types of affiliate marketing
types of affiliate marketing

Making money by types of affiliate marketing much better than making money to go back to work. there many options right now you can make money online by doing YouTube, blogging and there are multiple with like affiliate marketing which makes you feel difficult. but today I am going to tell you much simple way affiliate marketing.

Most of the people are aware of affiliate marketing through online selling website but there are many ways which I am going to explain to you today. which makes you a lot of money through affiliate marketing. But most of the people think that affiliate marketing is done by the social influences, YouTuber then who are having most of the followers.

Yes, that’s true! because making affiliate marketing requires you to have lots of traffic on your affiliate marketing website. so in this article, I am going to tell you what are the different ways which require less traffic on your blog and make you some handsome money in your bank account.

1. E-Commerce websites

E-Commerce websites are the best platform for making some easy money through affiliate marketing. in the e-commerce website, you have to require some associate account and affiliate account.

Through the affiliate, account customer needs to click on your website and they should purchase their product within the stipulated time period. if they purchase the product and if it is shipped by the e-commerce website then a certain percentage amount of the product is given to you. this is types of affiliate marketing.

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This sum percent amount varies from 2 % to 10%. Some of the E-Commerce websites give few more commission in the apples and sandals and food products. and some of the E-Commerce websites giving some handsome percentages on electronic gadgets and some mobile products.

types of affiliate marketing ecommerce

Let’s take an example of an Amazon affiliate account. Amazon’s affiliate account requires some of the platforms to which you can sell their E-Commerce products. you can either create your own website or other you have a YouTube channel or Instagram for a social account. by which people can click on your Amazon Apple ID account website and they can purchase their products.

In this way, many peoples are making some thousands and multi-thousand dollars by only making through affiliate account marketing.

Here is the list of the affiliate account websites you can refer to it


Amazon.com affiliate marketing request you to have created your own affiliate account with your platform ID after that you need to enter your payment and address details and you need to create your unique affiliate URL by which people can click and purchase a product.


Flipkart.com requires you need to create your own account and you can enter address detail and payment detail after that you can create a short URL make the same to your friends and purchase the product through your friends.


Banggood.com gives you a commission percentage in the form of the 5 points you can make a purchase of the product in banggood.com.


Paytm.com is used to make payment by sharing your product the friend’s anthem of the day they will give you some commission in the form of some rupees and some percentage amount. this is types of affiliate marketing.

2. Web hosting affiliate marketing

If you are hosting your website on the hosting platform then there are multiple hosting companies that give your certain commission if you purchase hosting by giving some reference through to your friends.

Let’s take an example if you want to host your website on some hosting platform and you don’t know about which best hosting company is perfect for you.

types of affiliate marketing web hosting
web hosting

your friend gives you an Idea which places hosting company is best for you then if that person is having affiliate account related to that hosting company and if that person is already hosted their website on that hosting platform and gives you something that you can click and purchase the hosting then hosting company will give youth certain commission amount to your friend.

That commission amount varies from a minimum of $50 to 150 dollars. yes you heard right. you can make some very much handsome money by website hosting and this amount. because you have makes a profit to the hosting company by which they are happy to give certain percentage of their profit to you.

list of popular hospital companies that make you great affiliate amounting and they are the popular hosting websites.

  1. Hostinger.com
  2. Bluehost.com
  3. Siteground.com
  4. Resellerclub
  5. Hostgator.com

3. Coupon sites

Coupon sites are the third best way to make some handsome money with affiliate marketing. Coupon site requires you to have some partnership with the considered company and that company is required to have to tie up with you to give you product with a certain percentage discount applied to it.

The product you need to advertise on your website with some coupon code and you have to mention that we can give you certain % discount by giving this coupon. if people are used that coupon and making some purchase to your website then you will get some percentage amount of commission from that company.

types of affiliate marketing coupon site
coupon site

Coupon sites require you to have organic search from the search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo. People used to the news that coupon only through the organic search website.

There are multiple peoples when there is some sale or if they want certain products within the price range then they will certainly searching for the coupons which they will get on your website and taken happily by giving some less among their product.

This way you can earn money by giving some coupons there are the following list by which you can type with the companies and by using some coupon maximum handsome.

  1. online food selling companies
  2. E-Commerce companies
  3. review sites
  4. affiliated products
  5. Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another fourth best way to make some handsome money to affiliate marketing.in email marketing, you need to have a list of the emails where you need to make sure that the people are ready to accept emails through your web emails and made the purchase from the emails.

for example, if you in your span email mailbox that there are multiple emails that are coming like you have won the lottery then you can purchase this product you will get some commission.

types of affiliate marketing email marketing
email marketing

and after that, there are multiple lists of the products by giving some emails with some good marketing company.

If you like the product people will surely make click on the edit link and they will purchase the product but the risk factor in email marketing is that there are multiple peoples which do not accept email marketing because email is the business platform for some of the peoples.

so if you are sending emails to the business email then you should make sure that the people are that person will surely be accepted and that does not unsubscribe from you.

if people unsubscribe from certain email marketing website then it will make some so sort lost in email marketing that’s the bad factor in the affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the best email marketing affiliate platform you can make some handsome manage

  1. Constant Contact
  2. SendInBlue


Making some easy money by types of affiliate marketing is not a big deal if you have to choose any one of the above affiliate marketing options. if you are a digital marketer or you if you are interested in influencing the program or you are a popular YouTuber then one of the best affiliate marketing options is right for you you can change and mixer mobile money.

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