2 ways to calculate government rates of property in India from Ready Reckoner.

whenever you want to sell your property every time you don’t know about what is the ready reckoner property rates of property.

or what is the current built-up area of right square millimetre rate or square foot rate is available in your area or in your locality in the government records.

to know the government record which is available in your property there is a ready reckoner for the in Marathi it is called as “Ready Mulyankan Takta” provided by the government of India. if you are living in the municipal corporation or any other rural area village in the covered area.

ready reckoner helps you to find your exact value of your property e available as per your government records or what is the perfect square foot or per square millimetre rate is giving going on.

ready reckoner property rates
property rates

in the ready, you can able to find commercial property non-movable like flat, plot than shop industrial area rate as per square millimetre.

property rate changes every financial year when I writing this post this time it is 2019 – 20 financial year is running. so the current rate is available as per current financial years.

ready reckoner also helps you to calculate your agreement taxes, government fees as per available your property in the area.

suppose if your property is 40sqm then it calculates with the current government officials rate after that on the basis of property certain percentage about government calculate and take as a taxes for you.

you have to also pay government taxes for home/plot, land and commercial office shop for residential as per the geographical area.

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the rates of the geographical area are provided as per landmarks of zones in the form of CS number CTS number which area covers the municipal corporation or rural area.

to know the property rates available in your area which is provided by the government you need to visit the government website if you are living in the Maharashtra state then you should visit the:

government of India website ready reckoner property rates

http://www.igrmaharashtra.gov.in/eASR/frmMap.aspx website which is the department of registration and stamps of Government of India.

after visiting the website it will appear in the states of Maharashtra given as per the image below select any one of the states which you are living.

suppose I am living in the Pune district then click on the Pune district. after district then select Pune district after that it will redirect you to another page to select your taluka and village.

ready reckoner property rates
ready reckoner property rates

after selecting the taluka and the area where you are living it will appear the assessment type assessment range and the rate the rate is available per square metre.

you can calculate per square metre with the built-up area of your property after calculating the built-up area of your property what are the rates are coming that is the final rate is given by the government on the government rate you need to pay government fees and taxes.

Please note: per square meter rate can be calculated only on the built-up area not on carpet, super built area.

the second option is you you can visit https://www.e-stampdutyreadyreckoner.com/Reckoner.html which is a private website, not a government concern website. this website also provides property rates to calculate stamp duty.

you can scroll down on the below website you will find the financial year select financial year and in select, the district.

this website currently only gives Mumbai, Mumbai suburban, Palghar, Pune, Raigad, thane district rates.

after that select your taluka and it will give you survey number wise list property rate and full details available as per government records.


These are two websites where you can able to check your property rates or non-movable property stamp duty which give your current accurate government details. with required to calculate tax and for sharing or selling your old or new property.

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