recommended 7 steps for pan name change!!

pan name change many times you have thought in mind, right? Many times it happens that by mistake when we enter a wrong address at the time of filling/correcting the PAN application by the agent/yourself it will get wrongly updated your name, address or date of birth in the pan application.

so to make correction in the pan application like to change your name, address, date of birth, photo mismatch or your signature there are online several options are available.

in this blog, I am going to tell you how you can change your name, address, date of birth, your signature from NSDL(authorised from Incometax department India) website.

How to make pan name change online?

first, you need to visit after that, you need to click on the services which you can see on the header option. after a click on services just click on PAN you will get the new page will be opened.

pan name change

you will be redirected to the form which is Tax Information Network TIN website.

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select application type like you need to select changes correction in existing PAN/reprint of the PAN card. if you want to reprint your pan card or you lost your pan card or something else you can select this option.

After that select your category if you are individual then you need to select individual or you can refer the below table for other category options.

new pan application  category
PAN category

you need to fill your first name, last name, your date of birth, email id mobile number and all the things are mandatory. after a click on the submit you will get a temporary token number which will be useful for further updates.

pan name change step 1

After taking that token number on your email you can enter your token number on the same form.

enter your name and whatever details it will ask and after that, you need you to need to click on submit.

Now here are the main options coming to that document submissions. if you have your Aadhaar card with you then there is options submit documents digitally through e-KYC.

and assign paperless means you don’t need to verify your other with the Tax Information Network on the basis of that you can process your change in the application without any physical paper we want to select an option you can select.

pan correction process step 2

If you don’t have your Aadhaar card with you or your mobile number not registered with Aadhaar card then you can click select scanned image through e-sign you need to pay some amount for this.

and you need to send a scan copy to the upload the scan copy or if you don’t want any kind of changes you need to physically forward your documents to the NSDL office.

after that, there are certain options which asked by the filling the form that whether you required physical PAN.

after that is used to enter your pan then your other number your personal information and there is after the catch that what kind of detail you want to change or any kind of photo mismatches signature mismatch all you want to change the details of parent you need to select the proper tick.

pan name change step 3

After that you need to click on next it will ask your personal information like your name your date of birth your address.

if you want to change then you can click on the click on the left tick option you need to enter your contact details on order details and after that, you need to verify your phone number, if you are selected the first option.

if you are selected the second option then you would you need to scan your copies and upload it and if you want to send physical copies then you need the address will be given at the fourth step.

you can select that and click on submit after that it will ask you to pay online PAN correction fee which is given at the end of the submit page.

pan name change step 4

After all the things are successful happen you will get one acknowledgement number within 5 to 7 days your application will be processed.

if all the things are details are correct all the information automatic your pan card will be sent to you if you are selected physically or if you don’t want it will be sent on your email like scan copy.

Let me know in the comment section below which option you have to choose for or submitting your documents. and let me know in the comment section below that whether this blog is helpful for you or not. thanks for reading my blog.

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