what is 5G? with 20Gbps speed? 5G features and smartphone list!!

5G is the latest iteration in cellular technology. in this post, I am sharing how 5G work. as you already know that 4G is the currently best internet service provider in the cellular data providing companies.

but currently, 5G is going to be rolled out very soon as you know that by the latest 2020 some of the developed countries 5G plants, as well as 5G smartphones, are also available.

In the 5G technology, data can be transmitted up to 20 Gbps whereas in the 4G data can be transmitted up to 100 Mbps.

5G cellular technology latest power management technique where you can easily create a virtual connection as you can manage smart IoT devices smartphones laptops at the same time.

what is 5g

Addition to this 5G also supports smart features like low latency, high-speed internet and virtual connection management with without any latency delay and high bandwidth.

Suppose you are driving a self-driving car and there is a requirement of real-time data transmission so 5G has very less like 0.1-millisecond latency and very high-speed internet connection where other devices can communicate without any latency delay.

if you look at 4G, there are certain problems like buffering. if you have very low latency and if you are making video calls then there might be one millisecond or 2-millisecond gap because of the latency problems. if you have multiple people connected with the same cellular tower then there is a chance that you might get low internet speed.

But because of the network management, you can easily create virtual internet without any hesitation and slicing of the internet connection.

In the United States as well as in the cold region 5G plans, as well as 5G device, is also started by mid-2019. But there are some countries where you cannot 5G signals or not even 5G smartphones yet.

In the United States t mobile, Verizon already started their 5G plans with one plus as well as Vivo, oppo smartphone companies with their 5G devices.

An additional point about 5G is that 5G is having very high-speed internet connection so as you know that if you have something with the highest speed then it will work with the low-frequency range.

5G works with the lower latencies spectrum there is certain requirement that 5G required a number of towers for their connectivity.

so, if you are looking at the 5G towers are 5G tower which is located near to 300 to 500 metres in the certain cities so that it towers how it works you can find it in the below section.

How does 5G work?

4th generation long term evolution LTE is the foundation of the 5G network technology. 5G depends on the 32300 GHz millimetre wavelength to spread their wavelength.

with high-frequency millimetre wavelength, it also requires a high power antenna and more electricity for spreading this kind of internet connection speed.

 how 5g work

4th generation LTE technology does not work with millimetre wavelength but they are works with high-frequency wavelength. they are capable of sending signals at the long-distance with a low-speed internet connection.

But with the 5G it does not comply with. Fifth-generation cellular technology requires a number of antennas because of the millimetre wavelength so they are fixed with the light poles as well as a small tower in the big cities at the 500 to 600 distance each.

4th generation agents are capable of sentence signals at the long-distance but their wavelength is work with low-frequency range but 5G requires high-speed millimetre wavelength also wireless technology is trying to use low millimetre wavelength with the low-frequency range.

5G features

  1. Can transfer data up to 20 Gbps but can works with average up to 10 Gbps
  2. Better network management feature then 4th generation wireless technology
  3. Low latency delay
  4. High bandwidth
  5. Obstacle prevention signals
  6. Uses network slicing for managing multiple networks at the same

What are the different 5G services will be available?

currently, there are planning 250 services like for you broadband and 5G cellular services are going to be available within a few months or years

  • 5G fibre-optic broadband

To get the high-speed internet connection you required either wired connection or other fibre optic connection in the home as well as business premises.

But with the 5G fibre-optic broadband, you can handle high-speed internet connection with low cost because of using cell sites at the light poles as well as it is very useful to use 5G high-speed internet connection wirelessly without the use of the wired connection.

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5G services

To use this 5g wireless fibre-optic broadband connection there is the only requirement that fibre-optic connection should be connected with every cell site and you will get low millimetre frequency high-speed internet connection at your business premises which kind of even work better than 4th generation wireless technology.

  • 5G cellular services

5G cellular services provide high-speed internet connection which is currently using in the fourth generation LTE technology.

5G silver service is provided with the operators in the respective country buy latest build 2019 and some of the developing countries it is might come in late 2020 at the earth at the start of 2020.

What 5G phones are available?

there are many smartphone companies are in the race to making a smartphone with Qualcomm snapdragon 855/855+, Samsung Exynos and kirin 990 processors.

In the US, Motorola’s 5G Moto Mod provides next-generation connectivity to a select few Moto Z handsets, plus the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is also available.

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5G Samsung galaxy s10

For those in the UK, you can currently get hold of six 5G phones; the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Oppo Reno 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G is also available for pre-order at the time of writing.

In Australia, only three 5G smartphones are available, and only two of these are available outright. The Oppo Reno 5G and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G can be be purchased for AU$1,499 and AU$1,729 respectively, while you’ll need to look for a plan with Telstra in order to score the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.


5G technology is going to be a revolution in the coming years. smart IoT devices, as well as cars smartphones and computers, can seamlessly connect with low latency and high speed.

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