tally ERP 9 tutorial basic for beginners 2019

Tally ERP 9 tutorial is essential for making a career in accounting. Tally ERP 9 is the basic account management software which is used to manage your account on a daily basis. sometimes it is very hard to manage all your purchase entries, sale entries and tax entries and managing the balance sheet so, tally ERP 9 software will managers your all these things with a date by date function basis.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you basic tally ERP 9 tutorial operations which are daily use for your tally education. before you continue with your operations you need to know the basic function keys shortcuts which are provided below.

Types of accounts

1. Personal account

a person or a bank or a company or any organisation who is related to the bank that is come in under personal account this account can be of anything which can relate to the single or multiple entities.

For example personal account, ABC Bank account, private bank limited account.

2. Real account

The real account comes under certain assets which can be visible by the human eyes.

For example cash account furniture account purchase account

3. Nominal account

The nominal account is related to expenses losses and tax-related information which can be kept under normal account category.

Rules of account

1. Personal account


Debit the receiver Credit the giver


2. Real account


Debit what comes in Credit what goes out


3. Nominal account

Debit all expenses and losses Credit all income and gains


Terms used in accounting

  1. Debit if you sell any asset to some person or some entity from your business particulars then we can call this is a debit or we can enter this entry in the debit of the accounting type.

2. Credit if you have a sale or borrowed any asset to some person but if we have to receive that amount from a certain person then that amount should be entered in the credit accounting type category.

F2 if you want to enter the date directly then you can use f2 as a function key for entering date
F3/ALT F1 this key is used for the creation of a new company
F4 F4 used to show transfer amount from one bank to another bank only for cash and bank account
F5 F5 key is used to show whether your business account amount transfer to purchase an asset or assembling payment
F6 F6 key used to show whether the purchased item receipt has been received or not we can see by using f6 key
F7 if you want to make payment entry in your account can you F7
F8 borrowed sale item can be viewed by F8 key
F9 purchased item can be viewed by f9 purchase key


Tally ERP 9 tutorial

An opening account in tally ERP 9

if you want to open your own account in tally ERP 9 for managing your accounting details transfer amount, sales entries, purchase entries, TDS entries and balance sheet entries for that you can create a company by using alt F1 or F3 shortcut key.

company creation tally erp 9 tutorial
creating a company in tally ERP 9

if you want to create a new company then you use the shortcut key for creating a new company. Enter all the details and press enter to save your company details.

If you want to see the created company list then you can press alt + F1 together and you can see the company list in front of you.

2. Creating a ledger (Tally ERP 9 tutorial)

For creating ledger go to the account info then click on the ledger option. Then click on the create option.

For example, if I want to create an advertisement ledger then we can enter the name as add and then select the group as indirect expenses. After completion of the process, we need to accept the ledger and save it.

tally erp 9 tutorial ledger
ledger creation in tally ERP 9

if you want to make changes in any ledger then you can use ledger option and you can change the list of ledgers and all the details.

3. Creating voucher in tally ERP 9

Voucher is used for making purchase and sale entries in tally ERP 9.

For example, if we want to withdraw cash from the bank which is amounting of 20,000 then we need to select f4 as a key and then select cash account to bank account and enter the amount which you want to transfer.

tally tutorial pdf voucher creation
creating voucher in tally ERP 9

if you want to make a loan payment to ABC person which is amounting of 8000 then select cash account to a business loan account.

4. Creating stock item entry in accounting (Tally ERP 9 tutorial)

If you want to make entries with stock items available with our business then we need to make some entries in the tally accounting software which can contain a number of items available in which group under it contains and a number of unit measures.

stock entry tally tutorial
stock item entry in an account

Select inventory info then gents first need to make a unit of measure then enter the details and accept it.

If you want to make stock item stock item then create select the list of items from which you want to enter and then enter the detail of the stock item.

If you want to make any changes in the available entry in the stock item then you need to select alter and select the list of stock of items and you can make changes on it.

5. Payroll entry in the accounting(Tally ERP 9 tutorial)

Press f11 you need to go accounting feature the and more than one payroll or cost category then select an accept it.

you can see in the gateway of tally tab payroll info and payroll voucher section you need to select Payroll info and then you need to go to the employees you need to create employee enter the all the details of employee which you have with you and accept it.

payroll tally erp 9 tutorial
payroll creation in Tally ERP 9

if you want to generate the salary of the employee then you need to tell tally that under which head the pay is under coming.

For this we need to go to the pay heads in payroll sections then you need to create the salary info under which category of type it is under you need to select and then you need to accept it.

If you want to make any changes in the head then you can make changes in the payroll section.

If you want to generate salary of the employee then you need to select payroll under transaction section after selecting the payroll option you can enter the ATM and other contents of the salary of the employee and you can generate the salary.


tally ERP 9 is the best software to manage account details. with shortcut keys and within a few days you can completely learn basics of tally if you like this article you can also read this article.

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