How to make voter ID and apply online in India 2019-20

India is the largest democracy in the World. India is constituted with lots of states and the people who are eligible in the democracy India is constituted with to vote for the election. many people don’t know about voter id apply online process.

a resident of India can vote for State Legislative Assembly and Council of States. electoral can be applied from the NVSP (national voter portal authority of India) website governed by India government. at the digital world is getting more and more internet uses towards a technology you can apply for voter id card in the internet world within some minutes of time.

to make voter id apply online in India you need to you consider following the options and some of the question before you apply for the voter id card in India.

as you can see if you are eligible for the election then your name is enrolled in the electoral list. if your name is in the electoral list you are eligible for voting.

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The voter ID card is necessary if you want to vote in the election of the constitution. this voter ID card is also known as Elector’s Photo Identity Card. which is to identify that you are a citizen of India and you are eligible if you are eligible with the following questions:

what is the age requirement to voter id apply online in India?

if you are an above 18 years old and if you are a citizen of India then you are eligible for the voter ID card and you are eligible for making a vote in the election.

what are the different types of voter ID cards available in India?

general voter ID card: if you are an ordinary citizen of India and if you are living in India and if you are eligible for or apply in the election and if your age is 18+ then you are eligible for a general voter ID card.

NRI/overseas voter ID card: if you are NRI and if you are living in outside India but if you are a citizen of India and if you are 18 years old then you are eligible for NRI voter ID card.

Service Electors: Citizen of India and the Electrolls who work for the service under the government of India and they posted anywhere in are Service Electors. Like:

  1. Members of the Central Armed Forces.
  2. Members of a force that falls under the provisions of the Army Act, 1950.
  3. Members of State Armed Police Forces serving outside the respective state.
  4. Individuals posted and employed outside of India under the Government of India.

which type of form do you require to voter id apply online?

As per NVSP guideline given by you can take a form number 6 for applying for a new voter ID card if you are a general citizen. if you are NRI citizen you need to select form 6A. if you want to make a correction in your voter ID card then you can select form number 8.

what are the documents required to apply for voter id card in India?

  • proof of residence/ proof of ID
  • two recent passport size photograph
  • proof of age

New name inclusion in the Electroll list/ form number 6 inclusion Online process:

first, you need to visit the

when you get to land on the page on the first under left inside there is option register for new collector click on that.

voter id apply online website
NVSP landing page

other security concern is that NVSP has made a mandatory to create an account if you are availing any facility for the national voter’s electron portal website.

first of all, if you are a new user then you need to register for a new NVSP account or if you have an account then you can log in to your account then avail this facility.

in this post, I have already had an account so I will log in into the NSP portal and after that, there is an option-click to register for new to vote voter ID card.

voter id apply online name check
Name inclusion

after that, it will ask you whether you are a citizen of India or not. select the proper option. which state you belong to which state you are currently living in or what is your home state.

nvsp online voter id process
select nationality

after selecting proper options it will ask you to the actual postal address where you actually belong. you need to enter your postal address. next, select or upload any of the given document as a proof of address from the given list.

if any of your family members have a voter ID card you can enter your family NPIC number.

personal details
enter personal details

after that, it will ask you your actual date of birth/age proof, in which state you have born/District in this case you need to upload your any of the given document from the given list for age proof.

if your age is more than 21 years then you need to give age declaration form. you can download it from the same page.

personal details
enter personal details.

next, you need to select your constituency or which area you belong to your constituency. to make voter id apply online.

select Constituency
select Constituency

after selecting a proper constituency it will ask your first name, personal details your phone number email id and all the rest of the things you should enter. while entering a personal data remember that it should be correct.

enter details
enter details

you need to enter your all the details you should verify that your whatever information you have entered it is current.

after that review the all the data which is correct it is whatever is your original language that is mentioned it should be correct after that click on ok and select the submit form.

declaration nvsp

submitting your form is goes to the local BLO after that is appointed. it will you form details entered correctly, checks your background verification. it will be accepted or rejected.

it will take around 3 to 6 months to get a new EPIC number. once done your new voter card will sent to your address given by you or it will available at your local BLO.

How to check voter application status?

after submitting your phone you will have given a reference number by which you can track your voter application status whether it is rejected/Accepted.

BLO is appointed, your field is verified. and a lot more.

voter application status

voter application status

you can track your application status by entering reference number or acknowledgement number after that click on track status it will show you recently updated information.

voter application status

voter application status.

how to check election name search in NVSP voter list /Electrol list?

so to check your name whether it is available in the electoral. you need to login to the NVSP website after login there is an option check your electoral name in the voter list.

election name search
election name search

after clicking on search in Electoral Roll entered your name your date of birth your EPF number, Assembly Constituency.

you need to feel the captcha and click on the search option after that you can check whether your name is available in the Electoral list.

election name search
election name search

update or correction of data in the voter ID card?

if you have to update your voter ID card personal information like name, the address is there is a change in address.

if you change your Constituency has changed if there is a photo mismatch or if you change your signature then you can apply change request. it takes for you can apply for the form 8 for the correction the name or any information.

after login to the NVSP website, there is an option correction in the data on that website will ask you what information you have to update taken that provide the updated document for the validation after validation it will take up to 180 days or more to update your data if all the information is correct. to make voter id apply online.

different forms available for different purpose look for an image.

 correction of data in the voter ID card
correction of data in the voter ID card


this is a post about detail information of the to make voter id apply online. if you like this pose let me know in the comment section below and share it with your friends if you if they want to apply for voter ID card and they don’t know how to prove that thank you for reading my blog.

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