Ultimate guide for making online rent agreement 2020

making online rent agreement in previous days is a very tedious task. if you want to make rent agreement then you need to visit many times for collecting stamps, and other stuff also to the office to take sign then take a stamp then a lawyer.

but from 2015 Government of Maharashtra a department of Dept. Of Registration & Stamps, Maharashtra made online this facility.

online rent agreement
online rent agreement

you can make rent agreement online and if you are living in any of the corners of the world. to make rent agreement online prerequisite that you need to have a windows PC with internet explorer 9+ version. you should have a webcam and Biometric Device (Thumb Scanner ‘Secugen’) device to collector thumbprint.

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Making online rent agreement procedure

to make rent agreement online you need to visit https://efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/ website. This website is the Government of Maharashtra, India official website.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure

you need to download Secugen driver. these drivers include Thumb Scanner driver. you can check the detailed instructions by going above website on the right-hand side there are option Downloads visit there and you will find installation and many other guides already given.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure

first, check whether the installed drivers thumbprint and you have webcam patches installed properly. to follow the secure driver procedure and to follow and other documentation you can connect on the given website and select the right side and click and select all the given options.

after you completed all the procedure you can again visit the homepage of the given website.

this website will make your leave and licence agreement online. select your district in which district you are living. now create a password and click on the next. make sure you connect your Secugen scanner and get it captured.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure dist. the selection

you need to enter your property details. if you have already created online rent agreement on this website with the same property you can click on yes if you want to make a property rent for the same.

if not then click on no and enter the property details in the English language it will automatically be translated into your regional language. This page asks you for Property details, District details total galleries, whether you are in corporation area or council and other stuff.

after there is one token will be generated note it. Click on save and click on next.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure

After clicking on the next page you need to add your party type whether you are an individual or owner then after that party.

the name should be added after clicking on the party you need to add your document present at us. as well as your personal PAN number details, enter the property after Document presenter and click on the added party. you will get message identifier added successfully.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure property details

after filling what the detail there is a requirement of to witness or identifier you need to enter their details after entering the details click on the ad identifier or add witness next.

next page will ask about the duration of property to be given on rent, deposit amount and other stuff. enter details you need to decide that whether you want to pay registration + stamp duty at one time or by segregated select from the dropdown.

whether you want to pay online or at nearest ban branch choose a wise option and click next. accept terms and condition check whether all entered details are correct.

online rent agreement procedure
online rent agreement procedure rent duration.

after that, your GRN number has been generated. note it.it will be required for further work.


for rent agreement Leave licence you can follow the procedure of the details has been generated online. if you want to have any query let me know in the comment section below. thank you for reading online rent agreement blog.

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