video editing tutorials for beginners(Filmora9)

in this tutorial I’m sharing  how to create video editing tutorials for beginners. i am using Wondershare Filmora software. You’re new to video editing or you’re Youtuber? Filmora will provide you with very excellent editing quality from basic to advanced all required steps.

As you all know beginner editing starts with splitting, merging, audio merging, etc. features. if you don’t want to use very complicated editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro then you stick to this tutorial.

I’ll guide you through basic to sophisticated editing steps. as well as sharing top 5 free / paid software for video editing.

video editing tutorials for beginners with Filmora 9


First, Filmora 9 is a paid editing software, so you can download it using this link. if you want to use a trial version. You should open the complete full feature mode when opening Fimlora 9 software. After opening the window, you can see how the editor looks in the picture below.


filmora 9 main window editing for beginners
Filmora 9 main window

Wondershare Filmora 9 windows introduction(video editing tutorials for beginners)

 Filmora 9 windows introduction
Filmora 9 windows introduction

As you can see, the left side of the portion where you can import all the videos. Right side portion called as an editor where you can use frame forward volume to play/pause the stop-frame to regulate all possible fundamental activities.

Timeline – timeline allows you to place your video’s frame by frame. this timeline has all the necessary features which lead to split, merge, audio recording, audio splitting, all kind of things you can do at the one place. Timeline is the heart of any video editing software.

Controls – as you can see, on the above timeline there are over large tab where you can see elements than text then transition the then export are all the necessary controls where you can edit the videos you can export the videos. you can apply the transition these controls are very necessary for any video editing tool.

File tab – in the file tab you can arrange all your file, folders, transitions then you can see the collection of all the given control contents where you can find all the controls at one place in the file tab.

1. Splitting/cutting of the video editing tutorials for beginners

the split of the video in Filmora 9
the split of the video in Filmora 9

at the time of making a video, there are many mistakes happen where you need to split the video, you need to cut some contents so, in the splitting method, you can cut the video by using the split method you just need to import the video you want to split. Then just dragon drop that video into the timeline. Move pointer of the time timeline where you want to split the video. then right-click on that path and click on the split video. That’s it. if you want to delete that split not recommended part then you just right click on that stated path and select the delete. be careful before doing any kind of spitting either you can lose an important part of the video if it is not required.

2. Importing Image, Video, Audio file video editing tutorials for beginners

import of any file in Filmora 9
import of any file in Filmora 9

if you want to import any kind of video, audio and music file. Then just go to the gallery part of import where you just click on import then click on import media files as you can see the window is opened. you can select the video audio or any music file and you can import that file into your Filmora 9 software. at the right-hand side of the import button, there is an option the record. if you want to record from the webcam or if you want to record your PC screen then you can also record that part true that button.

3. Merging of two videos

Merging two vides in filmora
Merging two vides in Filmora

you need to merge two videos as you can see in the below image. then you need to you first need to import that video from the gallery to the timeline. then just remove the important part in this played an important part and then just drag the video where you want to buy sliding left or by sliding right. That’s it. By doing this you can merge two videos. you can remove an important part and you can merge two very easily.

Merging two vides in filmora
Merging two vides in Filmora

4. Detach an audio(video editing tutorials for beginners)

Detach an audio
Detach audio in Filmora

sometimes you don’t want some noise or some audio in your video. so, you just right click on the path on which you want to detect the audio then there is one option audio details you can just select it. as you can see the audio is detached from your video just click on the audio and just delete the audio by right click on that. That is very easy. when you play that video you can see that audio cannot be played but the video is going played.

5. Removing Noise

Remove noise in Filmora 9 video editing beginners
Remove noise in Filmora 9

Removing noise sometimes it happens that some noise comes in a video through the mic or if some unwanted activity happens then noise get inserted in your video. So, if you want to remove the noise then just right click on the video you just go in the properties or settings then just go in the audio part you can see the below there is one option reduce noise for noise cancellation. you just click remove background noise and select as per your choice how much noise you want to cancel it and then just click on the ok. That’s very easy.

6. Adding Background Music

Background music in Filmora 9
Background music in Filmora 9

if you want to add background music in your video for making your viewers more engageable then just go to the music section. import the music which you want to add for background music. then drag and drop that music into your timeline. go to the settings and adjust the volume because if you adjust don’t adjust the volume the background music will not be played so adjust your music as per your choice.

7. Adding Transition video editing tutorials for beginners

Adding Transition in Fimlora 9
Adding Transition in Fimora 9

if you want to add a transition between your videos to look your videos cooler than you think. then just go to the transition control part. there is various kind of transactions you just select one transition which would you like. drag and drop that transition between two part of videos and you can adjust your part of the video as you can see in the image below.

8. Adding Text in video

video editing tutorials for beginners filmora 9

if you want to add text in your video to show any product name or your name so, you just go on in the text control. therefore you can see in the file tab there is various kind of collections of text means different kind of styles you can select this one. you just drag and drop text of the timeline where you want to add the text then this right-clicks on the text and the select the rename or just select the name. you can rename the text or you can adjust the position of the text. in the conclusion, are various advanced options you can see in the below and above image also.

9. Overlay of image/Video

video editing tutorials for beginners overlay image
Overlay of image/Video

If you want to add image or video by continuing playing the video then go import option.

The video or image which you want to overlay on it. then drag and drop the video on the timeline but don’t drag and drop onto the same video. once you drag and drop you just see the video can be played continuingly with the background video. remember that both videos can have audio. you must have to mute anyone video by right click and click the mute.

10. Colour correction

Colour correction
Colour correction

Sometime in the video, there is the light condition is not good for sometimes the colour condition is not good.

So, you can add this by right click on the video which you want to make the correction. then select the properties/settings option.

Go to the video part. and then you can see like the image below you can adjust the contrast/saturation/brightness as per your requirement. That’s it.

11. Adding Green screen

green screen is the feature you can apply any effects as you saw in the image.

There is a very different kind of green effects available. for this download or create any green screen related animated video.

Right-click on it. select the green screen. a new window will open. select make part of a video transparent and click ok .you are done.

video editing tutorials for beginners adding green screen
adding green screen

12. Exporting a video

Once you are done with all the editing of your video. then you need to export that video in MP4 or any kind of video format you want. Just click on the export in the controlled control tab. Then select MP4 or MKV or any format you want. you need to adjust the resolution of your video. If you want full HD then select 1920*1080.

If you want 720p then select 720p. Just click on the export within some minutes as per your PC. it will produce your final video.

video editing tutorials for beginners export
Exporting a video

13. Zoom in zoom out

video editing tutorials for beginners zoom in zoom out
Zoom in zoom out

if you want to focus on one thing in your video for zooming purpose. then just you just need to go to the setting part of your video or properties part of your video. then there is one option called Pan and zoom. as you can see in the below image and you can adjust the zoom in/out as per your convenience.

14. Comparison Window

video editing tutorials for beginners
Comparison Window

if you want to make a comparison between any two products. then you need to go to split screen part of the control tab. then it will ask for two videos where you want to compare the video. just drag and drop the video in the part of 1 and part 2 sections of the right side. and you can as you play the video you can see the comparison is automatically done by the Filmora 9. video editing tutorials for beginners is a great topic.

Summary(video editing tutorials for beginners)

Video editing is important. if you want to make videos look more attractive and professional. moto of making this article is to easily and fastly learn video editing professionally.

in the conclusion, if you like the let me know in the comment section below. Share it with your friends and family. thanks for reading. have a nice day.

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