Top 15 excel shortcuts most useful in 2019 you should know

if you are excel shortcuts lover and if you are purely Microsoft office expert or Microsoft excel user then you might be superficial keyboard user or expert in the Microsoft excel keyboard shortcuts. for your daily task in the Microsoft Excel, I have brought you mostly used and popular Microsoft Excel shortcuts keys which will make your work experience with Microsoft excel much faster than using a mouse.

in this tutorial, I will explain the list of basic to advanced mostly used and powerful excel shortcuts with example(pictures):

Microsoft excel shortcuts keys list:

1. create new workbook ( CTRL + N) excel shortcuts

in this shortcut, every time you don’t need to create a new workbook by going to file->new with this shortcut you can directly create a new workbook.

new workbook excel shortcut

2. create a new hyperlink(CTRL+K)

every time you need to create a link by right and then next procedure but with CTRL+K shortcut you can directly create a hyperlink.

excel shortcut hyperlink

3. Basic operation Excel shortcut list

very basic shortcuts link open, close, print, copy, the paste also has shortcuts. these are the basic controls so I have listed these controls in one single list.

CTRL + O opening the new workbook
CTRL + W closing the current workbook
CTRL + P print the current workbook
CTRL + S saves the current workbook
CTRL + A select all cells in the current workbook
CTRL + X cut all in the selected section
CTRL + Z undo to the last section
basic operation excel

4. move to the next cell (Tab key)

moving to the next cell also can you use with one single key TAB key.

shortcut tab key

5. search + replace and search in the Excel

Searching and replacing in the Microsoft excel much easier rather go to the menu by mouse clicks.

search and replace shortcut

6. Textual formatting shortcuts

changes in the textual are also much easier. you just remember CTRL + 0…9 number series and that’s it. this will save you lots of time.

CTRL + 0 Hide columns of the current workbook
CTRL + 1 changes the format of the selected cell
CTRL + 2 make bold all cells in the selected section
CTRL + 3 put all text in the italic in the selected section
CTRL + 4 makes all text underline in the selected section
CTRL + 5 gives strikethrough in the selected section text
CTRL + 7 it hides or shows the toolbar
CTRL + 9 hide row of the current workbook
basic excel operation list

7. entring Date and time (Ctrl+; + Ctrl+Shift+: )

entering the current date and time is faster than typing date and time manually in the Microsoft Excel.

date and time change

8. insert new row (CTRL ++) delete current row (CTRL –)

inserting and deleting in between rows is very important if it is required.

insert and delete row excel

9. Table creation (CTRL +T) excel shortcuts

table insertion manually very lengthy process in the Excel so there is one shortcut is CTRL + T which quickly inserts your but before make sure select cells which you need to mention in the table.

instructions: first move cursor to the start of the cell then press the shortcut and select the appropriate option.

table shortcut

10. select the entire row and select the entire column (Shift+Space & Ctrl+Space)

we need to delete the entire column and rows by the mouse is taking a very long time. so using shortcut it will take only a few seconds.

select row

11. moving between sheets (CTRL +PageUp and CTRL +PageDown )

moving between sheets(next or previous sheet) is done by CTRL +PageUp and CTRL +PageDown.

moving in sheets excel shortcut

12. apply or remove the filter ( Shift + CTRL L) excel shortcuts

in order to apply or remove filter takes around 5-6 seconds but there is one shortcut where you can easily apply and remove the filter.


13. change column width ( ALT O+C+A) excel shortcuts

changing column width takes around 8-10 seconds using shortcut your column width will change within 2 seconds.

column width excel

14. checking grammar (F7) excel shortcuts

checking grammar is an essential part of the worksheet so the shortcut is F7


15. edit cell (F2) excel shortcuts

However, if you have to edit cells and change the value then F2 will easily edit your cell and change the value.

edit cell

similarly, you can download full list of Microsoft excel shortcut list using this link

Summary(Excel shortcuts):

Above all, Microsoft excel shortcuts will easily save you lots of time and make your computing faster. in conclusion, there are more than 200 excel shortcuts but I prefer you to share only important and very useful shortcuts where you can easily use it in the Microsoft excel 2013 and 2016 version. if you feel this article good to other peoples then you can share it with your friends and family. thank you for reading. have a nice day.

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