How to Repair USB drive in windows 10?

The USB drive is an essential part of daily life for carrying data anywhere. The USB drive/SD card is so small that it can carry thousands of photos, music videos in your single small chip. what will you do if your USB flash drive /SD card gets corrupted? in this article, I will share some of the proven ways of how to repair corrupted USB drive /SD card in your PC with Windows 10?

before continuing this I will suggest you check whether USB drive/SD card physically damaged or not. if this is physically damaged then there is no meaning in repairing USB drive/SD card.

Check corrupted USB drive/SD card is physically damaged or not

  • open My Computer in your WIndows 10
  • right-click on your USB drive/SD card then go to properties
  • you can see the following window
USB drive physical damage
USB drive physical damage check
  • Click on the check button in the Tools tab
  • after clicking on the check button it will start scanning your USB drive/ SD card disk errors.
usb drive scan
USB drive physical damage scan
  • once this is done if your USB drive/SD card gets repaired then there might system file error it solved by windows itself
  • if not then you need to follow the next step.

repair corrupted USB drive/SD card changing the drive letter and formatting

  • right-click on my computer icon then click on manage
  • Click on disk management and wait for few seconds to load virtual disk
  • right-click on a USB drive and select Change Drive Letter And Paths
usb drive letter change
USB drive letter change
  • Click the drive and select Change from the drop-down
  • click ok
  • select corrupted USB drive then right click format
  • click restore device default in window
  • click start to begin format you can uncheck if you want your drive to be format quickly
  • if you want corrupted drive should be format deeply then you can check the checkbox
  • if it successfully formats the drive then your drive successfully repaired.

repair corrupted USB drive/SD card through Windows 10 CMD

this process will format your corrupted USB drive/SD card forcefully by giving some CMD commands.

in this process, we will use windows CMD application.

  • connect your corrupted USB drive/SD card to your Windows 10 PC
  • go to your start menu and then type CMD
  • right-click on the CMD and select Run as Administrator
cmd usb repair
cmd USB repair
  • type diskpart and press enter
  • type list disk and then press enter you will all the disk which is present on your computer
  • type select disk (your USB drive/SD card) number of your USB drive/SD card. (i.e please select proper disk number otherwise you will lose internal hard drive partition
usb reapir cmd 2
USB repair cmd 2
  • then type clean and press enter
  • moving forward if your drive cleaned successfully then type create partition primary and press enter
  • then type active and press enter
  • Type select partition 1 and press enter
  • Type format fs=fat32 and press enter. it will take some minutes to format your corrupted drive.

if all the process successfully completed then you can start using your drive.

usb reapir suceess
USB repair success

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How to use a USB drive(pen drive) as a RAM?

USB flash is very much useful in many ways. you can store data, play music videos and do lots of other things. it is also possible to use a USB drive as a RAM in your device.

if you love to play games with graphics settings then you will surely get this problem once a while of low memory.

following are the steps:

  • Insert your USB drive into a USB port. Right-click on the USB drive then there should be an option in the menu that appears that says, “Speed Up My System” that will allow you to enable ReadyBoost.
  • Click the “ReadyBoost” tab.
ram for readyboost
ram for ReadyBoost
  • To use the entire flash drive to increase RAM, click “Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost.”

How to encrypt USB drive? | How to secure USB drive using a password?

Method: encrypt using Bitlocker Windows

if you have very sensitive information and you are carrying it. then it must be securely protected by either using password or encryption key.

in the windows operating system, there is only a proven way of keeping USB drive secure is using Bitlocker.

there are much other software is also available in the market but it is not guaranteed that they make your USB drive secure completely.

following are the steps:

  • Right-click on the USB drive and click Turn On BitLocker
turn on bitlocker
turn on BitLocker
  • then you have an option how you want to open your drive via password pr smartcard. you can choose a password for personal purpose.
protect usb drive
protect USB drive
  • then you need to choose how you want to save your backup key/Recovery key if your password is forgotten.
recovery key save
recovery key save
  • depending upon you where you can save your key in Microsoft account or in some hard drive. Microsoft account takes only a few minutes to recover a key.
encrypt drive
encrypt drive
  • you can select how much space you want in the drive and then click on ok.
encryption complete
encryption complete
  • next time whenever you plug your USB drive in the computer it will prompt with a password so you can make sure that.
  • Before making any kind of encryption make sure that you are using windows PC. if you trying to open it into the Linux OS then it will create problem while opening it because the USB drive is encrypted with the Windows encryption procedure.
  • if you want to stop using BitLocker then you can right-click on the drive and select manage Bitlocker.
  • turn off BitLocker and click ok.
  • you can also change the password in the manage BitLocker if you feel your password is weak.


Every time it is not possible to go to the service centre of the corrupted USB drive or SD card. these simple steps where you can follow for good wearing of your corrupted USB drive or SD card.

if you find any problem or any error during calling the steps you can commit in the below section. If you like this article you can share this article with your friends and family.

Thank you for reading the post have a nice day.

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