How to install ubuntu on windows 10? Ultimate guide!! in 4 easy steps!

Ubuntu operating system is one of the most famous OS among the developers and testers. so many developers required to install Ubuntu on Windows 10. It is an open-source operating system and support is fully functional and it’s very secure also.

in the world, more than 50% of the computer users are using windows. but sometimes for many users, there is a need that Ubuntu should be installed alongside windows 10 in the dual boot form.

so in this article, I am going to share the fully functional and latest procedure for how to install in dual boot mode Ubuntu 18.4/19.02 LTS with windows 10.

before you continue with the following article you must consider the following things:

backup your Windows 10 OS. it might be problematic in between if your system gets stuck it will be difficult to recover.

make a free space for Ubuntu

let’s say that you have 200GB total space available in the system and I have created 80GB space for the windows 10 and the rest of the space I want to create for the Ubuntu operating system for installation purposes.

for making free space Ubuntu only supports UEFI file system separate drive. and windows only support the NTFS drive system and in the windows, there is a fat and NTFS file system available.

Also read:

since the windows operating system doesn’t support UEFI partition so for that you need to create separate unallocated space, windows usually don’t support it.

for this process click on the start button and search for the disk management option.

install Ubuntu on windows 10 disk management
Disk management

in the disk management option, you will see there are lots of space that has been taken by the windows 10. for Ubuntu select drive you want to make partition just click right click on that and select shrink volume.

you can put the rest of the setting as it is and at the time of installation, Ubuntu will select it. this step for install Ubuntu on Windows 10.

install Ubuntu on windows 10 shrink
shrink volume

disable fast startup in the windows 10 to make install Ubuntu on Windows 10

For installing any Linux version like Kali Linux, Ubuntu or Fedora it is optional that windows 10 for a fast startup/secure boot should be disabled.

there is a not a major reason for disabling windows startup because Microsoft recently announced in the windows 8 and windows 10 fast startup option.

windows operating system previously takes a lot of time to boot. So at the time of shutdown windows operating systems saves some of the information in the catching memory.

so it will resume or when it will start the next time it will take the information from the registry and it will take less boot time.

dual boot fast startup disable
disable fast startup

this option will create a problem for booting in Ubuntu. because working on the Linux kernel and Windows kernel is different from Linux so it will create a problem for installing Ubuntu and it will create some of the following problems like the disk is in the unsafe state and something else.

for disabling fast startup on windows 10/windows 8 you need to follow the below procedure:

  • go to the control panel and select hardware and sound.
  • select power options next select system settings.
  • Choose what the power buttons do and uncheck the turn on a fast startup box.

creating a live USB disk/bootable pen drive for you Ubuntu

for installing Ubuntu OS on the windows 10 you need to create bootable/live USB disk that have downloaded latest Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS/Ubuntu 19.10 and you need to follow below procedure:

  1. download the latest Ubuntu version which is available black clicking on the given link.
  2. it’s always recommended that you should choose the latest version of Ubuntu. and make sure to make a checksum of the Ubuntu version on the internet.
  3. for making a bootable USB drive you should choose Rufus. it is one of the famous software for making live USB.

to create live USB disk select Device as USB name.

Boot section as downloaded ubuntu file. partition scheme as MBR. make the rest of the options as default.

[rufus screenshot]

click on start. it will take some minutes and a success message will be shown after the operation is done.

process for install Linux with Windows 10

now you need to restart your system and it depends on your system boot menu select F2 or F10 or F12 options to go to into your installation menu.

once you started your PC then it’s time to install the Ubuntu operating system to boot from the USB you need to select at the time of the starting boot from USB.

after selecting the boot from the USB change you will be presented with options like try, install, connect your PC with power and many more.

usb dual boot
dual boot selection

just select the install and after that, you will be presented with the main option like on which disk you want to install the Ubuntu operating system.


just click on something else. next, as we have already created some free space at the time of the starting disk management you need to select free space as you see in the image below just select others free space and click on the plus icon.

after that, it will ask you to give how many spaces you want for the Linux operating system as per my opinion 20gb is more enough for your work.

then just fill the 20GB because we are installing root, swap, and home in the 20 GB free space and that the Mount point just enter the “/” (forward slash) because we are entering root system and click on the ok.

install ubuntu mount point
install ubuntu mount point

after that, it will throw you to the new area like create partition used as a swap area enter the size and click on the ok.

now click on the option install now. now just before that, you must check whether the swap, home,”/” partition has been created successfully you can proceed with next step.

install ubuntu mount point swap
install ubuntu space selection

it will take around 10 to 40 minutes maximum for installation. after the next time starting it will welcome you with options like windows 10/Ubuntu from grub menu.

That’s it you have done with dual boot.

Note: even after install Linux with Windows 10 you are not able to see the Ubuntu grub option or you are not able to login to your Ubuntu system then you need to change the UEFI setting in the windows 10.

you need to change the group option or you need to send clear instruction to the boot in grub file that you need to make dual boot change the file by using the following command

  • Click on the start menu and type “cmd”
  • right-click on cmd tab and select run as administrator
  • type the following command

bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

it will switch your grab into a default mode and you are able to see both Windows 10 and Ubuntu operating system.


install Linux with Windows 10 is the not tougher choice but it will make difference from system to system. if you face any errors or any kind of problem then you should let me know in the comment section below. I will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

I have used Asus PC 2016 version which is installed on windows 10. if you want to use the latest version of the Ubuntu then you can try with you want to 19.0 to used 18.04 version of the LTS operating system in the Ubuntu.

please let me know in the comment section below have you got any error or have you successfully installed Ubuntu on the windows 10.

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