2 effective ways to install Linux terminal on windows 10 !!

windows and Ubuntu are the different operating system on the computer. many ways are there for on windows 10 Linux terminal to be install. there are different structures is used and there are different kernels is also used to run windows 10 and Ubuntu. as we already know that Ubuntu using its microkernel and windows 10 is using its hybrid kernel to run their operating systems.

Ubuntu Linux kernel is more secure than windows. windows 10 is using command prompt and Linux Ubuntu is using bash terminal.

Their commands and their functionality is also different. Ubuntu is open source under GNU new licence. but windows is a paid operating system. windows are more famous than Ubuntu. so there are many peoples in the world want to use Linux bash terminal on the window operating system.

previously it is not possible to use Linux Ubuntu on Windows. but some time ago Microsoft CEO and Ubuntu parent company Canonical have made an agreement to run bash terminal on the windows operating system. so there are two following ways to run Ubuntu Linux terminal on the windows operating system.

Ubuntu terminal bash is work like subsystem on the windows. so to run Linux terminal bash on the windows operating system there are two familiar methods we will see in this post.

To run Ubuntu operating system’s bash terminal, if you have done with the anniversary update of the windows 10 then you should use the second method and if you have not updated your Windows 10 with the anniversary update then you need to use the first method.

Method 1: Installing on windows 10 Linux terminal previous versions

if you have not downloaded fall creator’s update then you can install terminal enabling windows developer preview. but I still recommended you with update your windows 10 to faller creator.

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Press the Windows key on your keyboard and search for the settings.

after opening the window on the left-hand side there is an option for developers to click on the developer’s mode option.

windows 10 linux terminal
Windows settings

now go to the control panel and search for the Programs and Features option in the control panel.

in that click on the windows feature on-off. after clicking on the windows feature on-off you will see several windows features options are listed.

windows 10 linux terminal feature
Feature on/off

search for the windows subsystem for Linux (beta) just click on the windows subsystem for the beta you went to and click on ok after clicking on ok your system will ask you to restart your Windows 10 operating system.

Linux subsystem selection
Linux subsystem selection

after restarting your windows 10 operating system, search for the Ubuntu or bash as it is running for the first time first you need to download the Ubuntu operating system.

bash search
bash search

at the time of downloading it will ask you to create username and password as it is important for the security purpose, you need to mention it. just wait for some time because it is downloading wall units for Ubuntu operating system for some patients.

now head back to the start window and search for the Ubuntu or bash see in the blue image Unix terminal has been installed. let see in the below image the Unix terminal has been installed on the window you can use ‘apt’ command to install any software on the Linux terminal.


I hope you like this method. let me know in the comment section below.

if you are getting an error while installing Ubuntu on windows then you can troubleshoot with below solutions if it matches error code.

WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x8007019e

if you got above then there is a possibility that your subsystem for Linux is not enabled.

go to control panel >go to programs and features> then turn windows feature on or off. check whether ubuntu has installed or not.

Installation failed with error 0x80070003

this error occurs at a time to install your refund operating system or any event to software on disk then it’s not installed on C drive-by follow.

go to settings> storage settings> change whether contents are saved.

method 2 installing Linux terminal on Windows 10 from Windows PowerShell

in case you need to install Ubuntu Linux bash terminal from PowerShell, you need to enable windows subsystem for Linux from the PowerShell.

go to the start window and search for the PowerShell and the right click on the PowerShell tab and click on run as administrator.

Powershell selection windows 10 linux terminal
Powershell selection

now enter the following command to enable bash on the given operating system.

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

it will ask you for choice click on why and after that your sister will for choice click on Y and after that, your system will ask you to restart your windows operating system.

Enable Windows subsytem for Linux

once your system is restarted open windows store and search for the Ubuntu in the search Box after store opening.

there are three option given Ubuntu Linux, SUSE, Open SUSE you can choose Ubuntu. as I have already mentioned I have installed Ubuntu on my PC

Install Windows Subsyetm for Linux
Install the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

just click on the install after clicking on the Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Install
Ubuntu Install

now search for Ubuntu in the Windows 10 system. after clicking on it it will take some time as it is first time installing.

after that, you need to enter your username and password as you can see in the image it is running like a normal windows application.

the password enter Linux bash
the password enters Linux bash

you can enjoy you want to inside Linux.


if you face any problem during installation of the Linux in the Windows operating system please let me know in the comment section below. if you have faced any two problems during installation I have listed below and if you have successfully installed let me know in the comment section below. thank you for reading this article.

installing Ubuntu on windows operating system does not make your windows 10 slow or fast it just takes some run for installing Ubuntu and after acts like a normal to you. at least you can do very stuff if you don’t want to make a dual port for you don’t want to run a virtual machine that installing you want on windows 10 is the best option for you.

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