator really works or not. Enter your created password at the time of launch of the application.
  • it will take you to the next screen which you can show in the below image.
  • it will ask you to add some files photos or videos which you want to hide.
hide photos, calculator UI
calculator gallery
  • after adding photos videos or any file it will wipe out from the gallery and it will be securely stored inside the calculator vault app.
  • just close the app and you can see whether the photos videos or any file is hidden from the gallery or not.
  • if you want to unhide photos videos or any file you just enter the password from the calculator UI and click on the image and select the unhide. it will be restored back into your gallery.
hide photos, videos inside the calculator unhide option
gallery unhide option

for your convenience purpose, there is unlock with fingerprint option is given. you can open calculator vault gallery by a fingerprint sensor.

uninstall protection option also provided where if anyone tries to uninstall the app it will not able to do it without permission.

recovery option is provided if you lost or forget your password you can safely receive a password on your registered mail ID.

calculator vault features
calculator vault features

This app really works like a charm. I am using this application from last least one year and till now there is no problem I have faced from it.

this app is really secure it will do not bypass any security and it will completely secure and hide your photos videos or any file inside your calculator vault app.


in conclusion, this app is really helpful if you want to hide any personal or very important images, videos, a document from your colleagues or friends. Your friend or your family member should not have a tendency that calculator can hide photos videos for files inside on it.

Please note if you don’t want to use the calculator vault app for hiding any image video or a file.

if you use this app previously before uninstalling this app you just restore your image video or file into your gallery or file manager.

just go to your calculator your enter your password restore it. after that, you can uninstall the application.

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