cool Whatsapp text tricks you may unaware of!!

Even as we know that WhatsApp is now able to make voice as well as video calls. it is necessary to note the previously we are using WhatsApp only for making text messages. have you ever know the WhatsApp have some different tricks to make your text some bold, italic, and you can make strikethrough and something cooler features?

Yes by using some of the following WhatsApp text tricks you can make some cool looking text which you can send to your friend it will looks different.

1.Making text bold

If you want to send a bold text to your friend then you should start writing (*)asterisk at the starting of the text and at the end of the text.

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Example hello becomes hello

Making text bold Whatsapp text tricks
Making text bold

2. monospace text

For making monospace of the text type 3 (”’) backquotes at the beginning and 3 back quotes at the end of the text. so after making it will change your normal text to monospace text.

Whatsapp Font Text Tips Tricks monospace text
monospace text

3. Strikethrough text

for making strikethrough like this kind of text you need to add a tilde operator which you can find the left side of the android keyboard. at the starting and at the end of your text after sending it you will see the result below.

Strikethrough text whatsapp text tricks
Strikethrough text

4. Italic text

to make your normal text to look like something Italic. so you need to add underscore( _ ) at the start of your message text and at the end of your message text after putting it will change to the below result.

Italic text  whatsapp text tricks
Italic text

5. Changing the font size of the message

if you want to change your font size of the current messages or if you are bothering to read the current messages?

  1. so you need to go to the setting options
  2. chats and then select the font options.
  3. you can change the font.
Changing the font size of the message
Changing the font size of the message

6. Sending colorful messages

if you want to send colorful messages to your colleagues or your friends then you need to rely on third-party software.

actually WhatsApp doesn’t officially support colorful messages for this you need to download Bluewords android app. then you need to type your text in the below app.

note: It is not necessary to have bluewords app at the receiver side of the WhatsApp.

Sending colorful messages bluebirds
Sending colorful messages

Example as you can see in the image below after sending hello how are you? it becomes colorful.


These are the basic and most unknown font tricks for WhatsApp. How do you like it make your thoughts in the comments below?

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