Recommended 7 ways to remove the disk is write protected error

actually many times when you plug a pen drive onto your computer or when you put your micro SD card on your pen drive there is an error will be shown like the disk is write protected.

this error might happens many times because it is affected virus or malware. this error doesn’t mean that your USB or micro SD card is corrupted or something else.

the disk is write protected
the disk is write-protected

an error has happened there might be a chance that your disk is in a healthy state but there is something called virus or hardware failure given like the write protected.

windows will only show there is an option like try again or cancel. when you click on the try again the error is shown again and many times this actual error comes in windows 7/ 8/10. this error might not familiar when it comes to iOS/Ubuntu operating system.

in this post, I am going to share with you recommended proven techniques that will remove the write protected error completely.

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when you try to click on the try again there is only two option is you can do you can the read the data available on your USB/micro SD card either you can cancel it. you cannot write any data on your Pendrive as it is write protected error so these are the sum of the technique by which you can resolve this error.

remove the disk is write protected error with diskpart

actually diskpart is the basic windows inbuilt functionality for clear or set positive or negative values to your USB drive.

you can change your 0 or 1 write or read values using diskpart as it is built-in in the Windows 7/8/10.

to use diskpart you need to follow the following commands:

  1. list disk (this command is used to list your available disc on your computer)
  2. selected disk this command is used to select the disk which is write protected
  3. attribute disk clear read only (this command is used to remove write protection error available on your write protected USB drive or micro SD card)
the disk is write protected diskpart

after executing all the commands try to copy your files on your USB drive or micro SD card and try to eject your USB drive and again insert into your computer and try to write the data.

remove disk write protected error from Windows registry

still, the error persists after using diskpart option? you should try to remove write protected error from the windows registry option.

to use windows registry options you need to click on the start button search for the run command and press enter.

the disk is write protected registry
Windows Registry

next type Regedit and search for the following path folder by folder


if this key exists then click write on it and click modify or change the value and make a change in the value from 1 to 0.

next click on ok after that try to copy the file from your hard disk to your USB drive or micro SD card. if there is still persist then try to format your drive and try to copy the file again.

check your SD card or memory card is not full

sometimes it happens that you try to copy the file which is more than the size of your USB drive or your memory card.

to check whether your memory card or USB drive supports file size,

Disk Properties

right-click on the USB drive and go to the storage options check whether the USB drive/micro SD card has some space left. if space left then you might be copying the file which is more than capable of your USB drive/micro SD card.

so, try to release from space from USB then copy file.

check USB is in read-only

to check what would be the reason for your disk or your micro SD card is write protected that you can check by whether your disk is in read-only mode.

read only property write protected
read-only status
  1. to check this just right-click on your write protected USB drive or MicroSD card then go to the properties.
  2. there is an option at the bottom of the ok button read-only check whether it is checked or not.
  3. if it is in checked mode then you should uncheck it and click on apply on ok.

after try to copy in your file into your drive.

check your USB/micro SD card is infected with a virus

so many times it happy that your USB is affected or corrupted when you plug your USB into the drive.

the virus can actually kill USB drive by stopping your data inserting or any other way. so to remove your virus from USB drive on micro SD card you need to download good quality antivirus software and scan it through your USB drive.

disk is write protected usb virus
virus check

once you find that virus is found and it is cleaned you recheck again to check whether the virus is completely removed or not .and try to copy or try this technique might remove your write protected error from your drive.

check your disk for bad sectors

many times it happens that your USB might be affected by the bad sectors of writing and reading it are many times to remove the earth to check whether the USB drive blocks and sectors has been corrupted or to whether it is affected by bad sector you can download this software for checking your USB is affected by the buyer bad sectors.


these are the listed steps are available to remove your write protected error from your USB drive or micro SD card these are the authentic methods that’s the only way where you can remove your bad sector or write-protected error.

let me know in the comment section below while preparing to remove your read-protected area which method you have used and have you got any error?

if you are successfully corrected you write-protected and let me know in the comment section below.

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