USB 4 is the latest version of USB family. the universal serial bus is actually used for many connecting devices like charger, pen drive. connecting devices are mostly using USB as their first preference. by the day of improving the USB there was the first version of USB where it was named as USB A then USB B and C and now it is time for the USB 4. as you see in the history of the USB it is very a long-run story but today I am going to tell you about how USB 4.0 achieves 40 Gbps speed? March 2019 is the month where USB 4.0 announced and it has some tremendous features as well as this USB 4.0 is having very good configuration at the low cost.


As we know that USB announced USB A, B, C as their names. USB announced in this year USB 4. as we already know that has USB C has four versions of USB type C. USB type C is also very successful for transferring data with high speed but there were some issues with USB type c and USB type C can’t divide the speed among their given resources so USB 4 was announced and it was having some very good features.


How USB 4.0 works? How it achieves 40 Gbps speed?

As you already know that USB 3.0 can achieve up to 20 Gbps speed. but USB 4.0 can achieve up to 40 Gbps speed.

so in the USB 4.0 construction, there is a part of lane configuration. there are two lanes given in the USB 4.0 connector where A lane works with 20 Gbps speed and the second lane works with 20 Gbps speed.

if you are working with two monitors then USB 4.0 can easily handle a link for transferring data up to 20 GB base and second line for transferring data up to 20 Gbps. as it is not currently available that USB 4.0 is having this type of connector but as we know the process it is also very much comfortable if you want to transfer of data of 30 Gbps for the first lane then it can also mean adjustable with that and second lane.

it can adjust up to 10 Gbps speed with this configuration. it is so much comfortable that it can support up to 2 4K monitors simultaneously from source to destination. and there is no lag between them.

Benefits of USB 4.0

  1. USB 4.0 is backward compatible with USB type a to c
  2. We can connect multiple devices with the same USB 4.0 connector
  3. USB 4.0 support Intel Thunderbolt technology
  4. USB 4.0 will be much cheaper than USB 3.0 because thunderbolt technology is now open source.
  5. USB 4.0 can support up to 100 watts of power usage.
  6. USB 4.0 can consume less power than USB 3.0 connector

USB 4.0 devices

USB devices

Currently, USB 4.0 development is in the beta stage.but we can surely tell that USB 4.0 will support Pendrive many different types of connectors then USB cables and many more lot of things. we can connect up to two monitors of 40 Gbps speed and we can connect multiple devices with the same USB 4.0 connector.

Intel Thunderbolt technology

usb 4 intel thunderbolt
intel thunderbolt

Intel is the giant in the semiconductor technology devices. we already know that Intel is famous for its Intel core generation processors but Intel has some proprietary technology which is known as thunderbolt technology.

Previously this technology is actually provided with royalty fee means if you want to use Intel Thunderbird technology then you need to pay certain royalty to the intel for usage. but recently Intel has made open-source intel’s Thunderbird technology and us already happy to announce that intel Thunderbolt technology is compatible with USB 4.0 connector.

So what is Intel thunderbolt technology?

so this technology works with faster devices. if you want to transfer the data at a very high speed then Intel Thunderbird technology is going to work.

this technology has certain advantages that it consumes very little power and this technology hardware is so much comfortable so it can be easily connected with USB 4.0 devices and it is its Chip is also very much small so you can easily connect in USB pen drive.

USB 4 is also compatible with Intel Thunderbolt technology. But there is a certain glitch in intel Thunderbird technology devices that it is are not support USB 3.0 and USB A, B type connectors so, it is not much very helpful for backward compatible but if you are connected source and destination port with Intel Thunderball technologies then you can surely assume that it will achieve maximum speed with this technology.

Cost and release date of USB 4.0

USB 4.0 devices might come with a high cost because it is new technology but as time goes it will surely make some mass production and the cost of the USB 4.0 will surely get reduced.

usb 4 cost
cost USB 4

There is no search certain date has announced of USB 4.0 but there are strong chances that USB devices and USB monitor and USB cables are come at around 2020. where we can expect all the USB 4.0 compatible devices with this technology.


USB 4.0 is great technology with next-generation connectors and next-generation processors. the world is moving towards faster data transfers and as IoT devices coming ahead it will surely achieve some great advantage of faster speed.

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