how to stop website chrome notifications 2019 version?

stop of chrome notifications is a time-consuming task. Notification is the greatest way to get the latest update from any website. but sometimes happens that some websites send an unwanted notification to the Chrome browser.

Avoiding this kind of notification is a very hectic task and it is also time-consuming. If you are working on PC and if you have read the notification once then the same website send a notification to the mobile also.

stop chrome notifications
website notification

so to avoid and stop this notification from coming on your Android device or your Windows desktop PC it is a very simple way. we only want some certain task to get notification update but that website sends some unwanted verification so to stop this notification I have given you following the procedure you can follow this procedure to stop getting no annoying notification on your device or your Windows desktop PC.

Stop Chrome notifications step by step

stop chrome notifications
Google Chrome
  1. Open Google Chrome browser and click on three dots vertical bar from your Chrome browser menu as you see in the below image.
chrome settings stop notifications
chrome settings
  • Currently, I am using Google Chrome version 76.0. After setting window open you need to click on the site setting option.
  • Click on notification option see in the below image.
stop chrome settings
site settings
  • Either you click on the toggle button for blocking all website notification or aa you can customise which website notification you want to block.
notification ui
block UI
  • That’s it. Now you won’t receive any unwanted notification from the unwanted website.
  • you can follow this same procedure on your Windows desktop PC or your Android phone or you can also try this process on Apple iPhone.


Notification mix reaching most recent updated news very quickly. But sometimes this notification makes annoying at very usual you can follow this process for blocking your unwanted notification from Chrome browser.

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