New PAN card Application detailed procedure 2019

PAN Card application is a necessary government document for Indians to pay tax if their income is eligible for paying the income tax department. so for every Indian resident, it is necessary to have PAN if you are paying tax in the income tax.

So in this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can apply for PAN card in 2019 without going to the PAN card office and how you can apply online by submitting documents as well as repayment if you have Aadhar card with you it is a golden chance to get PAN card very easily.

Currently, in India, there are two organizations one is national security Depository Limited(NSDL) and the second is UTIITSL is providing the PAN card application. online tutorial I am going to show you how you can apply PAN online on the NSDL National securities depository limited portal.


On the homepage, there is an option to apply PAN. but before applying pan here are some guidelines as well as some instructions given on the website homepage. so, I recommend you to look at the given instructions as well as guidelines before applying your PAN.

new pan application website

also I recommend you keep your documents ready which required for applying for the PAN application.

if you have Aadhar card with you then it is very easy to apply for the PAN card application. because it is taking your name address as well as any personal information from the Aadhar portal.

If you don’t have your Aadhaar number with you you can proceed with the next section.

if you are an Indian resident then you should go with form number 49A and if you are a foreign resident and you are belonging to India then you should go with form number 49AA.

select application type and category as a new Pan 49A.

Must read:

if your Indian and if you are foreign president and select appropriate category are following category list given which describes what is your category.

new pan application  category
category PAN
new pan application  form
personal details form

Enter your personal detail and click on submit.

after that, you will receive an email if you’re not registered with NSDL and if you are registered then you will get one token by that token you can re-login in your account and fill the form.

new pan application

If you have Aadhaar card then you can select submit digitally through e KYC and define paperless or if you have assigned e-sign.

then you can select submit scanned through e sign or if you don’t have Aadhar card with you then you can apply for a paperless physical scanned copy of Aadhar application by visiting TIN-FC center.

In the e-KYC case there you need to only provide your AAdhar number which should exactly match your PAN number personal details.

and it should have an exact address also and make sure that when you submit your Aadhaar number then a registered mobile number should be also available with you.

new pan application payment pan
payment PAN

If you want physical PAN with you then you should need to pay the above fees for physical PAN.

please remember that this field might change in next coming year this feature is currently available in 2019.

Or if you want it only is scan copy of Aadhar then you should pay below payment fees

new pan application payment
payment PAN
new pan application form
PAN form

After that proceed with save and click on next please select the proper income source which is the available and proper address that is availably forgiven.

if you one another address then you should mention the below form.

new pan application form
PAN form

after that click on the next select the proper area code(A.O. code), this area code is required for the PAN card area officer which gives you area code for making a proper selection of area code.

you need to enter your state name then your city name and then your area number for the area after that you should find your area number or pin code number after that you can select your area code and please proceed to next.

After selecting A.O. code then click on submit and please refer and read examine your details provided.

if it doesn’t match that there might be a chance that your application will be rejected. if you want to make a payment then there is an option given so you can make a payment it will be easier to make PAN application process faster and physical PAN should be allocated for you very easily.

you can wait for 7 to 15 days for new Pan allocation.

Before applying Pan there are few guidelines for you:

  • If you have already a PAN number with you then you should not apply for a new PAN card.
  • Your pan card is lost then you should reapply or reprint your PAN number.
  • If you are not an Indian resident or if you settle in another country then you should fill form 49AA.
  • Before selecting any area code for proper address or any e payment option or e KYC type of documentation we consult with your senior or you have already Pan with them.


The detailed procedure for applying a new pan if you applying for a new Pan application. Please read all guidelines and instructions carefully before applying for PAN application. If you have any query then you should ask in the comment section below.

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