Ultimate list types of viruses with explanation!!

here is the ultimate list of types of computer virus. Computer Virus is alike person in a computer program. The virus infects your computer and makes your computer unstable make it vulnerable and makes your computer malfunction. Even there are many types of viruses which makes your computer slower or makes your computer fully destroyed.

There are the following kind of viruses which found in computer and mobile devices

types of virus
types of virus

File virus (types of viruses)

File virus is this type of virus where if you open any kind of file it will append it into the end of the file and when there is executed file is generated and if you want to open that executable file then it will first open itself and then after that, it will open your main executable file.

File virus does not affect any kind of activity on your computer or it does not affect your computer but your file virus append itself and make it actionable at the starting phase of the code main interesting thing about file virus is is that it happened itself at the start of the court so it is less time consuming you cannot even notice that the virus is started it action because it is so fast.

For example if you want to open Microsoft word as an executable file and let’s think that if there is a file virus is given and that file virus appended itself on the end of the code of the Microsoft Excel starting then it will first execute its virus code and then it opens the Microsoft word executable file.

Boot sector virus (types of viruses)

Boot sector virus is that type of virus which affects the starting position the hard disk MBR part of floppy disk loading part. When PC is booted for the first time the boot sector virus starting loading there program and it affects another part of the bootable components of your system. Basically boot sector virus is located at the bootable area of your computer at the starting of the hard disk where your operating system is located or floppy disk or MBR where the operating system starts load itself.

types of virus
types of virus

This boot sector virus is actually affecting the other media like your physical media Pendrive for your USB cable. this type of viruses actually very hard to remove because it other encrypted inside your bootable area which is highly inaccessible for the normal user but boot sector virus can be removed by the malware scan or any kind of anti-virus program so I recommend you to update your antivirus on a daily or weekly basis.

currently in the Windows 10 or Windows 8 it is very hard to find any kind of boot sector virus because kernel is very much interested and very much strong of capable of removing boot sector virus when the Windows 95 or 98 is started then that boot sector virus infects is its loading window so it affects entire system as a whole.

Micro virus(types of viruses)

A micro virus is a computer virus which is located inside the microprogram. this kind of virus is actually used to spread viruses inside your wool computer it potentially damages your data it corrects your file it will create a copy of itself or it highly damages your file system.

Micro virus is actually located in the word processing program example Microsoft word Microsoft Excel which is embedded inside the Microsoft applications this kind of viruses will access your contact files and it will send email to the in your contact list so be aware of opening any email if you if you think that there is a virus inside the email because macro virus is actually located inside the document when you try to open a document which is located a macro program it will affect your computer system and it highly damages your wall computer.

Micro virus is actually e written in the BBA or Microsoft Excel or word programming language so if you want to prevent macro virus has always scanned your computer before opening any email try to analyse that it contains virus or not or before opening any document we care of that it will be scanned by antivirus before opening of it.

Polymorphic virus (types of viruses)

A polymorphic virus is a kind of complex viruses which actually replicate itself after several amounts of time. This type of virus is actually non- statics because they replicate their code after some time and making their encryption via mutualisation engines

A polymorphic virus is actually very hard to find because it is very hard to detect by the scanner because they may replicate itself by using maturation engine. They are very dynamic that’s why it is very hard to detect by the malware scanner or any kind of antivirus scanner to detect qualifier polymorphic virus it affected by opening any kind of word file or opening any kind of document for sharing file through the network for downloading an infected file from the internet.

To prevent polymorphic files to infect your computer it is always recommended to update your anti-virus and malware camera applications and before opening any file for downloading any file scan through your antivirus program.

Stealthing virus (types of viruses)

Stilt virus is that kind of virus which hide inside a computer when any antivirus software is running. these type of viruses is smooth smart that when you try to access that where is main file it hides inside the memory or it altered insult other storage media.

stilt virus is very hard to capture by the anti-virus software because when you try to run the anti-virus software they hide himself in other smart ways like when antivirus software is running and it accessing and it is scanning all the folders and file it can’t access the file which is windows own or which is kernel source that still thinks virus is copying itself or altered himself into another program so it is very hard to scan by antivirus software or if it is can buy in the memory then it hides himself in the memory area which is accessible by the antivirus software.

types of virus
types of virus

To prevent this kind of software I recommend you to update your antivirus software with the latest update to version and before inserting any removable media scan it through the antivirus software and you don’t download in email attachment are such a program which you might think it contains the virus.

Encrypted virus

Encrypted virus is another kind of viruses which encrypt in self in the encrypt encryption code for that antivirus program can detect and it also carries himself with a decrypter which antivirus is not running or when the virus is trying to execute his code it is executive via the first decrypter and after that it by making with code executable

To prevent this kind of ira comment you too any encrypted file should be scanned by the properly updated antivirus software

Tunnelling virus

Program the Tunneling infection by choosing [Turn on] beside your Personal Computer, and after that choosing the Tunneling Virus from the rundown of infections accessible for you to code.

So as to have the option to code the Tunneling Virus, you need to be finished the Intermediate Programming Course.

The Tunneling Virus takes 40 Days to code

Multipartite virus

The multipartite virus is another kind of viruses which affects the boot sector as well as Windows system program files. This type of virus actually has two faces one time it affects the boot sector and second time it affects Windows files which is more difficult to repair or start system and.

multiple till virus is having one functionality that it affects the boot sector as well as Windows system file multiple times at different time so then it is more ductile and it is more affected than another kind of viruses this type of virus is much more potential damage than another kind of viruses because it affects the system multiple times and it is very hard to detect this kind of virus because it’s multiphase type of behaviour.

to prevent this kind of viruses it is very difficult to remove because you are the need to remove this virus from your Windows file by formatting your operating system or by using strong antivirus software.

Armoured virus

Armoured virus is another type of virus where it is very difficult to track the location of the virus because this type of virus actually has multiple faces and detection is also not much is because this type of virus giving the wrong code of the file location of its main source and this type of virus also make the user and antivirus software full the by making wrong logical quotes and it also having very complex code so it can be easily height into another file system.

armoured virus exactly very hard to detect by the antivirus software to prevent any kind of almond software requires you to scan your computer through highly tonk anti-virus program.

Source code virus

source code virus is actually acting as a source code of any normal software program when you type to execute source code of virus software it in bed himself with original code of the software and affects your computer into the file system as well as any kinds of file sector

Source code viruses are actually contented malicious code in feet and it is compatible with a different kind of compiler so source code scan easily effect.

Prevent source code virus recommend you to check your source code whether it is correct or that is changed by the in the other so source.

Best Antivirus Software

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