top 10 best web hosting in 2020

if you are looking for top 10 best web hosting in 2020 then this article best for you. There are many companies which provide best web hosting services, best customer service and best performance for the website. but there are some hosting companies which provide you at best from all the companies which make you choose one of the best hosting company to host your website in individual web hosting services.

In this article, I am providing you with the top 10 best web hosting services, best performance, best live chat support best customer support for the website. as well as in this article I am also going to tell you which web hosting company provides future plans good performance from ascending order you can choose from the below which web hosting service supports you for your business.

I have used all the web hosting companies in 2020. so in 2020 which web hosting service provides you with the good quality thing you can find in the below section.

  • AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWebHosting is 17+ years old dedicated web hosting service providers. with 55 thousand plus websites hosted on their servers, they are offering quick and supportive customer service with any technical as well as setup related queries within 15 minutes of quick support.

They have received 17+ awards for the best web hosting company from major IT firms like Microsoft, site geek, and many more. AccuWebHosting is a specialist in Windows Hosting as they recognized from Microsoft for there quality of service.

AccuWebHosting has received a 4.6 rating star from there customer for VPS hosting regarding Server speed, quick response, 99.99% uptime best security, and many feature pack services.

AccuWeb Hosting
AccuWeb Hosting VPS hosting rating

AccuWebHosting has a variety of amount of plans from low traffic gaining website to millions of daily website visitors.

Shared Hosting

with powerful SSD storage AccuWebHosting provides Linux and Windows shared hosting plans for just $2.99 per month.

AccuWeb Hosting
AccuWeb Hosting shared hosting plans

Shared web hosting includes powerful c-panel, SSD storage, full-proof website security, daily automatic backup, and 1 click installer for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento.

Windows Hosting

AccuWebHosting is one of the rare companies that provides windows hosting for many websites. with the 2016 server and latest windows server features makes the website runs more powerful and secure.

AccuWebHosting provides the latest .net versions, dedicated application pool, Silverlight, and many windows features. Windows hosting plans you can see below:

VPS Hosting

If your business getting thousands of visitors every hours then on your website needs strong Hosting like AccuWeb VPS hosting.

with Dual Processor Quad Core Servers and selection of OS on server AccuWebHosting is the highest rating given VPS hosting provider. you can checkout there plans on website.

  • Hostinger

Hostinger in 2020 making some good amount of work for providing best website speed with low latency and the cheap plans for the customer. also provides an option where you can place your website hosting. example: like in Singapore or in the United States or any other country which is applicable for you.

hosting top 10 best web hosting

Hostinger in 2020 is famous for its very cheap plan. it can start at less than $1. and it can provide you with web hosting services like basic premium and business.

When you have used their business and premium web hosting service which gives you good amount of website speed then if you are a WordPress user and if you are interested in blogging then you can surely host your website in the Hostinger Web services. if you are traffic coming from over the world then Hostinger Web services are the best option for you.

Customer support is also fast. you can paste your query and they can reply to you within 1 minute. that is a very good amount of customer service and their satisfaction and their customer executive knowledge are also very good. I will prefer if you are a WordPress user if your blogger or if you want to host a website which gives you traffic or over the world and if your website pages are in PHP and then Hostinger is the best option for you.

  • Reseller Club

Resellerclub is also famous for its cheap plans and best customer service as well as best website hosting speed. I have used reseller club website hosting in 2020 I feel that reseller club website hosting is good for blogger and their customer support, website speed is a bit slower than Hostinger Web services.

resellar club best hosting

Their customer support is also very good you can reach to customer support by webchat. they will give a reply within some minutes. Resellerclub plans starts from around $1 so you can choose your plan according to your requirement. reseller club web hosting is good for if you are a blogger if you want to host a website for some limited amount of traffic and if your website doesn’t require fast speed then reseller club is also a good option for you.

  • siteground

Siteground is famous for its best customer service, best web hosting and all over their services. siteground plan is very cheap and you can find their website considered as well as website hosting speed is also very good. siteground web hosting is good for if you want to have a high amount of traffic on your blog or if you want to build website which related to company or something not for services and if you want to handle traffic from the apps and some aspects coordinate website, applications site ground is good option for you.

siteground best hsoting
  • Bluehost

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress. blue host website web hosting services are famous for the blogger as well as if you want to handle some limited amount of traffic as well as if you want very fast customer services and if you have some higher amount of budget then Bluehost is good option for you.

bluehost top 10 best web hosting

I realised that Bluehost USA is a good option if you are planning to purchase who has web hosting services. because of their customer services also very good they are also providing free SSL certificate as well as there are increasing features which included in their bundle package.

  • Hostgator

The biggest advantage of HostGator is that it has a lot of information.

Since it is a world-class hosting service, you can check many reviews, including HostGator reviews in Japanese. I think HostGator is safe for beginners overseas.

hostgator web hosting

HostGator is a giant in the hosting industry, although it may be a little disappointing. Although performance is a little difficult, I think that it is unlikely that the server will be down for a long time, the data will suddenly fly, or it will fit a serious hack.

Although it has nothing to do with the essence, it seems that part of the power is supplied by wind power. This is because the company is interested in ecology.

  • GoDaddy

Godaddy is actually famous for giving the best domain names at cheap prices. godaddy is also having some pleasant plants but because of their web hosting speed and their customer support is a bit slow and their plans are also very high. than other top 3 web hosting services, GoDaddy is not much recommended by me.

godaddy t best web hosting

godaddy web hosting services provide quick live chat support. as well as the free domain but hosting with speed as well as their plans are also bit much costlier than other web hosting services if you want to purchase any plan you can take a look at bye below website.

  • A2 hosting

A2 Hosting is actually famous for traffic from worldwide. it also provides you good amount of plants but their prices are also very high. it is actually famous for bulk loading images very low latency high bandwidth, as well as processing memory and sweets, gives you a very high amount of page loading that makes you there service performance gives you hi website speed as well as good amount of plans.

a2 hosting
  • big rock

big rock is also very old web hosting company which provides your good amount of web hosting and customer service for your website business. but when big rock started it was amazing the provides services at low prices and providing good domain and web hosting server speed at a very good amount of time. but at as time passes bigrock service is falling down and their curve for customer service as well as their support and their web hosting speed and their service not good so that it can be crash at any time.

big rock top best hosting

but bigrock is currently providing some good amount plans if you are started and if you want some average website load very low amount of latency and good plants at low prices in bigrock is also a good option for you.

  • Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a web hosting company there headquarter is located in the United States. Dream host is providing fast web hosting services with good website loading speed low latency and good amount of customer support. but their plans are bit much higher so if you can afford their plans you can go with Dreamhost.

dreamhost top hosting
  • Namecheap

Namecheap is actually famous for providing domains at very low prices. I have used Namecheap for domain registration if your searching domain for your website if you are comparing domain with GoDaddy or something other domain registration company and with Namecheap you will always find Namecheap is providing very less price for your domain. if it contains .in, .com or any extension domain and also one thing is that it will also give the discount on your first domain registration.namecheap is also does not include tax as per your country because them is famous for their cheap domain registration.

namecheap domain

if you are talking about Namecheap hosting their service is good but as not much good as their name, because Namecheap hosting is also providing plan at very low prices but customer support and their website loading speed is business hair so, possible you can go with top 5 web hosting companies or try some other web hosting services.


Web hosting is necessary for making your website running or over the world if you want good amount of web hosting good customer support of any customer services like downtime, uptime good amount of speed, free SSL certificate with high speed of website loading and good amount of traffic handling situation then there are top three posting services. I have given you can choose from the top 3 web hosting services.

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